Rundles of St. Neot – Baltimore

Four of the children of Jonathan “of Pengelly” Rundle and Eleanor Henwood immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland. After Jonathan’s death, Eleanor joined her children in the US.  This page is the updated information on this line.

This is an interesting branch of the family. It includes cousins fighting on both sides in the Civil War, an escape from prison, a prominent publishing family and even a mysterious case of mistaken identity of a dead body.

Some of the Rundles in this line stayed in Baltimore. Others branched out to Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and Nashville, TN.

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Generation One


  1. Jonathan1 Rundle, b. 1800 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,[1],[2],[3],[4],[5] (son of Jonathan “of Pengelly” Rundle [1768 – 1821] and Eleanor Henwood [1769 – 1854]), baptized 2 Nov 1800 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,1 d. 18 May 1886 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, US,2 buried in Cincinnati, Ohio, resided in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jonathan arrived in Baltimore, Maryland in 1828 when he was listed on the “letters waiting” list for Baltimore.

Based on the birthplaces of their children, the family left Maryland sometime around 1835 for Virginia.

They then left Virginia sometime around 1842 for Kentucky.

They then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio sometime around 1846.

In 1850 and 1860, Jonathan was a widower. He and children were living in Ohio.

In 1880 Jonathan was living with son, Jonathan Jr, in Nashville.


He was married to Elizabeth Butcher, on 12 Oct 1826 in Baltimore Co, Maryland, US.[6]  Elizabeth: Grandson’s middle name is “Blutcher”.  Either his name is mispelled on WWI Draft Registration (However he filled it out and signed his name), or her name was possibly “Blutcher”. Her name is spelled “Butcher” on her marriage record.

Youngest son was born in 1847 in Ohio, and by 1850 Jonathan was a widower living in Ohio.



  1.           i.     John William (Capt.)2 Rundle b. 2 Oct 1829.
  2.           ii.    Eleanor “Ellen” Rundle b. Nov 1831.

iii.   Elizabeth Catherine Rundle, b. 1832 in Baltimore, Maryland, US,3,[7] baptized 8 Sep 1834 in Baltimore, Maryland, US,[8] d. 20 Jun 1848 in Baltimore, Maryland, US,7 buried Jun 1848 in Mt. Olivet, Baltimore, Maryland, US.[9]  Newspaper said she was 16 at time of death.  She was probably baptized at age 2. She was baptized same day as a first cousin, Martha Rundle.

  1.           iv.   Jonathan Theodore Rundle Jr. b. 12 Apr 1836.
  2.           v.    Sarah F. Rundle b. c. 1839.
  3.           vi.   George K. Rundle b. c. 1841.
  4.           vii.  Charles Wesley Rundle b. 14 Dec 1842.

viii. William Marvin Rundle, b. Jan 1845 in Kentucky, US,3,4,[10] d. 24 Dec 1900 in Ponea, Oklahoma,[11] occupation Farm Laborer; Cowboy.10  William never  married.

In 1860, William was living with his father in Cincinnatti, Ohio

According to article about his suicide in 1900, “Marvin” had joined the Confederate Army as a young boy. The family was told that he was killed in the war, but George ran in to him on the way back to Tennessee. Then Marvin traveled around the country. They were told at another time that he was dead, but he showed up again.

In 1870,  William Rundle, age 24, b. Kentucky,  was working as farmer in Blackwater, Missouri

In 1880, there is a William Rundle, age 31, born Kentucky, working as a “winer” in California. This could be this William.

In 1900 William was age 55, single, and  a farm laborer boarding with two farmers at the Osage Indian Reservation in Oklahoma. His father is listed as being born in England and mother in Maryland.

William had corresponded with his niece, Effie Rundle Yost, and when he committed suicide on Christmas Eve 1900, he was found with a sealed letter addressed to her. He also had one of his brother George’s business cards on his person. This led officials to believe that he was in fact George and notified his family that it was George who had committed suicide. Once the body was sent to George’s wife, she and her daughter, Effie, viewed it and realized that it was in fact, “Marvin”, as they called him.

They contacted his brother John Rundle in Nashville, however even though he was financially able, he refused to pay for Marvin’s burial and so his body was given to the Anatomical Society.

