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Carroll of Ireland, Australia and New Haven, CT

William Carroll of New Haven, CT

Updated 27 Jan 2009

Generation One


1. William1 Carroll, b. ? Jan 1869 in Ireland, d. 1906, resided Wallace St. in New Haven,CT,1 occupation Day Laborer.

His parents were also born in Ireland. William immigrated in 1886. Grand daughter says that William was from Austrailia. Is said to have died from Diptheria.

He married Mary Mannix, married 1889 in New Haven,CT?, b. ? May 1864 in Co. Cork, Ireland,1 d. 1935, resided Wallace St. in New Haven,CT, occupation Laundress. In 1930, Timothy and 3 girls were living with Mary.

Mary: A Jerry Mannix was a “boarder” with the family in 1900. He was born 4/?/1867 and was probably Mary’s brother. He was a “Moulder” and immigrated 1888. Jerry was in the Meriden Almshouse in 1920, listed as age 53, born Ireland, immigrated 1888. Can’t find him in 1910.

Mary immigrated 1886. Mary worked as a laundress for prominent New Haven families, the Townshends and the Englishs. (according to her grandaughter) Also had two babies who died as infants.


2. i. Mary2 Carroll b. ? Aug 1890.

ii. William F. Carroll, b. ? Feb 1892 in Connecticut,1 d. 11 Apr 1935.

erved in WWI. He was left for dead on the battlefield in Germany. He was picked up by Germans who took him to a hospital and put steel plate in his ead. He arrived home 2 years after the war after being declared MIA and resumed dead. According to his niece, he would wanter around and show up every couple of years.

iii. Timothy Patrick Carroll, b. 24 Sep 1893 in Connecticut, d. 18 Aug 1931 in Connecticut.

According to his neice, Tim had diptheria at age 2 and was left totally deaf. Draft registration lists him as deaf and dumb. Timothy lived with his mother and worked as a laborer at F.W. Towley. He supposedly drowned.

3. iv. Josephine Carroll b. 13 May 1896.

v. Anna Carroll, b. ? May 1898 in Connecticut,1 d. c. 1988.

Never married.

4. vi. Daniel P. Carroll b. post 1900.

vii. Maude Carroll, b. 1904.

She married Albert Kane.

Albert: From Boston, MA.

Generation Two


2. Mary2 Carroll, (William1) b. ? Aug 1890 in Connecticut,1 d. c. 1965.3

She married Frank Confrey.


i. Mildred3 Confrey.

Married a Mr. Briggs.

5. ii. Edmund Confrey.

3. Josephine2 Carroll, (William1) b. 13 May 1896 in Connecticut, d. 4 Oct 1967 in New Haven, New Haven, CT, resided Orange St. in New Haven, New Haven, CT, occupation Waitress.


She married Richard Harrison Wardell, married c. 1915 in New Haven, New Haven, CT, b. 15 Jul 1894 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,1, (son of Richard Wardell and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Connolly) d. 7 Dec 1959 in New Haven, New Haven, CT, occupation Shipping Clerk; Trolley Motorman.5

Richard: At the time of his draft registration, the family was living at 135 Floyd St. New Haven, CT. He worked at the New Haven Clock Co. Richard is listed as having gray eyes and black hair. He is described as being medium height and build. In 1930, the family was living on James St. in New Haven. Richard is listed as being a motorman for the Trolley Company.

City Directories list Richard as living at 109 James St. in 1919 and 1920. In 1922, a Mrs. Richard H. Wardell is listed as saleswoman at 761 Chapel St. and living at 109 James St. In 1924, Richard and Josephine both listed as living at 357 Grand Ave. Richard was employed by Connecticut Co. (Bus Co.) In 1927 they are listed at two addresses, 59 Market and 144 Rowe. In 1933, Josephine is listed as living at 160 Court St, West Haven. In 1934, She is still living at the same address and Richard is listed as a letter carrier living at 41 Market St. In 1935, Josephine worked as a saleswoman at Shartenberg’s Inc. and lived at 557 Winchester Ave. Richard remained at 41 Market. In 1936, Josephine moved to 821 Campbell Ave., West Haven and Richard remained at 41 Market. In 1937, Josephine was living at 338 Orange St. In 1941, Josephine remained at 338 Orange St. while Richard is listed as living at 256 James. In 1943-44, Josephine was a gauger at WRACo. (Winchester Repeating Arms Co.) and living at 338 Orange. Richard was employed by MB Mfg. Co. and still living at 256 James. In 1946, Josephine is listed as same, but there is no Richard listed. In 1951, Josephine is listed as same and Richard was living at 180 Dover. In 1952, Josephine still lived at 338 Orange and was cashier at Waldorf Restaurant.


6. i. Doris3 Wardell b. 24 Jun 1916.

7. ii. Marion Wardell b. c. 1924.

8. iii. Anne Elizabeth Wardell b. c. 1917.

4. Daniel P.2 Carroll, (William1) b. post 1900 in Connecticut, d. 18 Mar 1961.

Daniel was not on 1900 Census.

