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Updated: Descendents of William Ratcliffe and Selina Shallcross and Mary J. Shevary

When originally researching this family, I had hit a couple of brick walls, both involving children “disappearing” after parents were divorced. One was concerned the child of William’s son, Thomas, and his wife Josephine.  The other brick wall concerned the son of William’s son by his second wife, Mary.. Frederick Leo. I couldn’t find Frederick Leo and wife Concetta’s son, Frederick, after his parent’s divorce.

I recently discovered that both of these families started using the “Radcliffe” spelling. Once I knew what I was searching for .. I found a lot of new information! The sources are at the bottom of the page.  I will make the “new” info BOLD on this page.

You can find the full Ratcliffe genealogy here: Ratcliffes of Great Budworth, Cheshire, England.
On that page, William is #18. You’ll notice that I don’t have his second wife, Mary, or their son on that page. My info on my computer is more up to date than this site, so contact me if you’d like more up to date info.


Generation One

1.    William1 Ratcliffe, b. c. 1851 in Halton, Cheshire, Eng,,, (son of Samuel Ratcliffe and Margaret (Catherine) Pilling), baptized 5 Oct 1856 in Halton, Cheshire, Eng, d. pre 1910 in Naugatuck, New Haven, CT, resided in Portland, Ct, occupation Bricklayer; Mason.,2  1900 Census lists William and children as immigrating in 1884. After looking at other documents, and from daughter Annie’s memoirs, I have come to the conclusion that William came to US in 1884 and Selina and children came over around 1887.
In 1871, William was working as a farm servant on the farm of John Forster.
In 1881, William age 26 and Selina age 25 lived on Sharp St. in Prestwich , Cheshire.  Daughter, Ann, is the only child baptized (1881) in Prestwich, Lancshire.
In 1900 William and second wife, Mary, and some of William’s children, lived in Naugatuck.
William lived on Maple St., Naugatuck at the time of Sarah’s wedding in 1906.

He married (1) Selina Shallcross, married 29 Nov 1875 in All Saints,Runcorn, Cheshire, Eng,, b. c. 1856 in Halton, Cheshire, Eng,,2 (daughter of Joseph Shallcross and Harriet Atherton), d. 14 Sep 1885 in Portland, Middlesex, CT, baptized 31 Aug 1856 in Ellesmere United Methodist Free Chapel, Runcorn, England.  Selina: In 1861, There was a Shallcross family living next to William’s family. I haven’t found a connection to Selina’s family though.
In 1871, Selina lived in Runcorn with her parents and siblings.
Selina died 3 days after the birth of her last child, the baby died also. The baby and mother were buried in the same casket. (A.R.H.memoirs) Selina’s cause of death was listed as “Puerperal Fever”.

2.    i.    Sarah Elizabeth2 Ratcliffe b. c. 1877.
ii.    William James Ratcliffe II, b. 15 Sep 1879 in Prestwich, Cheshire, Eng,2,, d. 12 Jan 1954 in New London, New London, CT, resided in Waterford, New London, CT,12,13 occupation Foreman – Brass Tube Co.: Dairy Farm Laborer.,13  William never married.
William’s WWI Draft Registration lists birth year as 1882, but WWII lists correct year of 1879.
In 1900, William, age 19, was living with his father and step mother in Naugatuck, CT.
In 1920, William was living with his sister Annie and her husband and children in New London.
In 1930, William was boarding with a Cheesbro family in Waterford. He was working at a dairy farm.
On his draft registration, William is listed as being 5′ 6″ 3/4 tall and 132 lbs. He had blue eyes, brown hair and a light complexion.
3.    iii.    Ann “Annie”  Louise Ratcliffe b. c. 1881.
iv.    Selina “Lena” Margaret Ratcliffe, b. Jun 1882 in England,3,,, occupation Sewing Machine Operator,17 d. post 1930.13  Selina is listed as having been born in England, however, I couldn’t find her baptism in Prestwich or Halton or Portland, CT.
In 1889, Selina, age 6, was listed as living with her uncle, Thomas Ratcliffe, in Middletown in the Church records.
In 1898, Lena was baptized at a Catholic Church in Naugatuck.
In 1900, Lena was age 17 and living with father and step mother in Naugatuck, CT.
In 1910 and 1920, “Lena” Ratcliffe was living with her sister, Sarah, and her family.