  1.                  B. Frank Rundle, b. c. 1847 in Ohio, US,3,4,[12] d. post 1890, occupation Marble and Stone Cutter,12,[13] resided 30 Mercer St. in Cincinnatti, Ohio.13  He was sometimes listed as “B. Frank” and sometimes “Frank B.”

In 1860, Frank was living with his father in Cincinnatti, Ohio

In 1869 City Directory, Frank was living in Cincinnatti and working as a Marble Cutter.

In 1870, Frank, age 22,  was living in same house as sister, Ellen, and her family, in Newport, Campbell, Kentucky. He was working as a stone cutter.

According to city directories, he was back in Cincinnatti by 1872, working as a stone cutter. He was still in Cincinnati in 1890

I can’t find any definite info on him after that.



Generation Two


  1. John William (Capt.)2 Rundle (Jonathan1), b. 2 Oct 1829 in Maryland, US,3,4,5,10,2 d. 26 May 1903 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee,2 occupation Editor, Publisher; Printer.4,12,5 With brother, Jonathan, Capt. John Rundle, joined the 36th Virginia Regiment.

In 1860, John, Sarah and daughter, Julia, lived in Charleston, Virginia (now West Virginia). John’s brother, Jonathan lived with the family.


According to the Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Valley, John, listed as “former editor of the Valley Star, and who served in the Confederate cause, was about to return to his old home in the Kanawha Valley. He published a notice to the public reading: ‘ If you (the Union men) will treat us right and not insult us, we will keep quiet; but if you don’t, these hills will be filled with sharpshooters’.”

In 1870, John and second wife, Kitty, lived in 17th District, Edgefield, Davidson County, Tennessee.  John’s daughters with Sarah, Julia, Theresa and Emma lived with them.

Based on 1900 Census, John was in Tennessee by 1868,

In 1880, John, Kittie and children lived in the 15th District of Davidson County, TN. Their surname is listed as “Reynolds”

There are many medical journals in early 1900s listed as being printed by John Rundle & Sons; Nashville.


“John Rundle was the founder and editor of the first newspaper ever printed at Charleston. He was born at Wheeling, W. Va., and later lived at Cincinnati, O. Then he and sister came here, she as his housekeeper. ”


Concerning politics in Kanawha County, Virginia: “… while Kanawha could elect Whigs to the House, the Senators were always Democrats; but this was not always. The Whig party was represented by the “Kanawha Republican,” edited by Mr. Newton, and the Democrats published the “Kanawha Valley Star,” edited by Mr. Rundle. Both of these papers were assisted by the attorneys as far as the political editorials were concerned.”


He was married to (1) Sarah Minerva Farley, on 13 Nov 1858 in Kanawha County, Virginia,[14] b. 14 Aug 1838 in Virginia,4,9 d. 9 Feb 1868 in Tennessee, US.[15],9  Sarah: Daughter of Minerva Forqueran and Snelling C Farley of Kanawha, Virginia.

It is likely that Sarah died shortly after the birth of your daughter, Sallie, who is buried next to her.



  1.                    Julia3 Rundle b. c. 1859 in Virginia, US.4,12  In 1870 Julia was age 11 and living with father and step mother in Davidson County, TN.

She was not with family in 1880.

  1.                   Theresa M. Rundle b. c. 1861 in Virginia, US.12
  2.           iii.   Emma Rundle b. 11 Nov 1867.
  3.                  Sallie Rundle b. 11 Nov 1867 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,9 d. 10 May 1868 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.9  Buried next to her mother.

Findagrave has birthdate as 22 November, but I think it may have been 11 November, and that she was twin of Emma.


He was married to (2) Katherine “Kitty” Parthenia Shearin, on c. 1868 in Tennessee, US,10 b. 23 Jun 1841 in Cheatem, Tennessee, US,12,5,10,2 d. 18 Nov 1918 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.2  Katherine: In 1900, Kitty is listed as having given birth to 5 children, with all five living.

In 1910, Kitty lived with daughter, Eunice, and her family.



  1.                   Thomas S. Rundle b. 4 Jul 1871 in Tennessee, US,5,10,[16],2 d. 25 Dec 1922 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,2 occupation Printer.2,[17]  In 1910, Thomas is married and living in St. Louis, Missouri.

