Added Page for Smith / McGowan Family

My Great Great Grandfather, Charles Smith, was a real puzzle for awhile. There were family rumors floating around that his name had originally been McGowan and that he had changed it to Smith to join the Union Army when he was underage. I had assumed for awhile that he had just anglicized “McGowan” and therefore …

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Descenedents of Rev. Caleb Pitkin – Updated Info

I was recently contacted by Elizabeth St. John asking about how her family connects to the Pitkin family. Her grandmother was Marion Pitkin.. and it turns out that I was able to easily find out how Marion connected. Her marriage certificate stated that she was the daughter of Stephen Henderson Pitkin and Ada Maltby. I …

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Bannon Family Info Added

I added a page for information on the descendents of James and Margaret Bannon of Ireland and New Haven, CT. You can find the page here:Bannons of Ireland and New Haven

All Information online!

I’ve finished transferring all old content to the new format. The index on the left is changed so that it will take you to the new pages. In the next few weeks I will be updating all of the existing information.. especially the Rundle and Stanford information.