Burnhams of Windsor, CT

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Generations 1-3

Descendents of Thomas Burnham of Windsor,CT


Generation One

1.  Thomas1 Burnham, b. 1617 in England,[i],[ii],[iii] d. 28 Jun 1688 in Windsor, Hartford, CT,2,3 resided Podunk in Windsor, Hartford, CT,3 occupation Lawyer.3  Marriage date estimate based on eldest child’s birth.

Thomas appears at Hartford about 1647/8. In 1649 bondsman for his servant Rushmore ; Sworn in as Constable for Hartford, 1656 ;

Purchased land from Tantonimo of the Podunks Indians in 1659/60. That land now encompasses the towns of South Windsor and East Hartford; Attorney for Abigail Betts, 1662 ;

According to Stiles: Burnham was an educated man and lawyer. “a man of determined character and energetic in business and public matters”.

Thomas was a large landowner, living in one of five homes on the east side of the Connecticut River. This area was “fortified and garrisoned” during the Indian War of 1675.

Page 87-8   Name: Thomas Burnham   Location: Hartford

Died 24 June, 1688. Invt. ?69-06-06. Taken 11 October, 1688, by Nathaniel Stanly & George Grave. Will Nuncupative.

Testimony of Caleb Stanly, that Mr. Thomas Burnham a short time before he died sent for Col. John Allyn and himself and asked John Allyn to write his Will, which he did write according to his desire, which he gave to his wife Ann Burnham to keep. He gave to his daughter Rebeckah Burnham his House & Home lott, & His wife Ann Burnham to be Executrix. He gave to his three sons, Thomas, John and Samuel, his plowing Land in Podunk Meadow, to be equally divided among them. He gave a parcell of Land Eastward of Edward Kings Land neer Podunck Brook unto William Morton his Wife. Also he gave Land in possession of Samuel Gains that he bought of Richard Risley unto the wife of Samuel Gains during her life, and afterward to one of her sons. He gave to Thomas Gains, his grand son, all his right in the Land he had in Partnership wth Mr. Lord at the saw Mill. He gave his daughter Morton ?10, and to his daughter Moorcocke ?10, and some small Legacies to his sons Richard & William Burnham.

In Court, 26 January, 1690: Rebeckah now the wife of William Man.

Court Record, Page 15–26 June, 1690: Upon complaint of Wm Man that his wive’s father Thomas Burnham’s Will and Testament was neglected to be Exhibited in Court & the Inventory of his Estate, and that thereby he the sayd Man was like to be dispossessed of what his Father gave to his Wife, the Governor and Assistants appointed the Court this day to meet and settle it. Result: the Will could not be found, and the Inventory that was taken after the decease of sd. Thomas Burnham, with the Testimony of Caleb Stanly to the General provisions of the Will, were accepted by the Court.

John Allyn, Assistant (upon his office oath), John Allyn, Secretary.

To the Honourd Court of Assistants now sitting In Hartford: Whereas the Last will & Testament of Mr Thomas Burnham Deceased Is by som (as is supposed suriptissous ( ) or means Taken or Removed out of ye Custody of ye Relict & Executrix of said Will, by which Removal or Concealment of said Will ye Just & Legall Settlement of ye Estate of ye Deceased According to his said Will hath been obstructed, therefore that Justice & Right may bee Done And ye said Will proved According to Law, I Humbly crave yt ye several psons be sumoned to Appear att This Court to be Examined Concerning said Will uppon there Oath.

To the Marshall, to serve upon Mrs Burnam:

Mrs. Ann Burnam, these are to acquaint you that Mr. Wm Man Makes Complaint that to his great damage you doe neglect the duty of your place, as you are made executrix by the Last will & Testament of your late deceased Husband, in not Exhibiting his sayd will Into the court & proveing the same together with the Inventory of his Estate; & it being known that your deceased husband did make, declare, signe & seale his Last will & Testament, & Left it in your keeping, the Assistants of this county have ordered that Thursday, the 26th of this Moneth, there shall be a speciall county court held at Hartford to prove the sayd will of Thomas Burnam Deceased, & the Inventory of his estate to be Exhibited, where you are to appear to make oath that you have made a True presentment of the Estate of the deceased to the apprizers If you are capable; If not, Mr Wm pitkin is desired to repyayre to you to give you your oath, & you are therefore required in their Maties Name to deliver your sayd husbands will to the Marshall to bring it to me that it may by me be preserved & presented to the court afoarsayd to be proved, or your selfe appear & present it to the court the 26th of this month as above, & of soe doeing you may not fayle. Dated in Hartford, June 19, 1690.

