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Ameluxens of Holland and USA

Ameluxen/Amelunxen Genealogy

*note my connection is through Emma Ratcliffe, sister of Thomas Ratcliffe, who married Jan Pieter Ameluxen.

Name seems to have been anglicized to Ameluxen in the US

Generation One

1. August Lodewijk1 Ameluxen, b. 18 Aug 1802 in Holland, d. 12 Nov 1885 in Hartford, Hartford, CT, buried in Hartford, Hartford, CT, resided in Hartford, Hartford, CT, occupation Tailor.

Last name is actually Amelunxen. In 1870, the family was living in East Hartford, CT. In 1880, August is widowed and living with son, John.

He married Jozina O. Boer, b. 3 Sep 1815, d. 5 May 1874 in Hartford, Hartford, CT, buried in Hartford, Hartford, CT, resided in Hartford, Hartford, CT.


i. Janna “Jane”2 Ameluxen, b. 30 Aug 1845 in Holland, occupation Tailor.

She married Henry Cowless.

ii. Miner Ameluxen, b. c. 1848 in Holland,1 occupation Farm Laborer.

iii. Everland Ameluxen, b. 22 Mar 1850 in Dreishchor, Holland,1, d. Aug 1927.

He married Dingeman van de Wijde.

iv. Catharina “Kate” Ameluxen, b. 16 Sep 1851 in Dreischor, Holland,1, never married d. Oct 1928 in California.3

2. v. John Peter Ameluxen b. 31 Mar 1853.

vi. Elizabeth Ameluxen, b. 14 Oct 1855 in Holland.1,3

She married Robert Bradley.

3. vii. Christian Louis (Lodewijk) Ameluxen b. c. 1843.

Generation Two

2. John Peter2 Ameluxen, (August Lodewijk 1) b. 31 Mar 1853 in Dreischor, Netherlands, d. 18 Sep 1940 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,4 resided 327 Wethersfield Ave in Hartford, Hartford, CT, occupation Owner Bookshop, Toolmaker, emigrated 1862.,5

Real name was Jan Pieter. Emigrated to US with his parents in 1861. Dropped “n” in last name. JP first owned his own bookshop in Hartford and then worked for Hartford Machine Company. In 1890 and 91, John lived at 13 Russell St. and worked at 476 Capital Ave.

At the time of son’s draft registration in 1917, family was living at 655 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, CT.

He married Emma Ratcliffe, married 17 May 1887 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,4 b. 21 Apr 1867 in Hatton, Cheshire, England,4 (daughter of Samuel Ratcliffe and Margaret Pilling) d. 5 Dec 1963 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,, emigrated 1880 from England.5

Emma: Grandson, Frederick, says that birthplace is possibly Glasgow?

On 14 July 1911, Emma and her sister, Anne, returned from a trip to England aboard the Luisitania. Emma is listed as living at 4 Florence St, East Hartford,CT.

In 1930, only John and Emma were living in the house on Wethersfield Ave. in Hartford.


i. Lilian3 Ameluxen, b. 7 Jun 1888 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,4 d. 11 Jul 1888.4

4. ii. Louis Ratcliffe Ameluxen b. 9 Sep 1890.

iii. Margerie Ameluxen, b. 8 Mar 1893 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,4 d. 24 Aug 1895.4

5. iv. Frederick Henry “Harry” Ameluxen b. 23 Apr 1895.

v. Florence Ann Ameluxen, b. 4 Jun 1896 in East Hartford, Hartford, CT,8 resided 327 Wethersfiel in Hartford,CT, d. 18 Jan 1991 in West Hartford, Hartford, CT,8 occupation Operator (185 Pearl St.).

In 1920, Florence was a clerk for the Coal Company. At the time of her death, Florence lived at 30 Woodland St, West Hartford, CT.

She married Oliver Warner Randall, married 4 Aug 19?? in Christ Church, Hartford, CT, b. 30 Jan 1898, (son of Burt W. Randall and Mrs. Randall) d. Dec 1964.9

Oliver: SS#042-03-6953CT.

