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The Value in Checking Your Work: A Tale of Two Captains

Earliest Known View of Manchester, CT
Earliest Known View of Manchester, CT

I am going through the tedious process of going over past research and double checking my data. It’s not as “fun” as initial research since you are not usually finding “new” info, however, I have found over the past that it is necessary. I have almost always found errors in my original work.. some big, some small, but all important to the integrity of your genealogy research. Continue reading The Value in Checking Your Work: A Tale of Two Captains

Descenedents of Rev. Caleb Pitkin – Updated Info

I was recently contacted by Elizabeth St. John asking about how her family connects to the Pitkin family. Her grandmother was Marion Pitkin.. and it turns out that I was able to easily find out how Marion connected. Her marriage certificate stated that she was the daughter of Stephen Henderson Pitkin and Ada Maltby.

I had Stephen and Ada in my data because they were included in A.P. Pitkin’s “Pitkins in America”. I did not have their children. When I started doing this research for Elizabeth, I decided to go over all of my info for the branch of the Pitkins from Rev. Caleb Pitkin b. 1812 forward.

If you are from this line, feel free to contact me at mary(at)live.com for the new report. I have it saved as a PDF and can easily email it to you!