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Update: Faith Wardell and George Western

The following is an update to this particular branch of the family..
The descendents of George Western and Faith Wardell:

Generation One

1. George1 Western, b. c. 1774 in Fulstow, Lincolshire, Eng, baptized 6 Jul 1774 in Fulstow, Lincolshire, Eng.1 Son of Edward and Mary Western of Fulstow.
On daughter Matilda’s baptism record, there is a sentence added in with a ‘carrot” next to George’s name say ” As we may suppose, but we have never seen him in our parish for upwards of a year.”
I have been unable to find date for George’s death, which was probably in Fulstow, however coupled with the fact that Faith’s youngest son, William, was illigitimate, it almost seems as if the minister was questioning the fact that George was the father of Matilda as well.

He married Faith (Wardall) Wardell, married 11 Nov 1796 in Fulstow, Lincolshire, Eng,, b. 1773 in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, Eng,3,2 (daughter of Matthew Wardell and Dinah Portas), baptized 2 Mar 1773 in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, Eng,2,3 d. in Hamilton Co, Ohio, buried Salem Cemetery in Salem Heights, Hamilton, Ohio.4 Faith: The couple were married by Banns.
Witnesses at marriage were Thomas Wardell and William Crisp (?)

Baptism for second to youngest child, Matilda, has comment insinuating that George was not the father of this child.
Baptism for youngest child, William, only lists Faith as parent and lists William as “baseborn”.
There is a bastardy bond filed by Faith Wardell, widow, listing Thomas Croft as father of her child.

Faith and some of her children emigrated to the US around 1828.

2. i. Thomas2 Western b. c. 1798.
ii. Wardall Western, b. 1801 in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, Eng,2,, baptized 9 Apr 1801 in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, Eng,2 d. 16 Aug 1883 in Decatur Co, Indiana,4 buried Mount Pleasant Cemet – ery in Bartholomew Co, Indiana,4 resided in Jackson, Decatur, Indiana,5,6 occupation Farmer.5,6 In 1850, Wardell and second wife, Abigail, lived in Jackson, Decatur, Indiana.

Headstone Inscription:
Died Aug. 16, 1883, aged 84 yrs., 9 mos., 16 days.

He married (1) Sarah Atkinson.
He married (2) Abigail ?? Western, b. 24 Aug 1805 in Pennsylvania,4 d. 1 Aug 1883 in Decatur Co, Indiana,4 buried Mt. Pleasant Cemeter – y in Bartholomew County, Indiana.4 Abigail: Headstone says ‘born Ohio, USA” however all census records say that she was born in Pennsylvania.

iii. Ann Western, b. 1801 in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, Eng,2 baptized 9 Apr 1801 in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, Eng.2 I cannot find any other records for Ann Western.
3. iv. Dinah Western b. c. 1802.
v. George Western Jr., b. 9 Apr 1805 in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, Eng,2 baptized 10 May 1805 in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, Eng,2 d. pre 1881. George was not living at time of his brother’s death in 1881.
There’s a record for death Jan 1857 – Spilsby, Lincolnshire, could be this George.
4. vi. Matilda Western b. c. 1809.
vii. William Western, b. 3 Mar 1812 in Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire,, England, baptized 15 Mar 1812 in All Saints Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire, England,, d. 29 Jan 1881. William’s baptism record lists him as being the “base born son of Faith Western. No father listed.
Found the following:
BASTARDY RECOGNIZANCE dated 12 Feb 1812. Mother: Faith WESTERN widow of
Theddlethorpe. Putative father: Thomas CROFT of Theddlethorpe Labourer.
[LQS A/1/384/28]

In 1841, Thomas Croft was age 70 and living on his own in Theddlethorpe.

Obit abstracted from Newspaper
Wm Western son of Thomas & Faith Wardell Western was born in the Town of Thistlethorp in Lincolnshire England on the 3rd of March 1812,
Died in Bartholomew County January 29, 1881. Youngest of 7 children 4 survive. 1 sister in England a Brother in Decatur County & 2 sisters in Hamilton County Ohio. Father died when he was quite young and about 1828 his mother & 2 of his Brothers & 1 sister emigrated to this country settling in Cincinnati and in 1833 he & 1 sister came & also settled in or near Cincinnati & Farm & gardened until fall of 1941 when he came to Bartholomew County & settled on present homestead. In Cincinnati on May 16, 1841 married Mary A Boon native of Roscommon County Ireland who with 5 children (the Boon Family) came & all lived in immediate neighborhood, United Early with Methodist Church. Member of Clifty Chapel until Disorganization.

He married Mary Boone, married 16 May 1841 in Hamilton, Ohio, b. c. 1822 in Roscommon, Ireland., d. 28 Sep 1847 in Bartholomew, Indiana. Mary: Daughter of Thomas.