P. John Allyn, Assist.

24 June 1690.

Honred Sor, Mr Ayllin: Thes ffew Lines are to Lett you understand my Ssorrowffull Condishon. I have bene weke and Lame a long time, and Now did begin to be som what beter be ffor my son Will man did make so much trobell by ye athority in Sending up ye marshall, and by Souerving Warnts on all my Children, by which mens greved me very much, as I have declared to ye marshall when he was at my house. Thear ffor my earnest desir is that you would Not Let any thing goe fforward in a way off Setling my estate whillst I Can Spak with you my Sellffe, and then I hop I shall do it to all my Childrens’ Satisffaxshon. Ye writin which my son Will man took, I know not what was in it, for I never heard it read. My son Will man asked me to se ye writing. I told him he mit. So when he had it he took it and put it in his pocit with out my Leveffe.

off an X Burnham.


1687 to 1695.


He married Anna Wright, married 1639?, b. 1620 in England (daughter of Richard (Capt.) Wright [1598 – 1678] and Wife (1) Wright), d. 5 Aug 1703 in Windsor, Hartford, CT,2 resided Windsor(Podunk).



2.       i.     Elizabeth2 Burnham b. 1640.

3.       ii.    Mary Burnham b. 1642.

4.       iii.   Anna (Hannah) Burnham b. c.1646.

5.       iv.   Thomas Burnham Jr. b. 1646.

6.       v.    John Burnham b. 1648.

7.       vi.   Samuel (Ensign) Burnham b. 1650.

8.       vii.  William Burnham b. 1652.

9.       viii. Richard Burnham b. 1654.

ix.   Rebecca Burnham, b. 1656.  Rebecca’s spouse mentioned in father’s will.


She married William Mann, married pre 1688.



Generation Two

2.  Elizabeth2 Burnham (Thomas1), b. 1640, d. 2 Dec 1720 in Connecticut.


She married Nicholas (Morecock)  Moricock, b. c. 1621 in Smarden, Kent, England.[iv],[v]  Nicholas: Moorcock, or Morecock, Nicholas, Wethersfield, prob. came 1635, in the Elizabeth and Ann, from London to Boston, aged 14, with Bennett, 16, and Mary, 10, who may have been brother and sister certif. by the min. of Beninden, in Co. Kent. One of this nam m. a d. of Thomas Burnham of Windsor. ~ Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers

There is a baptism for Nicholas Morecock  22 Apr 1621  Smarden, Kent, England  residence: Smarden, Kent, England     parents:Henrie Moorcoke

Bennett Morecock 23 Aug 1618   Smarden, Kent, England residence:   Smarden, Kent, England     parents:Henry Moorecock

and Mary (Marie) Morecock 02 Sep 1623 Smarden, Kent, England  residence:  Smarden, Kent, England    parents:Henry Morcoke

other sibling: Katherine bp 1615, died 1615.



i.     John3 Moricock. In August 12, 1727, John Moricock “only surviving son of Nicholas Morecock, late of Boston…” deeded land to Rechard Burnham. “One ninth part of a certain piece or parcel of Land on east side the Great River, &c.&c. that sometimes did belong to Thomas Burnham, Dec. father of the said Richard Burnham and of the mother of the said John Morecock, &c.&c.”


3.  Mary2 Burnham (Thomas1), b. 1642, d. 25 Jan 1720 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.     Name: Mary Morton   Location: Windsor

Invt. ?52-06-00. Taken 30 January, 1719-20, by William Williams and Gabriel Williams. Will dated 18 January, 1719-20.