He married Marion Goodspeed.


i. William “Buddy”3 Carroll, d. in Laos, Cambodia, resided in FL, occupation Career Air Force.

ii. Ethel Carroll.

Married to Ken and had several children.

Generation Three


5. Edmund3 Confrey, (Mary2 Carroll, William1).

He married LaVina Confrey, b. in WV.


i. Robert4 Confrey.

Married Shirley and had 3 children. Died of Cancer.

ii. Carol Confrey.

Married Jerry Jones and had 3 children, 2 boys and a girl.

iii. Patsy Confrey.

Married Jerry and has two girls.

6. Doris3 Wardell, (Josephine2 Carroll, William1) b. 24 Jun 1916, resided in Madison, CT.

She married Edward F. Stanford Jr., b. 1912 in New Haven,CT, (son of Edward F. Stanford and Ellen Bannon) d. 20 Mar 1969 in New Haven,CT, buried in Evergreen Cemetary, New Haven, resided in West Haven, Ct.

Edward: Died in Automobile accident. He was in the Marine Corp during WW II. (Vet. Death Records).


9. i. Edward F.4 Stanford III (details excluded).

10. ii. Maureen Stanford.

7. Marion3 Wardell, (Josephine2 Carroll, William1) b. c. 1924.4

She married (1) Roy Johnson, married c. 1943, resided in North Branford, CT.

Roy: Divorced .


i. Stuart4 Johnson, resided in FL.

Married and living in Florida.

She married (2) Unknown, married c. 1946.

Unknown: Divorced. Had two stillborn children as well as daughter.


ii. Valerie ??.

She stayed with her father after divorce.

She married (3) Roy Watson.


iii. Vickie Watson, (details excluded).

8. Anne Elizabeth3 Wardell, (Josephine2 Carroll, William1) b. c. 1917 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,7 resided 160 Court St. in New Haven, New Haven,CT.

Divorced shortly after WWII.

She married Art Wibery.


i. Judy4 Wibery.

Married a career Navy man.

Generation Four


9. Edward F.4 Stanford III, (Doris3 Wardell, Josephine2 Carroll, William1) (details excluded).

He married Lois Jane Rundle, (details excluded).


11. i. Mary Elizabeth5 Stanford (details excluded).

12. ii. Theodore Patrick Stanford (details excluded).

iii. Lois Ann Stanford, (details excluded).

She married Gary Lore, occupation Post Office Employee.

13. iv. Timothy Charles Stanford (details excluded).

14. v. Susan Charlene Stanford (details excluded).

15. vi. Judith Ann Stanford (details excluded).

10. Maureen4 Stanford, (Doris3 Wardell, Josephine2 Carroll, William1).

She married (1) John Nelson.


16. i. Kimberly Ann5 Nelson (details excluded).

ii. Pamela Nelson.

iii. Patricia Nelson.

iv. Jonna Nelson.

v. John Nelson Jr..

Partner Unknown.


vi. Michael Burns, resided in Attleboro, MA.

has two daughters. This is his second marriage. His first wife was Carol and I don’t have a maiden name; no children born.

He married Susi ?? Burns.

Generation Five


11. Mary Elizabeth5 Stanford, (Edward F.4, Doris3 Wardell, Josephine2 Carroll, William1) (details excluded).

She married William J. Pitkin Jr., (details excluded).


i. Derrick William6 Pitkin, (details excluded).

ii. Ryan Stanford Pitkin, (details excluded).

iii. Caitlin Mary Pitkin, (details excluded).

12. Theodore Patrick5 Stanford, (Edward F.4, Doris3 Wardell, Josephine2 Carroll, William1) (details excluded).

He married Karen Tobias, occupation teacher.


i. Jesse Tobias6 Stanford, (details excluded).

ii. Lindsay Rae Stanford, (details excluded).

13. Timothy Charles5 Stanford, (Edward F.4, Doris3 Wardell, Josephine2 Carroll, William1) (details excluded).

He married Michaela Marino, occupation Nurse.


i. Lukas Timothy6 Stanford, (details excluded).

ii. Chelsey Stanford, (details excluded).

14. Susan Charlene5 Stanford, (Edward F.4, Doris3 Wardell, Josephine2 Carroll, William1) (details excluded).

She married Joseph Fandacone, occupation Landscaper.


i. Dean Joseph6 Fandacone, (details excluded).

ii. Carli Marie Fandacone, (details excluded).

15. Judith Ann5 Stanford, (Edward F.4, Doris3 Wardell, Josephine2 Carroll, William1) (details excluded).

She married Robert Wagaman, occupation Drywaller.


i. Sheena Nicole6 Wagaman, (details excluded).

ii. Clayton Edward Wagaman, (details excluded).

16. Kimberly Ann5 Nelson, (Maureen4 Stanford, Doris3 Wardell, Josephine2 Carroll, William1) (details excluded).

She married (1) Glenn Francis Allen, (details excluded).


i. Megan Patricia6 Allen, (details excluded).

ii. Samantha Amelia Allen, (details excluded).

iii. Victoria Anne Allen, (details excluded).

She married (2) Paul Thomas Babin, Jr., (details excluded).


iv. Gregory Thomas Babin, (details excluded).