In 1920 Thomas lived with brother, Earnest and his family in Nashville.

At the time of his death, Thomas was listed as married, however, his wife was not with him in 1920.


He was married to Elizabeth Wagner, on c. 1909,17 b. c. 1886 in Illinois.17  Elizabeth: In 1910, Elizabeth’s sister, Louise Wagner,  lived with the couple.


  1.           vi.   John William Rundle Jr. b. 6 Feb 1874.
  2.         vii.  Eunice Katharine Rundle b. 27 Aug 1876.

viii. Sterling Brewer Rundle b. 15 Jul 1877 in Tennessee, US,5,10,[18] d. 23 Jul 1961 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.[19]  He was named for his Uncle Sterling Brewer Shearin.


He was married to Roberta Carroll, on 22 May 1902 in Davidson County, TN,[20] b. 23 Aug 1876,9 d. 31 Mar 1957 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee.9


  1.         ix.   Ernest Blutcher Rundle b. 9 Oct 1880.


  1. Eleanor “Ellen”2 Rundle (Jonathan1), b. Nov 1831 in Maryland, US,3,12,5,[21] d. post 1900. In 1850, Ellen lived with her widowed father and siblings in Ohio.

In 1870, Eleanor, Robert and Clara lived in Newport, Campbell, KY

In 1880, Eleanor was a widow and living with daugther Clara and her family in Covington, KY.

In 1900, Eleanor was a widow and living with her widowed daughter, Clara Tracy, in Chicago. They had 3 boarders.


She was married to Robert F. Dekins, in Ohio, b. c. 1829 in Kentucky,3,12 d. pre 1880 in Kentucky, occupation Iron Roller.12,3  Robert: In 1850 Robert was age 21, living with his mother and sisters in Cincinnati, Ohio.



  1.         i.     Clara3 Dekins b. Feb 1859.


  1. Jonathan Theodore2 Rundle Jr. (Jonathan1), b. 12 Apr 1836 in Wheeling, West Virginia, US,4,12,5,10,19 d. 6 Jan 1915 in Nashville, TN,19 occupation Printer; Restauranteur; Salesman.4,17 In 1860, Jonathan was living in Charleston, Virginia (now West Virginia) with his brother, John.

Jonathan fought with the 36th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. He was living in Davidson County, TN when he applied for his pension.

In 1870 the family lived in Davidson County, TN. Jonathan is listed as running a restaurant.  Children Walter and Clara were living with the couple. They had two black servants.

In 1910, Jonathan, Margaret and daughters Clara and Nannie lived in Nashville.


Obituary of Jonathan Theodore Rundle, Nashville, Tennessee.


Again the roll call has been answered by another of our gallant old soldiers. On January 6, 1915, Jonathan Theodore Rundle joined the ranks of heroes on the other shore. Brave, generous, self-sacrificing, he was ever ready with heart and hand to help his fellow man.


Mr. Rundle was born at Wheeling, W. Va., April 12, 1836, being the son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Bucher Rundle, formerly of England. The family removed to Cincinnati, where his mother died when he was ten years of age. Later he went to Charleston, W. Va., and when the call came for volunteers for the South he, with his brother, Capt. John Rundle, joined the 36th Virginia Regiment. In the battle of Fort Donelson he received a serious wound, which left him incapacitated for further service. When the was taken by the Federals he was made prisoner and placed in the Federal hospital at Nashville. From that place he was stolen away one night by three noble Southern women who loved and cared for the soldiers. Mrs. Robert Gardner, Mrs. Fort, and Mrs. M. Taylor, a dead comrades body being placed on his cot. For two years he was unable to go about, but when he did get out it came his way to render a valuable service to Governor Johnson, who never forgot it, and he gave to Mr. Rundle special protection and privileges.


After the war Mr. Rundle became an active citizen of Nashville, making that his home until his death. He is survived by his wife, who was Margaret Taylor, the adopted daughter of one of the ladies who removed him from the hospital, and their four children, a son and three daughters.


SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, March, 1915.