I, Mary Morton of Windsor, widow, do make this my last will and testament: I devise and give unto my two sons, John Morton and Samuel Morton, all my lands which do or ought of right belong unto me as my part or share of the lands belonging to my honoured father, Thomas Burnham deceased. Also, I give unto my sd. sons John and Samuel my plow irons, one timber chain, draft chain, all the irons belonging unto my cart, two stubbing hoes, one spade, one cart rope, one hamer, two collers, one hatchet, one wheat ridle, two sickles; all these to be equally divided between my sons as their own. I give to my sd. son John one paire of money scales and one pewter tankard. I give unto my son Samuel one paire of cobb irons, one paire of tongs, one tramel, one paire of brass scales with the weights belonging to them, one great Bible, one pewter platter called Old East or Old One, one frying pann, warming pann, one old chest wherein I keep my linen, one bedd with all the furniture belonging thereunto, one table, 1-2 of my earthern were and 1-2 of my wooden ware, one hogshead, one meal trough, one looking-glass, four glass bottles, two bags, one brass skillett, one table cloth. I give and bequeath unto my granddaughter Esther Coult one bed, which I usually lye on, with all the furniture belonging thereunto, one trunk, 11 napkins, one Holland shift, all my wearing apparrell and other clothes, two boxes, one pewter basin and three of my biggest pewter platters and one table cloth, two little wheels, one great wheel; all these I bequeath to my sd. granddaughter to be her own. I give to my granddaughter Hannah Morton, the daughter of my son Thomas Morton, 1s; to each of the children of my daughter Ann Drake, 1s. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Loomis one new bed ticking and one bolster, one powdering tub, one blankett, all which particulars my sd. daughter hath already in her hands. All my other moveable estate of what kind soever I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Coult. I appoint my son John Morton executor.

Witness: William Williams, Gabriel Williams, William Williams, Jr.

Mary X Morton, ls.

Court Record, Page 122–1st March, 1720: Will proven.


1715 to 1723.


She married William Morton, married 21 Mar 1670 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT,6 d. 1712.



i.     John3 Morton.

ii.    Samuel Morton.

10.     iii.   Thomas Morton.

iv.   Sarah Morton.


She married Mr. Loomis.


v.    Ann Morton.


She married Mr. Drake.


4.  Anna (Hannah)2 Burnham (Thomas1), b. c.1646,[vii] d. 29 Nov 1722.  She was Samuel Gaines 2nd wife.


She married Samuel Gaines, married 1 May 1668.7  Samuel: Son of Henry.  Married his “step niece” as second wife. Hannah Burnham was daughter of the half sister of his first wife.

Gaines was in Glastonbury, Conn, before 25 Dec 1695 when he, Samuel Hale, Samuel and Joseph Smith, John Hubbard, and Walter Harris jointly bought land on which to build a corn mill “for the benefit of the town” (Glastonbury LR 2:3). The inventory of the estate of Samuel Gains of Glastonbury, totaling only £6 75, was taken on 5 June 1700 and exhibited before the court on the following 7 Sept, by the relict, Hannah Gains.



i.     Thomas3 Gaines b. 1668 in Hartford,CT.

ii.    Samuel Gaines II b. 1670 in Hartford,CT.

iii.   Anna Gaines b. 1672 in Hartford,CT.

iv.   John Gaines b. 1675 in Hartford,CT.

v.    Daniel Gaines b. 1678 in Hartford,CT.  In 1723, Daniel deeded land at Podunk to John Burnham, “which his mother, Anna Gaines, inherited from her father, Thomas Burnham, Senior.”

vi.   Sarah Gaines b. 1680 in Hartford,CT.


She married Richard Skinner, b. 1679 (son of Deacon Joseph Skinner and Unknown).


vii.  Nathan Gaines baptized 26 Sep 1686 in Hartford,CT.

viii. Henry Gaines baptized 24 Oct 1686 in Hartford,CT.

ix.   Rebecca Gaines b. 1688 in Hartford,CT, d. after 9/9/1752.


She married Samuel Risley, married 1 Aug 1704 (son of Richard Risley and Rebecca Adams).  Samuel: They had 9 children.


5.  Thomas2 Burnham Jr. (Thomas1), b. 1646 in Windsor,CT, d. 19 Mar 1726 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,[viii] resided in Windsor, Ct.  Owned home south of Ferry Road, originally owned by Ebenezer Dibble.  It is not certain if Thomas ever lived there, but he resided in Windsor when he purchased and later sold the property.