She married Arthur Suprenant, married c. 1924,17 b. 31 Oct 1891 in Connecticut,17, d. Jun 1963 in Connecticut,19 resided Kelsey St. in New Britain, CT,17 occupation Hardware Shop: Bench worker.17  Arthur: In 1900, Arthur, age 8, lived with his parents in New Britain, CT.

4.    v.    Thomas Andrew Ratcliffe b. 24 Aug 1883.
vi.    Margaret Ratcliffe, b. 2 Sep 1885 in Portland, Middlesex, CT, d. 6 Sep 1885 in Portland, Middlesex, CT.

He married (2) Mary J. Shevary, married c. 1893,3 b. Apr 1865 in England,3,5 resided in Naugatuck, New Haven, CT.5  Mary: In 1900, Mary’s two children from first marriage, Joseph Shevary b. 25 Feb 1886, and Anna Shevary, b. 1888, were living with family in Naugatuck.
In 1910, Mary was widowed and living in Naugatuck with sons Fred and Joseph.
In 1920, Mary was listed as “Mary Jackson” and lived with daughter Anna and her husband Frank Robillard in Waterbury.
She is listed on son, Joseph’s, draft registration as “Mrs Mary Jackson”, so she may have remarried.

5.    vii.    Frederick Leo (Radcliffe) Ratcliffe b. 22 Jul 1894.

Generation Two

2.    Sarah Elizabeth2 Ratcliffe (William1), b. c. 1877 in Runcorn, Cheshire, England,2,16, resided in Middletown, CT, d. 1949.  Witnesses to the marriage were Benjamin Walker and Lena Ratcliffe.
In 1910, Sarah’s sister, Selena, age 23, lived with the family.

She married Charles Franklin Walker, married 5 Jun 1906 in Holy Trinity Church, Middletown, CT, b. 13 Aug 1879 in Middletown, CT,21,18,20 resided Durham Ave. in Middletown, CT,21 occupation Merchant; Grocer,16 baptized 24 Aug 1879 in Holy Trinity Church, Middletown, CT.18  Charles: Charles is the son of William J. and Caroline Walker of Middletown. Charles’ siblings were: Matilda Jane, William Robert, George Thomas, Henry Hammond, Frederick, Benjamin John and Ernest Clarence. The family lived on Durham Rd. Middletown, CT.
Marriage performed by E. Campion Acheson, Rector at Holy Trinity Church.
In 1910 the family lived in Middletown, CT.  Sarah’s sister, Selena, lived with them.
In 1920 they lived in Berlin, Hartford Co., CT.
In 1930 they were back living in Middletown.
Gladys was not with the family in 1930.

i.    Gladys Selena3 Walker b. 21 Jul 1908 in Connecticut,16,20 d. 23 Dec 1990 in Chester, Middletown, CT.14  Photograph of children was taken in Waterbury, CT.
Gladys was living in Essex, Middlesex, CT at the time of her death.

She married Howard Elmer Hopper, married 5 Jun 1935 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT,18 b. 16 Sep 1908 in Ivoryton, Middlesex, CT,21,14 d. 31 Jul 1980 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT.14  Howard: Son of Ansel Hopper and Nancy Alberta Miner.

ii.    William H. Walker b. 19 Nov 1909 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT,16,20,14 d. 27 Feb 1985 in Shelton, Fairfield, CT,14 occupation Toolmaker, Hardware Factory.  In 1930, William was age 20 and still living with parents in Middletown.
At the time of his death, William was retired from Stanley Works, where he was a machinist.
Address is given as 127 Wesley Hgts 06484.