He was married to Margaret “Maggie” Jane Trusty Taylor, b. c. 1846 in Tennessee,12,5,10,17,16,2 d. 23 Jul 1923 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,2 buried 25 Jul 1923 in Mt. Olivet, Nashville, Davidson, TN.2  Margaret: Father’s name was Hansee Trusty. Some records list her name as Margaret J. Taylor, since she was the adopted daughter of Mrs. M. Taylor, one of the women who rescued Margaret’s husband, Jonathan, from the Federal Prison in Nashville.

In 1920, Margaret and daughters Clara and Nannie lived in Nashville.



  1.                    Walter F.3 Rundle b. c. 1866 in Tennesse, US,12,5 d. 4 Jan 1931 in Hillsborough Co, Florida, occupation Salesman; Co-owner of Rundle-Mather Music Co.13  In 1870, Walter was living with his parents. He was listed as being age 3. That is birth year of about 1867.

In 1880, Walter was living with his parents and was listed as being age 14. That is a birth year of about 1866.

His death record, which lists parents as Jonathan and Margaret lists his age as 55, and birth date as 27 Sep 1875.


According to City Directories, Walter was still living with his parents in 1911 and working as a salesman in Nashville.

By 1917 he was living in Tampa, FL.


He was married to Annie (maiden name unknown) Rundle.


  1.                   Clara Margaret Rundle b. 16 Sep 1869 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee,12,5,17,16,[22] d. 7 Jun 1926 in Chicago, Cook, IL,22 occupation Artist.17  Clara never married.

In 1920 she was living with her widowed mother in Nashville.

iii.   Nancy “Nannie” Rundle b. 2 May 1871 in Tennessee,5,10,17,16,[23],9 d. 17 Dec 1958 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,9 occupation Insurance Co Bookkeeper.17  She never married. In 1920 she and sister Clara lived with mother in Nashville.

In 1940 Nancy was living with one boarder in Nashville.

  1.                  Adele “Addie” Irene Rundle b. 3 Sep 1880 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,[24] d. 2 Jul 1952 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.2


She was married to William Edward Lewis, on 3 Dec 1902 in Davidson County, TN.20


  1. Sarah F.2 Rundle (Jonathan1), b. c. 1839 in Wheeling, Brooke, Virginia, US,3,4,12,5 d. 1909 in Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, US.9 In 1870, Sarah and her oldest 3 children’s birth places are listed as “Virginia now West Virginia”.  Since George Jr was born after the Civil War, he is listed as being born in “West Virginia”.


She was married to George Bender, on 9 May 1859 in Kanawha County, Virginia, US,14 b. 1829 in Saxony, Germany,9,4,12,5 d. 1888 in Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, US,9 occupation Dry Goods Merchant; Grocedr.  George: Some Census reports list birthplace as “Prussia”.

In 1860, George and Sarah and son, William, lived with George’s mother in Charleston, Virginia.



  1.                    William Avenger3 Bender b. 1859 in Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia,4,12,5 d. 1944 in Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, US.9  In 1880, William was age 21, single and still living with his parents.


He was married to Rebecca (maiden name unknown) Bender, b. in Pennsylvania.


  1.         ii.    Ella Bender b. 6 Aug 1861.

iii.   Charles A. Bender b. c. 1864 in Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia.12  Charles is 6 years old in 1870. He is not with his family in 1880. At age 16, he may have been working elsewhere.

  1.                  George Bender Jr b. c. 1870 in Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia.12,5


  1. George K.2 Rundle (Jonathan1), b. c. 1841 in Wheeling, West Virginia, US,3,4,5,[25],10,17 d. 1910 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO,9 occupation Farmer; Printer. When George was born, Wheeling was in Virginia. After the Civil War, it became West Virginia.

In 1860, George is living in Old River, Chilcot, Arkansas.  He is boarding with Charles Pearcy. His birthplace is listed as Virginia.

Later in 1910 Census, his birthplace is listed as West Virginia.

In between, in 1880, 1885 and 1900, his birthplace is listed as Louisiana.


George and Julia were probably married in Arkansas, as first child, Lee, was born there in 1877.

Daughter Ionia was born in Tennessee in 1879. They may have been visiting George’s relatives in Nashville.

In 1880 the family lived in St. Louis, Missouri. George was listed as being a “printer” , which was what his relatives in Nashville were.

In 1885, George, Julia and children lived in Emporia, Lyon, Kansas.

