The Family of Titus Ratcliffe of Antrobus, Cheshire, Eng

1. Titus Ratcliffe Ratcliffe, Titus. He married Mary ?? RatcliffeRatcliffe, Mary ??, d. 1790, d. Feb 1790 in Mere, Cheshire, Eng.


                        2.        i         Titus RatcliffeRatcliffe, Titusb. 1763.

                                  ii        John RatcliffeRatcliffe, John, b. 1757 in Antrobus, Cheshire, Eng.

                       3.        iii       Thomas RatcliffeRatcliffe, Thomas b. 1755.

                       4.        iv       James RatcliffeRatcliffe, James.

Second Generation

2. Titus RatcliffeRatcliffe, Titus, (1.Titus1) b. 1763 in Daresbury, Cheshire, Eng, d. 1840 in Seven Oaks, Cheshire, Eng, buried 19 Jan 1840 in Seven Oaks, Cheshire, Eng. He married Sarah YarwoodYarwood, Sarah, married 12 Jan 1786 in Great Budworth, Cheshire, Eng, b. c. 1758, d. 1838, buried 15 Aug 1838 in Great Budworth, Cheshire, Eng.


                            i       Samuel RatcliffeRatcliffe, Samuel, d. 1788, buried 5 Mar 1788 in Mere, Cheshire, Eng.

                            ii      William RatcliffeRatcliffe, William, b. 1789.

                   5.      iii     Mary RatcliffeRatcliffe, Mary b. 1797.

                            iv     Ann RatcliffeRatcliffe, Ann, b. 1801 in Seven Oaks, Cheshire, Eng.

3. Thomas RatcliffeRatcliffe, Thomas, (1.Titus1) b. 1755 in Antrobus, Cheshire, Eng. He married Catherine ClarkClark, Catherine, married 26 May 1777 in Rostherne, Cheshire, Eng.


                   6.      i       Thomas RatcliffeRatcliffe, Thomas b. c. 1786.

4. James RatcliffeRatcliffe, James, (1.Titus1). He married UnknownUnknown.


                            i       Nancy RatcliffeRatcliffe, Nancy, b. 1775 in Appleton, Cheshire, Eng.

Third Generation

5. Mary RatcliffeRatcliffe, Mary, (2.Titus2, 1.Titus1) b. 1797 in Over Whitley, Cheshire, Eng.


                            i       Ann RatcliffeRatcliffe, Ann, b. 1823 in Seven Oaks, Cheshire, Eng.

6. Thomas RatcliffeRatcliffe, Thomas, (3.Thomas2, 1.Titus1) b. c. 1786. He married Sarah ?? RatcliffeRatcliffe, Sarah ??.


                            i       Ann RatcliffeRatcliffe, Ann, b. c. 1815 in Tatton, Cheshire, Eng. She married Samuel BracegirdleBracegirdle, Samuel, b. 20 Feb 1808 in Tatton, Cheshire, Eng, d. 24 May 1847 in Knutsford, Cheshire, Eng.

                            ii      Elizabeth RatcliffeRatcliffe, Elizabeth, b. c. 1801.

                            iii     Hannah RatcliffeRatcliffe, Hannah, b. c. 1803.

                            iv     Mary RatcliffeRatcliffe, Mary, b. c. 1806.

                            v       Harriet RatcliffeRatcliffe, Harriet, b. c. 1807.

                            vi     Elizabeth RatcliffeRatcliffe, Elizabeth, b. c. 1811.

                            vii    James RatcliffeRatcliffe, James, b. c. 1812.


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