Update on Wrynn/Rynn/Rinn Family of Leitrim, Ireland and New Haven, CT

I hadn’t worked on this family for quite awhile, but I recently realized that there were parish registers from the parish they were from in Leitrim on a film that I have on permanent loan at the LDS FHC here. So today I decided to look at the records and see what I could find. I was mainly looking for the burial record for James Wrynn. Based on a probate record, I assumed that James had died c. 1850, however I couldn’t find a burial for him in the parish registers.

I did however make another huge discovery that altered some assumptions I had made concerning the marriage of my 3X Great Grandparents, Thomas Wrynn and Alice McKeon. I had found Thomas, with his brothers, in the 1850 US Census for New Haven, CT. Thomas and Alice’s first child was born in New Haven in June 1852. While I never found a marriage for the couple in New Haven vital records, I had assumed that they had met and married in New Haven sometime between the 1850 census and the birth of their child. Today I found the marriage record for Thomas and Alice in Kiltubrid, Leitrim, Ireland on 15 Dec 1847. This means that Thomas must have come over to the US with his brothers and after he was settled, Alice joined him in New Haven.

marriage record

Marriage record for Thomas Wrynn and Alice McKeon (Click to enlarge)

I’ve uploaded 4 generations of the descendants of James Wrynn and Bridget McGovern. You can find it here: Wrynn/Rynn/Rinn Family of Leitrim, Ireland and New Haven, CT