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  1. I think that your Stephen Rundle, christened at St Neot 28 Mar 1709 may well be the same who married Loveday Carhart at Cardinham (about 5 miles west of St Neot) 20 May 1731. They 2 children, James (chr 31 Oct 1731) and Loveday (chr 20 Oct 1734) who married John Courts at Cardinham 12 Nov 1753. They had 11 children and a large posterity, but the pedigrees on and elsewhere are filled with errors and assumptions, some of which make no sense. My 2ggrandfather, Thomas Courts, has erroneously been assigned to that couple on many pedigrees, so I had thought to be descended from Stephen, but I cannot prove that this is so, and I am quite sure that he is not. I do not see that you have any information posted on Stephen, such as marriage or children, but if you are building a list of descendants, consider the marriage of Stephen Rundle to Loveday Carhart at Cardinham.

  2. Thankyou for this site, we have been looking for details of the Kift Family for sometime now. Thankyou.

  3. My great grandfather was George Ratcliffe married to Elizabeth Hollings,
    He was from Stanbury, York. Born 21 Jun 1833.

  4. You have a Pearley Gerould listed. My G-grandfather was Perlie Elbert Gerould (thats just too close!). He is buried in Portland OR. Born around Batavia NY around 1860s, his brother was Byron C Gerould, nephews Horace, Perlie and Charles. All from around the Batavia area. Any connections?


  5. Your webpage has a great deal of potential. I have a great deal of trouble breaking through my brickwalls in New Haven. You have hit upon their employers, church and even the orpanage they lived at. Now if I could only get information from them. If you have any idea of where I could locate death and marriage records, other than the city clerk, that would make my day.

  6. I live in Australia with my American husban James Kift, His Kifts came from Bristol . You have done a lot of work. Well done Jenni

  7. Hi there, I am a decendant of the Bevan Family in Oxwich. My grandmother was Joyce Bevan of Gander Street Oxwich (DOB 14/09/1913) she was one of 11 some of my aunties and uncles include Evelin Mary Bevan (28.06.1905), Albert John Bevan 16.12.1894, Fredrick Bevan (12.02.1899). I have just started tracing my family tree and believe that my family decended from Oxwich Castle. I would be very grateful for any information you could share with me on my family.

    Many thanks


  8. You have my Great Great Grandfather Abraham Lobb born 1791 Cardinham on your site
    I haven’t worked out how we are related but we must be cousins of some sort.
    Congratulations on a very good site.

  9. Wonderful site! I am quite interested in my cousin Joseph Ellis bc 1857 who married Sarah Ratcliffe bc 1858. Do you have data on Joseph’s ancestry? Were they Quaker? This is a super reference site! Thank you for your fine work!

  10. Hi there, nice site.

    I am a descendant of Stephen Rundle of St Neot (born early 1700s) and his wife, Loveday Carhart. It was great to confirm the links between Stephen and the earlier generations of the family. I had been quite confident about the connection, and now I am sure. Thanks, Sean halpin – Newcastle, Australia

  11. PS: Re David Coppins post – David is quite correct – the trees do have heaps of errors. One of the problems is that on one of the parish register entries of the children, the name “James” is hard to read and I think someone made an error and misread the name as “Tomas”. Unfortunately, once an error like that gets on Ancestry, it is very hard to correct it!

  12. I have come across children of Thomas Kift, baptised in Ireland, Christchurch, Cork City between 1719 and 1735. I also have an Irish “Equity Ex: Bill” dated 1795, listing a George Kift who came from Bristol.

  13. Hi, Mary. It’s been a long time…… much has happened! However….. my father, Eric Kieft (b 1920) died on December 26 2004 and confused the registrar no end, since his birth cert was originally Kift and amended to Kieft when he was in the army. So his death cert shows Kieft aka Kift. Jill’s (Eric’s sister) passing also brought out some info on a family member you also have briefly listed. Feel free to get in touch if you wish – it may be a while before I get back to you – life is incredibly complex.

    Totally fascinating info on the site – what a life’s work! Thanks for it – my daughter will be spellbound!


  14. I am related to the Bevan family of Horton through Agnes Bevan, the daughter of Rowland and Elizabeth Bevan. Agnes (bapt 26-2-1806) married John Eaton of Llandewi at Llandewi on 8th November 1832. Agnes died in 1848 and John remarried a Margaret Fox. Two of the Eaton children from the first marriage are living with Rowland and Elizabeth at Horton in the 1851 census. It took me some time to trace Agnes as in some records her name is spellt “Agness”!
    My mother, who is descended from this family and is 88 years old, has always said that we were related to Gower landowners. I didn’t believe her until I started doing this research! Keep up the good work!

  15. Thank you so much for this site. It is so interesting and helpful in my research. I understand my Great-grandmother, Mary Susan Holliday was born in CT 1851/53. By 1969 she was living here in Ireland and married to my Great-grandfather, Thomas Day. I have come to the conclusion that my great-grandparents met and married in CT as I have been unable to find any information of their marriage in Ireland. I have birth certificates for all of their children who were born here. It can only be assumed that Thomas Day was also a resident in CT and may have been born there to Irish parents. Any hints, please?

  16. An interesting and well researched site.
    I have been trying to track 3rd greatgrandparents (Henry Lobb b about 1812 Warleggon) and Ann Polmear/Polmeir (b about 1803 Warleggon) married in 1841 at Broadoak. As well as father Henry Lobb and uncle William Lobb (b about 1789 Cardingham)
    While I dont see my Lobb/s directly connected to the Lobb family group in your website, it would not surprise me if there is offshoot somewhere.
    I will keep on tracking.
    Best wishes.

  17. Thank you so much for the work you have put into your research and sharing it with others like myself. Thank you, Thank you. You have helped me fill in blanks and answer a question or two.

    Shirley Hogue

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