Recorded in Vol. XII, Page 2-3. Invt. on Pages 228-9   Name: Thomas Burnham, Sen.   Location: Hartford

Died 9 November, 1726. Inventory taken 31 March, 1726, by Samuel Burnham and John Wood. Will dated 15 March, 1726.

I, Thomas Burnham, Sen., of the Town of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut in New England, doe make this my last will and testament: Imprimis: I give to my wife Naomy Burnham my red cow and also ye 1-2 of all my moveable estate that is not hereafter given to my children. Item. I give to my son Thomas Burnham the sum of 5 shillings. Item. I give to my two other sons, John and Josiah Burnham, the sum of 5 shillings apiece. Item. I give to my son Charles Burnham all my shop tools and also all my carts, plows, and all other team tackling, and a certain parcell of shingles, and also all my horse kind, and my black cowe, and a 2-yearsold heifer. Item. I give to my three daughters, Elizabeth Gilman, Sarey Molford and Naomey Gailer, ye sum of 5 shillings apiece. I give to my daughter Mary Anderson a red heifer of two years old. Item. I give to my daughter Abigail Williams my pide heifer about 3 years old, and also ye sum of 50 shillings as money. I also give to my son Charles ye 1-2 of all the rest of all my moveable estate, to be equally divided between him and my wife as above mentioned. I appoint my son Charles Burnham executor.

Witness: Ozias Pitkin, Samuel Burnham, John Morton.

Thomas Burnham, Sen., ls.

Court Record, Page 125–5 April, 1726: Will proven.

Page 136–1st November, 1726: Before this Court the last will of Thomas Burnham, late of Hartford decd., was allowed to stand good, the widow being present and not objecting against it.


1723 to 1729.


He married Naomi Hull, married 4 Jan 1676 in Killingworth,CT,[ix] b. 17 Feb 1657 in Windsor,CT (daughter of Josiah Hull and Elizabeth Loomis), d. 15 Mar 1727, resided Killingworth in Connecticut.



11.     i.     Thomas3 Burnham III b. 16 Apr 1678.

ii.    John Burnham b. 22 May 1681 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.9,[x]

iii.   Elizabeth Burnham b. 1684, baptized 4 Jun 1684.


She married Richard  Gilman, married 4 Mar 1702 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.8


iv.   Sarah Burnham b. 7 Mar 1686.

12.     v.    Naomi Burnham b. c. 1688.

vi.   Charles Burnham b. 1690, baptized 16 May 1690.3


He married Lydia Williams.


vii.  Mary Burnham b. 1692, baptized 12 Jul 1692.3


She married John (Lt.) Anderson.


viii. Abigail Burnham b. 1694, baptized 25 Mar 1694.3


She married Jonah Williams, married 12 Apr 1712.


13.     ix.   Josiah Burnham b. 1696.


6.  John2 Burnham (Thomas1), b. 1648 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,2 d. 20 Apr 1721 in Podunk, So. Windsor, Hartford, CT.2  New England Marriages prior to 1700 lists the wife of John Burnham as Mary Olcott.

John owned covenant with First Church 26 Oct 1686.  John was a large landholder. There is a deed from Thomas Burnham Sr., to his son John of lands at Podunk.  There is also a deed from Popo, an indian, to John Burnham of lands on the Connecticut River.

Page 80-1-4   Name: John Burnham   Location: Hartford

Invt. ?487-18-07. Taken 15 May, 1721, by Samuel Burnham and Jabez Colt. Will dated 12th April, 1721.