In 1900. George was working in Sedalia, Missouri. Julia was living with daughter Effie and her husband in Kansas City.  In December 1900, George’s brother Marvin, killed himself in Oklahoma. Because he had a letter addressed to Effie, and was carrying a card with George’s name on it, the family was told that it was George. When the body was sent to Kansas City, Julia and Effie went to view it and realized that it was Marvin not George.  At that time they admitted that they hadn’t heard from George in 10 weeks. The family was having severe financial difficulties at tht time.

In 1910, George and Julia were living in Kansas City, Missouri.


He was married to Julia Tholman, on c. 1876 in Arkansas,17 b. c. 1853 in Arkansas.25,10,17  Julia: In 1870, there is a Julia Tholman, age 17, living in same county that George lived in during 1860 Census, Chilcot, Arkansas.  She is living with J. P. Tholman, born 1835 in New York.  In 1870 she is listed as being born in Ohio.



  1.                    Lee N.3 Rundle b. 9 Mar 1877 in Arkansas, US.25
  2.                   Iona Rundle b. c. 1879 in Tennessee,5,25 d. pre 1900.  1885 Census says that Iona was born in Tennessee.
  3.         iii.   Effie Rundle b. 23 Oct 1882.


  1. Charles Wesley2 Rundle (Jonathan1), b. 14 Dec 1842 in Campbell Co, Kentucky, US,3,4,12,10,17,[26],9,[27] d. 11 Jul 1924 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA,27,[28] buried in Los Angeles National Cem, Los Angeles, CA,9 occupation Farmer.10 In 1860, Charles was living with his father in Cincinnatti, Ohio


Charles enlisted as a Private in Company A, Illinois 116th Infantry Regiment on 06 Sep 1862.Mustered out on 07 Jun 1865 at Washington, DC.


Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. Served in the Civil War as a Private in Company A, 116th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was awarded the CMOH for his bravery in a “forlorn hope” Union Army assault on Vicksburg, Mississippi on May 22, 1863. His citation reads “Gallantry in the charge of the “volunteer storming party.” His Medal was issued on July 26, 1894. He was one of eight 116th Illinois Infantry soldiers to be awarded the Medal of Honor for bravery during the Civil War (the others being Sergeant Martin K. Davis, Captain Nicholas Geschwind, Private Andrew Johnson, Private Benjamin W. Schenck, Corporal Benoa Sprague, Private Thomas J. Ward, and Private Andrew Widick). (bio by: Russ Dodge)


In 1870, Charles was working as a farm laborer in Wayne Township, Butler, Ohio.

Based on children’s birthplaces, the family lived in Kansas from about 1879 to 1892.

In 1900 and 1910, the family lived in Colorado.

In 1920 Charles was an “inmate” in the National Military Home” in Malibu, Los Angeles, California. He was admitted in 1919.

Hattie was living in Los Angeles also. Charles is listed with her, but he would have been in the Soldiers Home at that time.


He was married to Hettie E. Vance, on c. 1874,10 b. Jul 1854 in Illinois, US,10,17,26,[29] d. 14 May 1931 in Los Angeles, California.28  Hettie: In 1900, Hettie is listed as having given birth to 8 children with 6 living. 4 children lived with Hettie and Charles.

In 1930, Hettie lived in Los Angeles. Her daughter, Adeline, and her family lived with Hettie.



  1.         i.     Adeline “Addie”3 Rundle b. Oct 1879.
  2.                   Carl Rundle b. Feb 1885 in Kansas, US.10

iii.   Sadie Rundle b. Jun 1892 in Colorado, US.10,17

  1.                  Charles Vance Rundle b. Jun 1894 in Colorado, US.10,17



Generation Three


  1. Emma3 Rundle (John2, Jonathan1), b. 11 Nov 1867 in Tennessee, US,15,12,10,17 d. 22 Jul 1948 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.15 In 1870, Emma was listed as age 5 (1865 birth year?) and living with her father and step mother in Davidson County, TN

In 1910, Emma, Edwin and children lived in Nashville.