Generation Two

2. Thomas2 Western (George1), b. c. 1798 in Fulstow, Lincolnshire, Eng,,,, d. Aug 1875, buried 20 Aug 1875 in Willoughby with Sloothby, Lincolnshire, England.1 In 1851, Thomas and Lucy lived in Sloothby. Only son, Christopher, lived with them.
In 1871, Thomas was widowed and living alone in Willoughby, Spilsby.

He married Lucy Thompson, married 20 May 1824 in Partney, Lincolnshire, England,1 b. c. 1801 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England.10,11

i. Elizabeth3 Western b. 1825 in Partney, Lincolnshire, England,7,10 baptized 20 Feb 1825 in Partney, Lincolnshire, England.7 In 1841, Elizabeth, 15, was working as servant in home of Eardley Senton in Sloothby.
5. ii. Wardell Western b. c. 1827.
6. iii. Christopher Western b. c. 1833.

3. Dinah2 Western (George1), b. c. 1802 in Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire, England,,,,

She married James S. Paddison, married 13 Jul 1826 in Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire, England, b. c. 1808 in England,13,14,15,16, d. 18 Nov 1890 in Cedar Point, Heron County, ohio,17, buried Mount Washington Cem in Mount Washington, Hamilton, Ohio,4 resided in Anderson, Hamilton, Ohio,13,14,16 occupation Farmer.13,14 James: James, age 28, and Dinah, age 31, arrived in the US on the “Edward Hamilton” on 19 May 1834.

In 1850, a Jane Western, age 70, born England, was living with the family.
In 1860 the family surname was listed as “Patterson”.
None of James and Dinah’s children were living with them. There was a Amanda Parker, age 11, and a Charles Jeffrey, age 7, living with them.
In 1870, son Charles, 18, was living with James and Dinah.
Amanda Parker, age 22, was still living with Dinah and James in 1870. She’s listed as domestic servant.
In 1880, James and Dinah were living in Anderson. Amanda Parker was living with them, listed as servant.

i. Sophia Ann3 Paddison b. c. 1839 in Ohio.13
7. ii. Charles C. Paddison b. Jun 1853.

4. Matilda2 Western (George1), b. c. 1809 in Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire, England,,,,, baptized 16 Mar 1809 in Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire, England,7,8 d. Mar 1884 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England. At time of marriage, Matilda listed age as 21, but she was actually 25.
In 1881, Matilda and Richard were living with daughter, Matilda Knowles.

She married Richard Taylor, married 6 Feb 1834 in Theddlethorpe St. Helen, Lincolnshire, England,1 b. . 1807 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England,19,20,21,22,23 baptized 03 May 1807 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England,7 d. May 1881 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England, resided in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England,20 occupation Agr Laborer: Farmer.19,20 Richard: Son of William and Ann Taylor of Bennigton.
In 1861, Richard was listed as “Annuitant”.
Granddaughter, Annie Knowles, lived with the family.

i. William3 Taylor b. c. 1835 in Benington, Lincolnshire, England,19,20,22,,,,7 baptized 18 Jan 1835 in Benington, Lincolnshire, England,7 d. Dec 1917 in Benington, Lincolnshire, England,24 resided in Benington, Lincolnshire, England,25 occupation Farmer.25 William was not with family in 1851. He was age 16, working as a farm laborer in Wrangle, Lincolnshire.
In 1871, William and Elizabeth lived in Leake, Lincolnshire. A niece, Elizabeth Bonas, lived with them.
In 1901, William and Elizabeth lived in Benington, Lincolnshire.
In 1911, William, age 76, lived with brother Francis and family in Bennington. He was listed as “widower”.
William and Elizabeth do not seem to have had any children.

He married Elizabeth ?? Taylor, b. c. 1831 in Leake, Lincolnshire, England.22,25

ii. Anne Taylor b. c. 1836 in Benington, Lincolnshire, England,19,20,7 baptized 13 Nov 1836 in Benington, Lincolnshire, England.7
8. iii. Matilda Taylor b. 1838.
iv. Samuel Taylor b. c. 1841 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England,19,20,21 occupation Farmer.21 Samuel was 5 mos old at time of 1841 Census.
In 1861, Samuel age 30, was still living with his parents in Bennington.
9. v. Francis Taylor b. c. 1843.
vi. Mary Taylor b. c. 1846 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England.20,21 In 1861, Mary, age 16, was still living with her parents in Benington.
vii. Sarah Taylor b. c. 1848 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England.20
viii. Richard Taylor Jr. b. c. 1851 in Benington, Lincolnshire, England.20,21

Generation Three

5. Wardell3 Western (Thomas2, George1), b. c. 1827 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England,10,5,,, baptized 8 Apr 1827 in Partney, Lincolnshire, England,7 d. 7 Nov 1899 in Kirksville, Adair, Missouri, US, resided in Adair Co, Missouri, US, occupation Farmer.30 In 1841, Wardell, age 14, lived with his parents in Sloothby, Lincolnshire.