I, John Burnham, do make and ordain this my last will and testament: I give to my loving wife 1-3 part of all my houseing and land; also 1-3 part of all personal estate to be at her own dispose. I give my son John Burnham 10 acres of meadow land, being part of my lower lott, he to have it on the south side of sd. lott as is abutted southerly on land of Samuel Burnham and Richard Gilman, the east end to be at the upland, the west end at Podunk River, the north side to be a straight line from the upland to Podunk River. Also, I give to my son John 17 acres of upland on the east side of the country road which lies westward of sd. son’s now dwelling house. I give unto my three sons, Jonathan Burnham, Jabez Burnham and Caleb Burnham, all the rest of my meadow land and swamp land in Podunk Meadow (not given to my son John) to be equally divided between them. As to the number of acres, my sons Jonathan and Jabez to have my upper lott, my son Caleb to have his part next to and abutting upon the 10 acres of meadow given my son John. The remainder of my lower lott to be equally divided between my sd. sons Jonathan and Jabez. Also, I give to son Jonathan 1-2 of my piece of land lying westward of the lane or way that runs westward of my dwelling house to John Morton’s house, my sd. son to have the north half of sd. piece of land; and also I give sd. Jonathan 1-4 part of all my land which lyeth eastward of the 17 acres of upland given to my son John. Also, I give to my son Jabez 1-2 of my dwelling house. I give unto my son Caleb 1-2 of my piece of land lying westward of the beforementioned lane or way to John Morton’s house; also the easterly part of my orchard. Also I give my son Caleb the other half of my dwelling house and the land it standeth on, for and during the term of 10 years after he come to the age of 21 years, and at the end of that time the sd. half of my house to belong to my son Jabez. I give unto my daughter Mary Webster ?10. I give unto my 4 daughters, Rachell, Amy, Sarah and Elizabeth, all the rest of my moveables or personal estate not before in this my will disposed of, to be equally divided between them. But my will is that if the sd. estate given to my 4 daughters shall or do not amount to the value of ?35 as money at the inventory price for each of my sd. 4 daughters, that then my 4 sons, John, Jonathan, Jabez and Caleb, shall pay unto each of my sd. 4 daughters so much as will make up each of their portions to the sum of ?35 as money, to be recovered of them or either of them my sd. sons as shall neglect or refuse to pay his part of the same to my sd. daughters or either of them within one year after their portions become due to them. I make my wife Mary executrix, and my son John Burnham executor.

Witness: William Pitkin, Samuel Burnham, John Morton.

John Burnham, ls.

Court Record, Page 150–2 May, 1721: Will proven.


1715 to 1723.


He married (1) Mary Catlin, married pre 1672, b. c. 1649,[xi] baptized 7 May 1649 in First Church, Hartford, Hartford, CT,11 d. pre 1684.  Mary: Mary “wife of John Burnham” admitted full communicant First Church May 1672.  This means that Mary and John were married prior to 1672.

New England Marriages prior to 1700 lists John’s wife that he married in 1684 as “Mary Olcott”.

There are some Catlin researchers  that  say that John and Mary Catlin Burnham had a child, Mary, who is mentioned in Mary Catlin’s father’s will as “grand daughter, Mary Burnham” . Mary wife of John Burnham is not mentioned in her father’s will, leading to the supposition that Mary Catlin Burnham died prior to that.   John then married Mary Olcott. However, John has a daughter, Mary, who was born in 1690. So that would mean that the daughter Mary born prior to 1684 would have died young as well.  I do not know the date of Thomas Catlin’s will. That would make a huge difference if it’s after 1690.

I also found a baptism for a Mary “Catteling” bp 29 Nov 1646, First Church, Hartford.

Mary bp 7 May 1649, was listed as “Mary Catling”, daughter of Thomas “Catteling” . Two different spellings in same record!

There is also the question of their being two Mary Catlins..one born in 1846 and one in 1666. The Catlin researchers list many reasons why it must have been the Mary born in 1649 that married John Burnham.



i.     Mary3 Burnham. Mentioned in grandfather’s will.

Probably died young, as John named another daughter Mary in 1690.


He married (2) Mary Olcott, married 12 Nov 1684 in Windsor, Hartford, CT,[xii] b. 1 May 1658,2 d. 13 Dec 1730 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.  Mary: New England Marriages prior to 1700, lists John Burnham’s wife as Mary Olcott.

See notes under first wife, Mary Catlin, that suggests John really did have two wives, both named Mary.



ii.    Thomas Burnham b. 1686, baptized 26 Dec 1686 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,2 d. 1705.12

14.     iii.   Caleb Burnham b. c. 1688.