She was married to Edwin Claud Tanksley, on 30 Apr 1889 in Davidson County, Tennessee,17 b. 15 Sep 1867 in Tennessee,2,12,5,10,17 d. 21 May 1932 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,2 occupation Plater; Plasterer.2,17  Edwin: Son of  Henry Tanksley and Lucinda Claud

In 1870 and 1880, Edwin was  living in Nashville with his parents and siblings.



  1.                    Henry E.4 Tanksley b. c. 1890 in Tennessee.10,17
  2.                   John R. Tanksley b. c. 1891 in Tennessee.10,17

iii.   Amelia Tanksley b. c. 1894 in Tennessee.17,10

  1.                  Hadley Tanksley b. c. 1899 in Tennessee.17,10


  1. John William3 Rundle Jr. (John2, Jonathan1), b. 6 Feb 1874 in Tennessee, US,5,10,29,15,18 d. 25 Jul 1943 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,15,9 buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson, TN, resided in Nashville, Davidson, TN,17,29 occupation Printer.15,29 John fought in the Spanish American War in Co. C, 1st Tennessee Infantry.


He was married to Dessie George, on 9 Oct 1902 in Davidson Co., TN,29,20 b. 25 Feb 1879 in Davidson Co, Tennessee, US,17,29,9 d. 10 Mar 1959 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.9  Dessie: She was the daughter of Edwin and Mary Ann Rogers George. Her parents were born in England.



  1.         i.     John William4 Rundle III b. 21 May 1904.
  2.                   Louise Katherine Rundle b. 14 Aug 1907 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.17,[30],[31]  At time of Uncle Sterling Rundle’s obituary in 1961, she lived in Memphis, TN.


She was married to Horace Lacy Ford, on 17 Jun 1929 in Davidson County, TN.20


iii.   Ruth Rundle b. 28 Jun 1909 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.17,31


  1. Eunice Katharine3 Rundle (John2, Jonathan1), b. 27 Aug 1876 in Nashville, Tennessee, US,5,10 d. 8 Sep 1953. In 1900, Eunice’s future husband, “R. D. Stone”, was boarding with Eunice’s aunt and uncle, Jonathan and Margaret Rundle.

In 1910 Eunice and Ridley lived in Nashville, TN.

In 1920 the family lived in Alameda Co, CA.

In 1930 they lived in Los Angeles, CA.


She was married to Ridley Draper Stone Sr, on 3 Jul 1901 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,20 b. 7 Sep 1876 in Irby, Putnam, TN, US,18,10 d. 3 Nov 1953 in Alameda Co, CA, occupation Bookkeeper.18,10  Ridley: In 1900, Ridley was boarding with Eunice’s Aunt and Uncle, Jonathan and Margaret Rundle in Nashville.


From Ridley’s memoir, written c. 1950: “He was born in Putnam County (in Irby,he said in another place) on September 7,

1876, the first son, second child, of Cicero Constantine Stone (son of Enoch Herschell Stone and Eliza Maxwell Stone) and Isabelle Christine Draper Stone (daughter of Ridley Draper and Rebecca Kuykendall Draper) all of Putnam County. He moved to Nashville

as a young man and attended Jennings’ Business College. His hand-written diploma, signed by R. W. Jennings, dated April 29, 1895, states he had shown himself capable of acquiring a knowledge of Bookkeeping and Commercial Usage… making him valuable in any office, store or countingroom.

He married Eunice Kathryn Rundle on July 3, 1901. With their two sons, they moved from Nashville to Berkely, California, in 1919.

He died in Oakland, California, on November 3, 1953.



  1.                    Sterling Rundle4 Stone b. 2 Sep 1914 in Nashville, TN, US, d. 1985.
  2.                   Ridley Draper Stone Jr..


  1. Ernest Blutcher3 Rundle (John2, Jonathan1), b. 9 Oct 1880 in Tennessee, US,10,16,29,23,15,18 d. 14 Nov 1953 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,15 occupation Machinist.16,18 Ernest’s marriage to Stella Vance only lasted about 2 years.

Ernest and Clara were divorced prior to her death in 1946

In 1940 Ernest lived with his brother, Sterling, and his wife. Ernest is listed as being widowed, however, Clara, listed as “widow” was living elsewhere in Nashville.