He married Ivy ?? Walker.

3.    Ann “Annie”  Louise2 Ratcliffe (William1), b. c. 1881 in England,15,,3 baptized 30 Oct 1881 in St. Mary’s, Prestwich, Lancashire, England, d. 14 Aug 1963 in Charleston, SC, resided in New London, New London, CT.15  In 1900, Annie, age 21, was living with her father and step mother in Naugatuck, CT.

Annie’s memoirs have been transcribed by her grandson, William Fleming. According to these memoirs, Annie had a very hard life.  Her mother died shortly after the family came to US in 1887.  Their father was unable to look after the children and so they were sent to an orphanage.  Annie was shuffled from family to family.  She suffered from emotional, physical & sexual abuse  She seems to have risen above this, leading a happy life.

She married Arthur Belden  Herrick, b. 29 Feb 1880 in Philmont, New York,15,,,12 (son of William Herrick and Delia J. Herrick), resided 12 Harris St. in New London, New London, CT,,26 occupation Foreman-Brass Tube Co.; Gas Station.15,23,26  Arthur: At the time of the 1880 US Census, Arthur is 3 mos old, with notation that he was born in Feb.
In 1910, Arthur’s widowed mother, Delia Herrick, age 73, born NY, was living with the family in New London.
In 1920 the family lived on Williams St in New London. In 1930 they lived on Harris St.
On WWII Draft Registration, he lists his daughter, Florence, not his wife as “person who will always know address”.

6.    i.    Elwood LeRoy3 Herrick b. 4 Jan 1902.
7.    ii.    Viola Evelyn Herrick b. 15 Apr 1906.
8.    iii.    Florence May Herrick b. c. 1919.

4.    Thomas Andrew2 Ratcliffe (William1), b. 24 Aug 1883 in Portland, Middlesex, CT,6,3,,26 d. 22 Jul 1976 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT,14 occupation Rubber Worker,28 resided in Naugatuck, New Haven, CT.26  Thomas had blue eyes and brown hair.
Some census listed birth year as 1883, however, WWI draft record lists birth year as 1886 in England.
Some records list birthplace as Prestwich, Eng, but Portland Vital records have birth listed for 1886.
Social Security Death Index lists birth date as 24 Aug 1886.
The 1883 year makes more sense, since mother died in 1885.
In 1900 Thomas lived in Naugatuck with his father and step mother.
In 1910, Thomas and Josephine were newly married and living in Naugatuck.
In 1917, Thomas was charged with “non-support” but it was dropped when it was determined that he had followed the order.
The following item was in Naugatuck Daily News – April 2, 1917:
The bond of $200 furnished by Thomas Ratcliffe in a non-support case was ordered returned ,it being
stated that Ratcliffe had complied with the order of the court.

In 1920, Thomas, age 33, was divorced and rooming in Naugatuck.
WWI Draft registration lists Thomas as having one child.

Based on newspaper articles, it looks as if William was a fairly successful professional billards player. There are many accounts of a “Ratcliffe” of Naugatuck playing in Tournaments.

He married Josephine ?? Ratcliffe, married c. 1910,28 b. c. 1889 in New York.28  Josephine: In 1930, Josephine was remarried to a Clarence Wertz?? (hard to read). They lived in Naugatuck with Josephine’s daughter, Anna.

          9.    i.    Anna (Radcliffe)3 Ratcliffe b. 8 Oct 1913.