15.     iv.   John Burnham b. 24 Oct 1689.

v.    Mary Burnham b. 1690, baptized 19 Dec 1690.12,[xiii]


She married (1) Stephen Webster, married 6 Jun 1717 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,8 d. 1724.13

She married (2) Eben Merrill, married 9 Apr 1730.13


vi.   Rachel Burnham b. 1692, baptized 30 Mar 1692.12

vii.  Amy Burnham b. 1693, baptized 30 Jul 1693 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.2

viii. Sarah Burnham b. 1695, baptized 15 Sep 1695 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,2 d. 11 May 1767.12


She married Elisha Pratt, married 7 Dec 1726 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.[xiv],8


ix.   Elizabeth Burnham b. 1696/7, baptized 28 Feb 1696/7 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.2

x.    Jonathan Burnham b. 1696/97, baptized 26 Feb 1696/97,12 d. 17 Feb 1787 in Buckland,  CT.  Buckland is a part of Manchester, CT.


He married Hannah Bidwell, married 12 Nov 1727.


xi.   Jabez Burnham b. 1699, baptized 14 May 1699 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,2 d. 27 Jul 1758.12


He married Martha Williams, married 12 Jul 1725.12


7.  Samuel (Ensign)2 Burnham (Thomas1), b. 1650,3,[xv] d. 12 Apr 1728 in East Windsor, Hartford, CT,2,3,15 resided in East Windsor, Hartford, CT.3,15  According to Stiles: “A man of property, he gave each of his sons a home and a farm.”

According to the “Genealogy of the Crane Family, Vol 2”; John Crane, supposed to be this ancestor of the Mansfield

Cranes, purchased land of Samuel Burnham, of Windsor Conn in 1708.

Recorded in Vol. XII, Page 139   Name: Samuel Burnham, Sen.   Location: Hartford

Died 19 April, 1728. Invt. ?735-04-11. Taken 6 May, 1728, by Gabriel Williams and John Wood. Will dated 20 November, 1727.

I give to my wife Mary Burnham all the household stuff, goods and estate whatsoever yt she brought with her at the time of her marriage with me, and also one pide cow, to be at her own dispose forever. I give to my son Samuel Burnham the house in which he dwells and the land on which it stands, bounded west on a highway, south on land of John Burnham, north on land of John Wood’s, the bredth of my lott (excepting two rods on the north side extending eastward within 8 rods of the house, hereafter given to my son Joseph Burnham). I give to my son Joseph Burnham his house and 14 acres of land. I give to my son William Burnham the house in which he dwells, with land bounded west on land of heirs of Thomas Burnham, Jr., decd., south on Jonah Williams, north on Charles Burnham. I give to my sons Daniel and Timothy Burnham, equally to be divided between them, my dwelling house, barn and homelott. I give to my daughter Hannah Drake, to my daughter Ann Trumble, and to her eldest son — Trumble, to my daughter Mary Church, and to my daughter Rebeckah Burnham. I appoint my sons Samuel Burnham and Joseph Burnham to be executors.

Witness: Jonathan Burnham, Jabez Burnham, William Pitkin.

Samuel Burnham, ls.

Court Record, Page 193–May, 1728: Will proven.


1723 to 1729.


He married Mary Fitch, married 8 Oct 1684,2,3,15,7 b. Dec 1657 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,7,[xvi] d. 19 Apr 1738.2  Mary: Burnham genealogy had wife of Samuel as Mary Cadwell, however future researchers proved wife to actually be Mary Fitch.

She was daughter of Joseph and Mary (Stone) Fitch.

On 14 March 1695/6, Joseph Fitch Sr., ‘in consideration of ye love and goodwill [for] my son in Law Samuel Burnham of Podunk,’ gave Burnham 12 acres…”



16.     i.     Hannah3 Burnham b. 1686.

ii.    Rebecca Burnham b. 1688, baptized 5 Dec 1688, d. post 1728.  Never married.

iii.   Anna Burnham b. 1690, baptized 10 Oct 1690, d. 10 Aug 1753.  Married Ammis Trumbull on May 8,1711.


She married Anmi Trumbull.


iv.   Mary Burnham b. 1692,2 baptized 13 Mar 1692,2 d. 10 Mar 1767.  Married John Church on Dec. 4,1722.


She married John Church, married 4 Dec 1722 in Bolton, Tolland, Connecticut.2  John: Marriage record says “of Bolton”.


17.     v.    Samuel Burnham b. 1694.

18.     vi.   Joseph Burnham b. 1696.

19.     vii.  William Burnham b. 20 Jul 1698.

20.     viii. David (LT.) Burnham b. 12 Oct 1698.

