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Bannon Update: Info on Father of Catherine Bannon’s Son

In the mid 1800s in New Haven, CT, there was a Catherine Bannon and her son, Joseph, living in what I call the “Bannon Family Compound”. I was not sure about Catherine’s relationship to the family. She was either a sister or a sister in law. Recently I was going back over the Enniskillen, Fermanagh Parish Records and came across the baptism record for Catherine’s son, Joseph, on 26 January 1841. The father is listed as Robert Foster. The interesting thing is that while all of the other records list the parents with just their first names and only the husband’s surname, this record lists Joseph’s parents as “Robert Foster and Catherine Bannon”. In the screen cap I left a couple of other records so you can see the difference. To me, that fact coupled with the fact that Joseph used the name Bannon, leads me to believe that Catherine never married and is in fact a sister rather than sister in law. Continue reading Bannon Update: Info on Father of Catherine Bannon’s Son

Update to Descendants of James Bannon

Edward Stanford and Ellen "Nellie" Bannon

I recently had an unpleasant exchange with another “New Haven Bannon” researcher. This person was told growing up that the family was from Westmeath. This was based on the fact that their grandfather supposedly made toasts to Westmeath.

Photo Left: My Great Grandparents Edward and Ellen “Nellie Bannon Stanford

I had told this person, that while I didn’t originally know where our Bannons were from in Ireland, I had recently found quite a few records that verified what my Great Aunt Lillian had told me, that the family was from Fermanagh. This other researcher refuses to look at my work and refuses to believe that the family isn’t from Westmeath. I personally believe that they are confused with where the paternal line in their family is from, as they descend from a female Bannon back a few generations.

I want to make it clear that I never “just assume” anything when doing genealogy research. If I don’t find proof of something, I may note that “family lore says..” or I will leave the information out of my report. This person went on to accuse me of stealing a tin type photo (from a house I’ve never visited!!) and told me that I was flat out wrong about my connection to this family. I was insulted by these accusations as I have been doing extensive genealogy research for over 35 years. I pride myself of double checking records and always proving connections based on “family stories”. I’ve found more than one instance of incorrect information passed down from relatives.

Because of this recent interaction, I have updated my Bannon page with the following information. It is the introduction to my recently finished book about the Bannon family history. It includes maps, records, stories etc as well as the genealogy information. It has a lot of info on the area in Fermanagh that our family was from.

Here is the introduction to the book, explaining about some of the new information that I found in both New Haven and Irish records.

Please also note that the genealogy information listed on my Bannon page is NOT up to date. Click here to visit my Bannon page:The Descendants of James Bannon
If you think you may be related, contact me at mpitkin (at) live.com and I will be happy to share my most uptodate info.
It’s just too difficult to update the site continuously.
Continue reading Update to Descendants of James Bannon

Update on Wrynn/Rynn/Rinn Family of Leitrim, Ireland and New Haven, CT

I hadn’t worked on this family for quite awhile, but I recently realized that there were parish registers from the parish they were from in Leitrim on a film that I have on permanent loan at the LDS FHC here. So today I decided to look at the records and see what I could find. I was mainly looking for the burial record for James Wrynn. Based on a probate record, I assumed that James had died c. 1850, however I couldn’t find a burial for him in the parish registers.

I did however make another huge discovery that altered some assumptions I had made concerning the marriage of my 3X Great Grandparents, Thomas Wrynn and Alice McKeon. I had found Thomas, with his brothers, in the 1850 US Census for New Haven, CT. Thomas and Alice’s first child was born in New Haven in June 1852. While I never found a marriage for the couple in New Haven vital records, I had assumed that they had met and married in New Haven sometime between the 1850 census and the birth of their child. Today I found the marriage record for Thomas and Alice in Kiltubrid, Leitrim, Ireland on 15 Dec 1847. This means that Thomas must have come over to the US with his brothers and after he was settled, Alice joined him in New Haven. Continue reading Update on Wrynn/Rynn/Rinn Family of Leitrim, Ireland and New Haven, CT

Old Newspapers and Black Sheep Make For Interesting Research

When doing genealogy research a lot of it is painstakingly BORING. You spend hours pouring over records and searching for some new bit of information. However, the one part of genealogy research that I find interesting is reading old newspaper stories. It’s always amazed me that in the 1880’s the papers would report the smallest minutia of daily life.. such as “so and so is visiting their relative for a week”, “so and so has a bad cold and is out of work”, “so and so went back to work today after short illness” etc. Those are examples of items that I have actually read. There is also the daily court report where you see who was fined $1 for disturbing the peace, or as in the case of one of my relatives.. who hit their wife because she wouldn’t give him money to go to the bar! Yes, that was actually in a court report. It really gets interesting when you stumble upon some juicy stories. The journalists back then definitely had a “different” style from the journalists of today. Continue reading Old Newspapers and Black Sheep Make For Interesting Research