5.    Frederick Leo (Radcliffe)2 Ratcliffe (William1), b. 22 Jul 1894 in Naugatuck, New Haven, CT,3,5,,12,26 d. 16 Apr 1961 in Rocky Hill, Hartford, CT,14 resided Williams St. in Waterbury, New Haven, CT,26 occupation Inspector: Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe Co.; Painter.26,29  In 1910, Fred, age 16 was living with his mother and step brother in Naugatuck.
    World War I Draft Registration lists address as 46 William St, Waterbury, CT.  Frederick worked as an Inspector at the Beacon Falls Rubber Factory in Beacon Falls, CT.
    “The Waterbury Republican” reported that “Pvt Frederick L. Ratcliffe” was missing in action on 10 Dec 1918. He was then reported to have “reported for active duty” again on 29 May 1919.
    In 1920, Fred and mother, Mary Jackson, lived with step sister, Anna and her husband in Waterbury.
    From 1922 through the 1930’s, Fred is listed in the Waterbury City Directories.
    In 1930 Frederick and Concetta were living on East Main St  in Waterbury. In Census, surname is spelled “Ratcliffe”, in City Directories it is spelled “Radcliffe”.
    Fred was not listed in “Old Soldier’s Home” in Rocky Hill in 1940 Census. Can’t find him in that Census. His exwife and son lived in Naugatuck.
    In 1941, Fred was age 47, and living in the Veterans Home in Rocky Hill, CT. He seems to have died there 20 yrs later.
    At the time of his death, he is listed as divorced.
    Frederick L. Ratcliffe
    Frederick L. , a native of Naugatuck, died Sunday at Rocky Hill Veterans Hospital,Rosky Hiil. (Born in Naugatuck,July 22, 1894, he served in the Army during World War I in the Defense Sector, St. Mthieland line Argonne Woods in France. He was a member of Co.F, 60th Infantry which was in Uie Diamond Division. He is survived by a son, Frederick C. Ratcliffe, ‘two grandchi’ldren,and a sister, Mrs. Frank Robillard, Waterbury. Military  services were held yesterday at 9 a. m. from ‘the Rose Hill ‘Funeral Home, Rocky Hill, to St. James’ Church .burial was in Colonel (Raymond ‘F. Gates Cemetery, Rocky Hill.
    *Note: It seems as if Fred sometimes used “Radcliffe” spelling. After divorce, Fred’s ex wife and son seemed to start using “Radcliffe” spelling of surname exclusively. All of Frederick A. Radcliffe’s descendents use that spelling.

    He married Concetta Katherine “Katie” Bontempo, b. 9 Mar 1900 in New York, New York,29,,, d. 16 May 2002 in Meriden, New Haven, CT, buried in Naugatuck, New Haven, CT.33  Concetta: Birth record spells surname “Buontempo”.
    In 1910, Concetta was listed as “Katie” age 10, and living with parents Anthony (Antonio) and Rose Bontempo and five siblings in Beacon Falls, CT.
    In 1920 Concetta, age 20, lived with her parents and nine siblings  in Beacon Falls, CT. Concetta worked at the shoe factory.
    In 1930, Concetta and Frederick lived in Waterbuy.
    In 1940, Concetta and son, Frederick, were living with  her mother, Rose, and her siblings in Naugatuck.
    Concetta was working in the Gum Dept at the Candy Factory (Peter Paul).
    Concetta never married and seems to have used the “Radcliffe” spelling of her name.
    In 1952, she was living in Waterbury with her son and was listed as “Katherine”. She was a cook at Peter Paul Inc.
    Record-Journal (Meriden, CT) – Monday, May 20, 2002
    Deceased Name: RADCLIFFE, Concetta Katherine
    RADCLIFFE, Concetta Katherine, 102, of 380 Crown St., Meriden, died on Thursday, May 16, 2002, at the Curtis Home. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, May 21, 2002, at 11 a.m. at the John J. Ferry & Sons Funeral Home, 88 E. Main St., Meriden. Burial will follow in St. James Cemetery, Naugatuck. There will be no calling hours. Should friends desire, contributions in her memory may be made to the Curtis Home, 380 Crown St., Meriden, CT 06450, or to the American Cancer Society, 538 Preston Ave., P.O. Box 1004, Meriden, CT 06450-1004.