21.     ix.   Timothy Burnham b. 1705.


8.  William2 Burnham (Thomas1), b. 1652,[xvii] d. 12 Dec 1730,17 resided in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT.17,[xviii]


He married (1) Elizabeth Loomis, married 28 Jun 1671,17 b. 7 Aug 1655 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT (daughter of Nathaniel Loomis and Elizabeth Moore [     – 1728]), d. 19 Nov 1717 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT.18



22.     i.     Elizabeth3 Burnham b. 20 May 1682.

23.     ii.    Rev. William Burnham b. 17 Jul 1684.

iii.   Joseph Burnham b. 7 Aug 1687, d. 20 Apr 1760.  probably unmarried.

iv.   David Burnham b. 12 Oct 1689 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT,18 d. 10 Sep 1741.  probably unmarried.

24.     v.    Nathaniel Burnham b. 3 Jan 1690.

25.     vi.   Jonathan Burnham b. 21 Mar 1692.

vii.  Mary Burnham b. 2 Sep 1694 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT,18,10 d. 17 Apr 1715 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT.18  unmarried.

viii. Abigail Burnham b. 16 Dec 1696 in Wethersfield, Hartford, CT,18,10 d. 2 Jan 1724.


She married Nathaniel Phelps, married 1 Jan 1716.


He married (2) Martha (Thompson) Gaylord, d. 1733.[xix]  Martha: Widow of Eleazur Gaylord.


9.  Richard2 Burnham (Thomas1), b. 1654, d. 28 Apr 1731, occupation Blacksmith.  Stiles “History of Ancient Windsor” says that all but Esther of Richard’s children died young. However, “The Colonial History of Hartford” mentions Michael and Charles,sons of Richard. Stiles implies that there was a Richard Windsor and a Richard of Hartford.(?)

Richard Burnham  served in the Narragansett Expedition, 1675.


He married Sarah (Humphries) Humfrey, married 11 Jun 1680 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,19,8 b. 6 Mar 1659 (daughter of Michael Humphrey [     – 1696] and Pricilla Grant), d. 28 Nov 1726.



i.     Hannah3 Burnham b. 1683.

ii.    Sarah Burnham b. 11 Jul 1683 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.10,[xx],8

26.     iii.   Rebecca Burnham b. 20 Sep 1685.

iv.   Mercy Burnham b. 14 Apr 1688 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,20,8 baptized 18 May 1690 in First Church, Hartford, Hartford, CT.10,11  Connecticut Births and Christenings have a Mercy with same birthdate as Mary, 14 Apr 1688.  Barbour has note “twin of Mary”.

v.    Mary Burnham b. 14 Apr 1688 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,10 baptized 22 Apr 1688 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.10  Different sources give different info for Mercy and Mary:

Mercy         was born Aprill 14, 1688.

Mary         was born [no date].

Barbour has both with 14 April birthday and says “twin of Mercy”.

27.     vi.   Richard Burnham b. 6 Jul 1692.

vii.  Martha Burnham b. 1694 in Hartford, Hartford, CT, baptized 28 Oct 1694 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.2  Barbour has no date listed for Martha.


She married John Tyler, married 13 July 1741 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.2


28.     viii. Esther Burnham b. 22 Mar 1697.

ix.   Charles Burnham b. 23 Jul 1699 in Hartford, Hartford, CT,20,8 baptized 30 Jul 1699.  Stiles has note on Stephen Burnham “prob. of East Hartford” (Chas,Rich,Thos1) Stephen married Elizabeth Cole and had child bp. 2/24/1782. This would contradict Stiles statement that all but one (Esther) of Richard’s children died young.

Families of Early Hartford, lists a “Jupiter Burnham” as son of Richard, but notes that as birth date is the same, it “could be Charles”.  It could be a twin?

Barbour lists child as “Peter? __ Ju_?”

July 19, 1726. Deed from Richard Burnham  to his son, Charles Burnham (No. 20), of a new house and eight acres of land on Wethersfield road.

x.    Susanna Burnham b. 30 May 1705 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.2  Twin of Michael.

Barbour only says “born in Feb.”


She married (1) Joseph Easton Jr..

She married (2) Eliphat Dickinson.


29.     xi.   Michael Burnham b. 30 May 1705.

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