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Stanford Discoveries

 Updated 18 April 2008

I’ve spent the last few months pouring over New Haven vital records and Irish parish registers looking for clues to connect the various Stanford families in New Haven in the 1800’s.  As luck would have it.. while doing this research I recieved emails from both Sherry Doherty Faughnan and Cindy Downes .. both sent copies of various obituaries, marriage announcements, death notices and other interesting news clippings. These items along with the info in the records I was looking at, have helped me to make some major connections between the families.

Because there was info on Margaret and some of these males which said that they were from Leitrim, we now know that this family was not from Laoughis as formally thought.

I have found three female siblings for Edward J. Stanford. I had known that a “sister married a Bullock or a Bulkely who was the son of a protestant minister” but that was all I had to go on and never found these individuals.  Now I have found the sister, Jane, who married John Bullock! Her children married Harneys and Petersons.  Thanks to Cindy, we finally have proof that Margaret Stanford Doherty, wife of Michael Doherty and mother of Dr. J. J. S. Doherty, was in fact another sister in this family.  Finally, after seeing a “James Quinliven” mentioned as a “nephew” to Margaret, I found the marriage of Ellen Stanford to James Quinliven Sr. and have found the family in the New Haven Census.

Using hints from the various clippings as well as comparing Census and City Directory info, I have also sorted out for sure which males go with which Stanford family. It was confusing with so many Thomases, Patricks, Peters and James.  

I was able to finally connect the Stanford family who lived upstairs from my Stanfords on Richards Place in West Haven.   John J. Stanford and wife, Bridget lived in same house in West Haven. I knew that John’s brother was George Stanford who married Mary Woods and ran various hotels and saloons in New Haven and at Savin Rock. I found John and George’s baptisms in Mohill, along with siblings. Parents were James Stanford and Bridget McDonough. In a New Haven newspaper clipping I found reference to daughter Mary’s wedding announcement, lists her as niece of Margaret Mason Stanford Doherty, proving James’ connection to the family. Mary’s reception was held at brother George’s hotel. Further connecting all members of the family.

I will be uploading all of this info soon, but warn that the info now there, will be changed.. so if you add this to your data, you will have to change it later.

If you have any info to add.. feel free to email me or leave a comment!