Photo Restoration Services

In the course of my genealogy research, I’ve found that I can restore a lot of old photos using Photoshop. Some of the restorations have been simple, some much more complicated. If you have some old photos that need anything from a little sprucing up.. to a full fledged restoration, contact me for a quote. I can work from scanned versions, or you can snail mail me the photo and I will scan and return original.

Below I’m showing some examples of restorations that I have done…

restoration gettysburg

closeupThis restoration was one which I am most proud of the finished product. I had a very old photo that was of my Great Great Grandfather’s Civil War unit’s reunion at their Gettysburg monument. The photo was faded and torn.



Plus to make things more complicated it was too wide to scan in one part. I had to scan in two parts and piece together. (That’s why I only have half of the original.. I didn’t save the other half) Then I filled in tears and sharpened up the photo.


I also took out a close up of my Great Great Grandfather! Which you can see on the right >>



This restoration was from a photo that had been damaged by sun and water. I evened out the colors and made it black and white. I can even make black and white photos sepia toned if you’d like.



The next two projects were done for a friend. The photo of the man in the oval was a photograph she took of the photo under glass on his headstone. The glass was cracked.. presenting a challenge as to how to restore his one eye! The second photo was damaged and basically needed to be “cleaned up”

headstone 1



These two restorations were from photographs of paintings of my 4xGreat Grandparents. They were not under glass, but were dark. With the photo of the woman, I used a flash it “reflected” on the image making it too light! These were not paintings that I had easy access to, so I had to make due with what I had.

carroll 1



This restoration is an example of a simpler fix. The photo just needed a little clean up and I made it black and white to show more contrast. Also, I scanned the photo in hi res, so it is much larger than the actual photograph was.


The following “restoration” is more of an “edit”. I wanted to take an image of the woman out of an old program and make it be a separate portrait. I still have to work on removing the “fold”.



And finally.. do you have some photos from the 60’s and 70’s that have discolored with age? I can fix the coloring on those as well..