3. Christian Louis (Lodewijk)2 Ameluxen, (August Lodewijk 1) b. c. 1843 in Dreischor, Holland,,3 resided in Grand Rapids, MI,10 occupation Tailor.

According to family, this is “lost son” of August and Jozina. He went west when the family arrived in the US in 1861. They lost contact. Frederick Henry Ameluxen says that August and John Peter looked thier whole lives for Christian.

He married Sarah Hoabart, married 12 Sep 1867 in Grand Rapids, MI, b. c. 1824 in Walkin, Orange Co, NY.3,10


6. i. Jessie3 Ameluxen b. 1869.

Generation Three

4. Louis Ratcliffe3 Ameluxen, (John Peter2, August Lodewijk 1) b. 9 Sep 1890 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,4, d. 1946,4 resided 66 South St. in Hartford,CT, occupation Proofreader-Htfd.Courant.11

At the time of his sister’s wedding, Louis is listed as living in Longmeadow, MA.

According to his draft registration, Louis was of Medium height, slender build with Blue eyes and light brown hair.

He married Evelyn Putnam Crane, married 15 May 1915 in Hartford,CT, b. 30 Jul 1892 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,9 d. May 1972,9 resided in West Palm Beach, FL.

Evelyn: Lived in Florida at the time of her death. Her SS# was issued in VT.


i. Marjory4 Ameluxen, b. c. 1920 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.12

ii. Paul Stanley Ameluxen.

iii. Nancy Crane Ameluxen.

5. Frederick Henry “Harry”3 Ameluxen, (John Peter2, August Lodewijk 1) b. 23 Apr 1895 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,9,11 d. 6 Sep 1982 in St. Paul, MN,9, resided Hartford in Connecticut, occupation Math Teacher; Engineer for City.

Attended Trinity College. Last known address was St. Paul, Minnesota.

Was still single at time of draft registration in 1917.

He was listed as being of Medium height, Medium Build, with Bue eyes and light brown hair.

He married Bernice ?? Ameluxen, b. 17 Sep 1897,9 d. Dec 1980 in St. Paul, MN.9


i. Frederick “Fritz” Henry4 Ameluxen Jr., b. 1925 in Albany, NY, resided in St. Paul, MN, occupation Architect.

Fritz graduated from Dartmouth Class of ’49 and University of Oregon Class of ’55. He lived in Seattle, WA before settling in Vashon, WA.

7. ii. Bradner Ameluxen b. 1926.

8. iii. Phillip John Ameluxen (details excluded).

6. Jessie3 Ameluxen, (Christian Louis (Lodewijk)2, August Lodewijk 1) b. 1869 in Ionia, Ionia, Michigan, occupation Tailor/Dressmaker.

She married James L. Irwin, married 15 Mar 1892,3 b. 1870 in Berrien Co, MI,3,15 d. 1934.3,15


i. Ruth4 Irwin, b. 30 Jun 1897 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.15

Generation Four

7. Bradner4 Ameluxen, (Frederick Henry “Harry”3, John Peter2, August Lodewijk 1) b. 1926 in Albany, NY.

Bradner lived in St. Paul, MN before settling in Roscomman, MI.

He married Mrs. Ameluxen.


i. Thomas G.5 Ameluxen, resided in Honolulu, HI, occupation Major USAF.

8. Phillip John4 Ameluxen, (Frederick Henry “Harry”3, John Peter2, August Lodewijk 1) (details excluded).

He married Catherine Ann Filzer.


9. i. Bradner Jerome5 Ameluxen (details excluded).

Generation Five

9. Bradner Jerome5 Ameluxen, (Phillip John4, Frederick Henry “Harry”3, John Peter2, August Lodewijk 1) (details excluded).

He married Cheryl Elizabeth Lentsh.


i. Bradner Jerome6 Ameluxen Jr., (details excluded).