He was married to (1) Estella “Stella” Vance, on 17 May 1903 in Davidson County, TN,20 b. 1886 in Tennessee.17  Estella: Stella married second, Frank J. Ernst on 10 Mar 1910.



He was married to (2) Clara Fly, on 25 Nov 1905 in Davidson County, TN,20 b. 26 Mar 1888 in Tennessee, US,16,29,2 d. 11 Feb 1946 in Nashville, Davidson, TN, US,2 occupation Saleslady.2  Clara: Daughter of James Fly and Katie Eubank.



  1.                    Ruth4 Rundle b. c. 1910 in Tennessee, US.16
  2.                   James Ernest Rundle b. 19 Jan 1914 in Tennessee, US,16,9 d. 20 Jan 1993 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,9 buried in Mt. Olivet, Nashville, Davidson, TN.9  James enlisted at Fort Oglethorpe, GA on 31 Dec 1942.


He was married to Maxine Hopkins, on 15 May 1948 in Davidson County, TN,20 b. 10 Feb 1919 in Watertown, TN,9,24 d. 4 Jul 1994 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.9,24


  1. Clara3 Dekins (Eleanor2, Jonathan1), b. Feb 1859 in Ohio,12,5,21,17. In 1880, Clara, Henry and children, lived in Covington, KY. Clara’s mother lived with the family.

In 1900, Clara was a widow. She and her mother lived in Chicago, IL. They had 3 boarders.

In 1910, Clara lived with daughter, Ella, and her family in Monclair, NJ.


She was married to Henry Tracy, in Covington, Kentucky, US, b. 19 Aug 1839 in Sinclairville, Chautauqua, New York, US,12,5,[32],[33] d. 11 Oct 1899 in Chicago, Cook, IL,32 buried 13 Oct 1899 in Cincinnati, Ohio,32 occupation Railroad Clerk.5,32  Henry: Henry enlisted as a Private in the Union Army in 1864 and was mustered out later that year in Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY.

In 1870, Henry was single, working as a Railway Clerk in Covington, Kentucky.



  1.                    Bertha M4 Tracy b. c. 1874 in Kentucky, US,5,21,17,16,29,23 d. 1951 in Illinois,9 buried in Bronswood Cem, Oak Brook, DuPage, IL,9 resided in Cook County, IL.23  Bertha and Edward did not have any children.

In 1900, Bertha and Edward were married for 3 years, no children and living in Chicago, IL

In 1910, the couple lived in Marion, Indiana.

In 1920 and 1930, they lived in Lyon, Cook, IL.

In 1940, they lived in LaGrange, Cook, IL.


She was married to Edward Holmes, on 28 Apr 1897 in Chicago, Cook, IL,21 b. Sep 1868 in Massachusetts,21,17,16,29,23 d. 1950 in Illinois,9 buried in Bronswood Cem, Oak Brook, DuPage, IL,9 occupation Manager at Electrical Parts Mfgr.16


  1.         ii.    Ella Adelle Tracy b. 27 Jun 1878.


  1. Ella3 Bender (Sarah2, Jonathan1), b. 6 Aug 1861 in Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia.12,5 In 1880, Ella was age 18, single and still living with her parents.


Mr. Hall was married at Charleston in 1881, to Miss Ella F. Bender, who was born here, a daughter of George and Sarah (Rundele) Bender. Her father was born in

Germany and when he came first to the United States, settled at Maysville, Ky., moving from there to Charleston, where he became a merchant and spent the remain-

der of his life in this city. He married a lady who was born at Wheeling, Va. They were members of the Presbyterian church. John Rundle, an uncle of Mrs. Thomas C. Hall, was the founder and editor of the first newspaper ever printed at Charleston. He was born at Wheeling, W. Va., and later lived at Cincinnati, O. Then he and sister came here, she as his housekeeper.


Mr. and Mrs. Hall have two children: Sadie B., who is the wife of Jesse V. Sullivan, a newspaper man of Charleston and Elsie G., who is a graduate of the Charleston

high school, as is also her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Hall are members of the Episcopal church. He is a Republican in politics and has served prominently in conventions and as a delegate to important meetings of his party. He is identified with Masonic bodies at Harrisville and Charleston (From the History of Kanawha County).