          10.    i.    Frederick Anthony (Radcliffe)3 Ratcliffe b. 8 Apr 1927.

Generation Three

6.    Elwood LeRoy3 Herrick (Ann2, William1), b. 4 Jan 1902 in New York,,27,15,23 d. Sep 1965,34 occupation Toolsetter – Brass Tube Co.15  SS#044-14-0943CT.

He married Mrs. Herrick.

i.    Bruce4 Herrick.
ii.    Carolyn Herrick.
iii.    Sheron Herrick.
iv.    Diane Herrick.

7.    Viola Evelyn3 Herrick (Ann2, William1), b. 15 Apr 1906 in New York,34,27,15,23 d. Nov 1972,34 resided in Groton, New London, CT.  SS#049-18-9482CT.

She married Mr. Chapman.

i.    Gary4 Chapman.

8.    Florence May3 Herrick (Ann2, William1), b. c. 1919 in New York.15,23

She married Mr. Fleming.

i.    William4 Fleming.

9.    Anna (Radcliffe)3 Ratcliffe (Thomas2, William1), b. 8 Oct 1913 in Naugatuck, New Haven, CT,,30,14 d. 1 Nov 1986 in Bristol, CT,14 occupation Production at Uniroyal.14  In 1930, Anna, age 16, lived with her mother and step father in Naugatuck.
    In 1940, Anna, Frank and children lived in Naugatuck, CT. Frank’s brother, James, lived with them.
    In 1952 City Directories they still lived at the same house at 8 Diamond St.
    At the time of her father’s death in 1967, Anna lived in Terryville, CT.
    Anna was widowed at time of death. Death record lists father’s surname as “Ratcliffe”.
    She was listed as living on Fall Meadow Rd, Plymouth, CT.
    She worked at Uniroyal.

    Anna married Francis “Frank” M. Dowling, married c. 1931, b. 27 Jan 1906 in Connecticut,30,14 d. 2 Jul 1985 in Bristol, CT,14 occupation Production at Uniroyal.14  Francis: In 1910, Frank lived with mother and two siblings in Naugatuck.
    In 1930, Frank was single. He and his mother were living with his sister and her husband in Naugatuck.

          11.    i.    Frances A.4 Dowling b. c. 1932.
               ii.    Thomas F. Dowling b. 22 Oct 1934 in Naugatuck, New Haven, CT,30,,19 d. 26 Feb 2004 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.19  In the 1990s Thomas lived in Terryville, CT.