Wardell and Jane arrived in New York City aboard the “William Rathbone” on 14 May 1850. Wardell was listed as being 23, and Jane was 20.
Based on children’s birthplaces, the couple traveled first to Ohio where they lived from 1851 to at least 1854. Then they were in Missouri by 1857.

Wardell was a member of the Missouri 8th during the Civil War.

He married (1) Jane Turner Keal, married 11 Mar 1850 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England, b. c. 1830 in England,,28,31 d. pre 1879 in Missouri.30 Jane: Father’s name was John Turner
In 1841, Jane lived with her widowed father in Well, Ulceby, Lincolnshire.
Jane was widowed at the time of her marriage to Wardell in 1850
Her fist marriage was to Charles Keal in 1847 in Spilsby.
He died 3 Apr 1848 ,Age at death: 22, born 1826 buried East Keal, Lincolnshire (South of Spilsby).

10. i. William Thomas4 Western b. c. 1851.
ii. Charles B. Western b. c. 1854 in Ohio.28,29
iii. Herbert N. Western b. c. 1857 in Missori.28,29
iv. Wardell E. Western b. c. 1858 in Missouri.28,29
v. Rosetta J. Western b. c. 1868 in Missouri.29
vi. Mary A. Western b. c. 1869 in Missouri.29

He married (2) Martha ?? Beall, b. c. 1844 in Ohio.30 Martha: Beall is Martha’s married name from first marriage.
Her son, Benonia Beall, 12, b. Iowa, lived with Wardell and Martha in 1880.

vii. Amelia B. Western b. c. 1879 in Missouri.30

6. Christopher3 Western (Thomas2, George1), b. c. 1833 in Partney, Lincolnshire, England,10,11,,,,,,7 baptized 15 Jul 1832 in Partney, Lincolnshire, England,7 d. 1907 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England,24 resided in Sloothby, Lincolnshire, England,33,34,35,36,37 occupation Agricultural Laborer; Free Methodist Preacher,33,34,35,36,37. In 1841, Chrisopher, age 8, lived with his parents in Sloothby.
1851, Christopher, age 18, was living with his parents in Sloothby, Willoughby.
In 1881, Christopher and Maria lived alone. Christopher was listed as both Agricultural Laborer and Free Methodist Preacher.
In 1891 and 1901, Christopher was widowed and living alone. He was listed as a Peddlar and Weslyan Minister.

He married Maria ?? Western, married 1853 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England,24 b. c. 1840 in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, England,33,34,35 d. pre 1891 in Sloothby, Lincolnshire, England.36 Maria: Maria was almost 20 yrs older than Christopher.
In 1861, Baytes Dowlman, 16, Deaf, b. Sloothby, was living with the couple and listed as Christopher’s “son in law” meaning
that he was Maria’s son.

i. Charles W.4 Western b. c. 1854 in Sloothby, Lincolnshire, England.33
ii. Ann Maria Western b. c. 1857 in Sloothby, Lincolnshire, England.33,34
iii. Elizabeth Ann Western b. c. 1860 in Sloothby, Lincolnshire, England.33,34

7. Charles C.3 Paddison (Dinah2, George1), b. Jun 1853 in Anderson, Hamilton, Ohio,15,16, d. 8 Oct 1922 in Cleremont, Ohio, occupation Farmer,38 resided in Anderson, Hamilton, Ohio.38 In 1870, Charles was age 18 and still living with his parents in Anderson, Ohio.
In 1880, Charles and Mariah lived in Anderson. Charles was a farmer. Surname spelled “Patterson” in census.
In 1900 the family lived in Anderson.
In 1920, Charles was widowed and living in Union, Clermont, Ohio. Son, James, 33, lived with him.

He married Mariah ?? A. Paddison, married c. 1881,38 b. Sep 1853 in Ohio.16,38 Mariah: In 1900, Mariah is listed as having given birth to 3 children with 3 living, but only two are with the family.

i. James4 Paddison b. Feb 1887 in Anderson, Hamilton, Ohio.38
ii. Susan A. Paddison b. Jul 1892 in Anderson, Hamilton, Ohio.38

8. Matilda3 Taylor (Matilda2, George1), b. 1838 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England,19,20,,22,23,25,26,27,7 baptized 16 Dec 1838 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England,7 d. Jun 1917 in Cosford, Suffolk, England,24 resided in Butterick, Lincolnshire, England.23 In 1861, Matilda , age 22, was still single and living with her parents.
In 1881, Matilda was widowed, living in Butterick, Lincolnshire and listed as an Innkeeper.
Her parents lived with her.
In 1891, Matilda, age 52, lived in St. Andrew and St. George, London. Her daughter Ann lived with her.
In 1901, Matilda age 64, and 3 children, lived in Camden Town, London.
In 1911, Matilda and Annie and Richard lived in Preston, Suffolk.