She was married to Thomas C. Hall, in 1881 in Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia.[34]  Thomas: Thomas C. Hall had excellent educational advantages and when ready to enter upon a business career, interested himself in oil and gas, and with the exception of

two years when he was a clothing merchant at Parkersburg, and two years during which he was a resident of Pittsburg, Pa., he has been continuously connected with

these industries. Mr. Hall came to Charleston in 1879. He has sunk about forty oil and gas wells and is one of the owners as well as vice president of the Jarvis Oil Company, which was organized some three years since and now has six producing wells. The other officers of this company are: John Davidson, president, and Peter Tillman, secretary and treasurer.



  1.                    Sadie B.4 Hall.


She was married to Jesse V. Sullivan.


  1.                   Elsie G. Hall.


  1. Effie3 Rundle (George2, Jonathan1), b. 23 Oct 1882 in Missouri,25,10 d. 20 Jun 1908 in Jackson County, Missouri,19 buried in Independence, Jackson, MO. According to her obituary, Effie was sick for about 4 years before her death.


She was married to Alvin B. Yost, on c. 1900, b. c. 1877 in Ohio.10,17,16  Alvin: In 1910, Alvin was remarried and living in a lodging house in Kansas City with his wife, Clara, and daughter, Helen.



  1.                    Helen4 Yost b. c. 1900 in Kansas City, MO.[35],16  In 1910, Helen lived with her father and step mother in a lodging house in Kansas City, MO.


  1. Adeline “Addie”3 Rundle (Charles2, Jonathan1), b. Oct 1879 in Kansas, US.10,29


She was married to Howard Foster, b. c. 1878 in California.29



  1.                    Thomas4 Foster b. 1912 in Washington.29
  2.                   Geraldine Foster (details excluded).



Generation Four


  1. John William4 Rundle III (John3, John2, Jonathan1), b. 21 May 1904 in Tennessee, US,17,29,23,[36] d. 31 Mar 1988 in Nashville, Davidson, TN,36 occupation Bookkeeper.29


He was married to Anna Louise “Louise” Miller, on 8 Sep 1933 in Davidson County, TN,20 b. c. 1911 in Tennessee.23



  1.                    James R5 Rundle (details excluded).
  2.                   John William Rundle IV (details excluded).


  1. Ella Adelle4 Tracy (Clara3, Eleanor2, Jonathan1), b. 27 Jun 1878 in Kentucky, US,5,21,17,29,[37],[38] d. 8 May 1957 in Tisbury, Dukes, MA.[39] Ella was age 17 at time of marriage, James was 30 years old.

In 1900, Ella, James and son, Richard, lived in Chicago, IL

In 1910, Ella and James lived in Montclair, NJ. Ella’s mother, Clara, lived with them.

In 1930, Ella and James lived in Tisbury, Dukes, MA. Their daughter Janet and her husband lived with them.


From a story about Martha’s Vineyard: “The first house on Crocker Avenue is the McQuarrie house. That would be Janet Swift’s parents. They lived there for a long time, then they bought the house from Rudolphus Crocker. Then it was later owned by the Wortmans, and a few other owners there. Dr. Banks who wrote The History of Martha’s Vineyard also lived at this house.”


She was married to James Lawrence McQuarrie, on 9 Feb 1898 in Chicago, Cook, IL,37 b. c. 1868 in Bath, Maine, US,37,21,17,29,38 d. 1 Mar 1939 in Tisbury, Dukes, MA, occupation Worked for Telephone Co.17  James: James’ parents were born in Canada.



  1.                    Richard T.5 McQuarrie b. Feb 1899 in Chicago, Cook, IL.21  Richard was not with the family in 1910.
  2.                   Janet Elizabeth McQuarrie b. 21 Apr 1903 in Illinois,17,29,23,38,39 d. 30 Oct 1980 in Boston, MA,39 resided in Tisbury, Dukes, MA.29,23  Massachusetts death index says death place was Boston. Massachusetts Vital Records lists place of death as Tisbury, MA.


She was married to Donald Stuart Swift, b. 1899 in Massachusetts,29 d. 20 Oct 1943 in Tisbury, Dukes, MA, occupation Civil Engineer; Real Estate.29,23


iii.   Nancy McQuarrie b. c. 1909 in Montclair, NJ.17






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