10.    Frederick Anthony (Radcliffe)3 Ratcliffe (Frederick2, William1), b. 8 Apr 1927 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT,29,30,14 d. 18 Aug 2001 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,14 occupation Radcliffe Engineering Co.,14 resided 18 Cottage Place in Old Saybrook, Middlesex, CT.14  Frederick’s middle name is in honor of his grandfather, Anthony Bontempo.
    In 1940, Frederick, age 13, and his mother lived with her mother, Rose Bontempo, and her siblings in Naugatuck. (Frederick and Concetta’s surname spelled Radcliffe) at 20 Hotchkiss St, Naugatuck. They are listed as having lived atleast since 1935.
    In 1945 there is an announcement in the newspaper saying “Fred Radcliffe, former Naugatuck High School Basketball star”.. was confined to bed for bronchial pneumonia at the Navy base in Sampson, NY. It says he had been due a leave that week, but that it had to be postponed due to his illness.
    In 1952 City Directories, Frederick was in US Army and mother lived at 20 Hotchkiss in Naugatuck,. By October, at the birth of his daughter, Frederick and Jeanne were married and living in Springfield, MA. Frederick’s mother and grandmother still lived at 20 Hotchkiss St.
    In 1955, Frederick and first wife, Jeanne, lived at 20 Hotchkiss, Naugatuck. Frederick’s mother also lived there.That house no longer stands.    
    Frederick’s name was spelled “Radcliffe” in CT Death Index. In same record his Company was listed as Radcliffe Eng. Co.
    Hartford Courant, The (CT) – Monday, August 20, 2001
    RADCLIFFE, Frederick Anthony
    Frederick Anthony Radcliffe, 74, of Old Saybrook, husband of Judith M. Radcliffe, died Saturday, (August 18, 2001), following a long illness. Frederick was born April 8, 1927, in Naugatuck, son of Frederick Leo and Concetta Radcliffe. Mr. Radcliffe is a veteran of World War II serving in the Navy, who narrowly missed serving on the Indianapolis due to illness. Upon his return from duty, he prepared at Cheshire Academy to enter the class of ’51 at MIT, where he obtained a degree in Civil Engineering. He was richly rewarded by his engineering career, being cited in Who’s Who in Engineering and Who’s Who in the East in Engineering. He was the founder of Radcliffe Engineering Company and served as town engineer for many local communities. He was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He served two terms as Second Selectman in the ’60s in the town of Essex. He served as an educational coordinator for 25 years at MIT, and was a constant contributor and member of the Great Dome Associates of MIT. He recently served on a committee to help raise funds for his 50th MIT Reunion, which he attended in June of this year. His passion was golf, and he was honored with a plaque in his name at Black Hall Country Club, and was a member of the Board of Governors of Clinton Country Club for 35 years. He was awarded an Honorary Membership of Clinton Country Club for his service and devotion to the development of the club and the game of golf. Besides his wife, Judith, he is survived by his mother, Concetta Radcliffe; his three children, Fred Jr., Kathy, and Mia; two stepchildren, Allyn and Julie; two grandchildren, Matt and David; as well as two step grandchildren, Emma and AJ. He will be remembered with great love and affection by his family, community, clients and colleagues. We all loved you Fred, and we know an angel from God came down and transported you in her arms to Heaven. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held Wednesday, August 22, at 10 a.m. at St. Johns Church, Old Saybrook. Family and friends may call at the Swan Funeral Home, 1224 Boston Post Rd., Old Saybrook, Tuesday, from 6-8 p.m. Burial will be private. A scholarship fund will be set up in Mr. Radcliffe’s name at a later. For more information, contact the Radcliffe family.

    He married (1) Jeanne Warner, married 1952, b. 1928, d. 12 Jun 2012 in Holden, Massachusetts,33 resided in Essex, Middlesex, CT.36  Jeanne: Jeanne W. Radcliffe, 84, formerly of Essex, died June 12 in Holden, Massachusetts. Jeanne was born on Jan. 13, 1928 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, daughter of late George and Mae (Nutting) Warner.  A graduate of Naugatuck High School and Post Junior College, Jeanne had worked as an executive secretary in Boston, Massachusetts, prior to her pivotal role in the start-up of Radcliffe Engineering of Centerbrook. Her most treasured accomplishment was that of being a homemaker.
    Jeanne is survived by her daughter Kathryn of Sherman Oaks, California; her son and daughter-in-law, Frederick and Gail Radcliffe of West Boylston, Massachusetts; her grandsons, Matthew Radcliffe of Watertown, Massachusetts, and David Radcliffe and his wife Heather of Worcester, Massachusetts; her brother, Jon Warner of Cordova, Tennessee; and her sisters, Sarah Kurtz and Susie Fuller, both of DuBoistown, Pennsylvania. She was predeceased by her brother, Burnish Warner.

          12.    i.    Frederick Anthony (Radcliffe)4 Ratcliffe Jr.
               ii.    Kathryn “Kathy” Jeanne (Radcliffe) Ratcliffe ,                 resided in Sherman Oaks, CA.

    He married (2) Judith M. Foss, married 28 Nov 1981 in Essex, Middlesex, CT.

               iii.    Mia Ashley (Radcliffe) Ratcliffe  resided in Venice, FL.  In 1982, Mia lived on Stevenson Rd in Westbrook.