She married Thomas Burton Knowles, married 1867 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England,24 b. Jul 1842 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England,20,21,22,24 d. 2 Oct 1879 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England,24, resided in Butterwick, Lincolnshire, England,41 occupation Butcher, Bartender and Publican.22,41 Thomas: Son of William and Caroline Knowles of Boston. William was a Baker.
In 1851, Thomas, age 8, lived with parents and siblings at Pen Street in Boston, Lincolnshire.
In 1861, Thomas, age 18, lived with Butcher, Absalom Abbott, in Boston and was listed as “Butcher’s Apprentice”.
In 1871, Thomas and family lived in Butterwick where he was a bartender and publican.
Matilda continued to run the Inn after his death.
Thomas’ will listed him as “Butcher and Beerkeeper”.

i. Anne Maud4 Knowles b. Jul 1867 in Butterick, Lincolnshire, England,21,23,26,27,24. Annie was not listed with family in 1871. She was listed with her grandparents in Bennington, Lincolnshire.
In 1901, Annie, age 30, lived with mother and siblings in Camden Town, London.
In 1911, Annie, age 43, was single and living with mother and brother in Preston, Suffolk.
ii. Caroline Matilda Knowles b. c. 1869 in Butterick, Lincolnshire, England.22,23,26 In 1901, Caroline, age 28, lived with mother and siblings in Camden Town, London.
iii. Richard Taylor Knowles b. c. 1871 in Butterick, Lincolnshire, England,22,23,26,27 occupation Pastry Cook, Farm Laborer.27,26 Richard was 9 mos old at time of 1871 Census.
In 1901, Richard lived with his mother and sisters in Camden Town, London. He worked as a Pastry Chef.
In 1911, Richard was age 40, single and living with mother and sister in Preston, Suffolk.

9. Francis3 Taylor (Matilda2, George1), b. c. 1843 in Benington, Lincolnshire, England,20,21,23,25,26,27 d. Oct 1913 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England,24 occupation Farmer; cottager, Agr Laborer,21,25 resided in Butterwick, Lincolnshire, England.25 In 1861, Francis was age 27, and still livng with his parents in Bennington.
In 1881, Francis and Elizabeth lived in Frodingham, Lincolnshire.
In 1891 and 1901, the family lived in Butterwick, Lincolnshire.
In 1901, only the couple’s three youngest daughters lived with them.
In 1911 the family lived in Bennington. Francis’ brother, William lived with them.
Their married daughter, Matilda Bostwistle, and grandson, Francis Bostwistle, also lived with them.

He married Elizabeth Robinson, married 1874 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England,24 b. c. 1855 in Friestow, Lincolnshire, England,22,23,25,26,27. Elizabeth: In 1871, Elizabeth was working as a servant in Fosdyke Fen, Lincolnshire.

i. Elizabeth4 Taylor b. c. 1875 in Leverton, Lincolnshire, England.23
ii. Jennie Taylor b. c. 1876 in Leverton, Lincolnshire, England.23
iii. William F. Taylor b. c. 1879 in Leverton, Lincolnshire, England.23,25
11. iv. Matilda Taylor b. c. 1881.
v. Martha Taylor b. c. 1882 in Butterwick, Lincolnshire, England.25,26 In 1901, Martha was working as servant in Benington, Lincolnshire.
vi. Walter Taylor b. c. 1886 in Butterwick, Lincolnshire, England.25
vii. Mary L. Taylor b. c. 1890 in Butterwick, Lincolnshire, England,25,26,27 occupation School teacher.27 In 1911, Mary, age 21, was still living with her parents in Benington.
viii. Florence Taylor b. c. 1892 in Butterwick, Lincolnshire, England.26
ix. Grace Taylor b. c. 1895 in Butterwick, Lincolnshire, England.26,27

Generation Four

10. William Thomas4 Western (Wardell3, Thomas2, George1), b. c. 1851 in Ohio,28, resided in Linn Co, Missouri, US,42 occupation Farmer.42 In 1870, William lived with his parents.
In 1880, William and Susan lived in Linn Co., Missouri.

He married Susan Jane Kirby, b. c. 1852 in Linn Co, Missouri, US.42

i. Evalina5 Western b. 31 Dec 1872 in Linn Co, Missouri, US.42
ii. William Wardell Western b. 18 Jan 1877 in Linn Co, Missouri, US.42

11. Matilda4 Taylor (Francis3, Matilda2, George1), b. c. 1881 in Leverton, Lincolnshire, England.23,25,27 In 1911, Matilda and son, Francis were living with her parents.

She married Mr. Bertwistle.

i. Francis5 Birtwistle b. c. 1910 in Horncliffe, Lancashire, England.27