                She married Brian Patrick Clair,  resided Pinewood Lake Dr in Venice, FL, US.

Generation Four

11.    Frances A.4 Dowling (Anna3, Thomas2, William1), b. c. 1932 in Naugatuck, New Haven, CT.30  Frances was still living as of February 2012.

    She married John J. Adamaitis, married 5 Dec 1963 in Bristol, Hartford, CT, b. 23 Jun 1929,19,33,14,30 d. 30 Aug 1997,33,14 buried St. Joseph Cem in Bristol, Hartford, CT.  John: In 1940, John lived with his parents, Frank and Anna,  in Naugatuck.
    In 1958, John and Frances lived on Liberty St in Waterbury, CT.
    John lived in Bristol at the time of their 1968 marriage.
    It seems as if John and Frances’ marriage was 8 yrs after the birth of their first son. I don’t know if they married early, divorced and remarried?
    John was a Sgt in US Army during Korean Conflict.
    According to newspaper article, John enlisted in 1948 at age 18. He reported to Fort Dix, New Jersey in Oct ’47 for basic training.

               i.    John J.5 Adamaitis Jr b. 25 Sep 1952 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT,14 d. 1 Nov 1990 in Bristol, Hartford, CT,14 occupation P & W Factory Work.  
                He married (1) Susan Martin, married 6 Jul 1974 in Bristol, Hartford, CT, b.
                He married (2) Cynthia A. Dziob, married 25 Jul 1981 in Bristol, Hartford, CT,38

          13.    ii.    Mark D. Adamaitis
               iii.    Michael Adamaitis
                resided in Florida.

                He married Lori V. Johnson, married 23 Apr 1977 in Bristol, Hartford, CT,38

               iv.    Cynthia “Cindy” A.  Adamaitis
                resided in Bristol, Hartford, CT.

                She married Ronald Madore, married 29 Oct 1989 in Southington, Hartford, CT.38

               v.    Paul Douglas Adamaitis
                resides in Florida.

                He married (1) Deborah M. Dube, married 28 Oct 1978 in Bristol, Hartford, CT,
                He married (2) Cynthia J. Gerken, married 28 Mar 1998 in Farmington, Hartford, CT,38

               vi.    Frank T. Adamaitis resided in Plainville, Hartford, CT.  and may have married Tina Oulette.

12.    Frederick Anthony (Radcliffe)4 Ratcliffe Jr (Frederick3, Frederick2, William1), resided in West Boylston, MA.  Frederick (Class of ’77), his wife Gail (Class of ’78) and son David (Class of ’08) attended Holy Cross College.

    He married Gail ?? (Radcliffe) Ratcliffe.

               i.    Matthew (Radcliffe)5 Ratcliffe.
               ii.    David (Radcliffe) Ratcliffe
                resided in Worcester, MA.

                He married Heather ??

Generation Five

13.    Mark D.5 Adamaitis (Frances4, Anna3, Thomas2, William1), b. 29 Sep 1953 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT,33 d. 6 Feb 2012 in Branford, CT.33
    Mark D. Adamaitis, 58, of Bristol passed away, Monday, Feb. 6, 2012, at Connecticut Hospice in Branford. He was born Sept. 29, 1953, in Waterbury, the son of Frances A. (Dowling) Adamaitis and the late John J. Adamaitis Sr.
    Mark graduated from Bristol Eastern High School. He worked for the city of Bristol Department of Public Works for several years. He was a member of St. Matthew Church and a former member of the Knights of Columbus.
    Besides his mother, he is survived by sons, Thomas and Timothy Adamaitis; three brothers, Frank of Plainville and Michael and Paul from Florida; a sister, Cindy Adamaitis of Bristol; plus several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his brother, John J. Adamaitis Jr.    

    He married Annette A. Ratta, married 23 May 1981 in Bristol, Hartford, CT,38

               i.    Thomas6 Adamaitis.
               ii.    Timothy Adamaitis.


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