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Rundle Connection: Mare / Mares Family of Berry Down and Manitoba

Berry Down
Photo credit: Oliver’s Cornwall Walking Pages


I’m in the process of going over all of my Rundle family info and filling in blank spaces. Many times these “blank spots” are for females, since unless you know for sure who they married, they are more difficult to pin down. In this case, I did have Rebecca Rundle’s husband’s name, but I had never pursued researching their children. Once I started doing this new research, I found this family to be very interesting! I’m sharing these new finds in hopes that I can connect with some of our Canadian “cousins”. Continue reading Rundle Connection: Mare / Mares Family of Berry Down and Manitoba

The Hole Story Now Available for Download

Hole Story
Click Cover to Go to Download Site
Awhile ago I had been lucky enough to be given a copy of a book by Richard Crow of Cornwall. It was a wonderful history of the farm in St. Neot that my Rundle ancestors lived on for over a century. I had put an interpretation of the portions of the book dealing with my Rundle family on this site with credit going to Mr. Crow. I was recently contacted by Mr. Crow who was happy to know that part of his work was being shared. He expressed an interest in making the book more widely available and I agreed to help him do that.

I scanned a copy of the book and converted it to a pdf file which I have uploaded to a file sharing site. I’ve edited the page on this site which originally only had my shortened version of his work.. and have now added a permanent link to the download page for the pdf.

Mr. Crow and myself hope that more people will now get to read this extensive history of Hole Farm and it’s inhabitants over the years.

To download the book and read more about it, please visit our page here:The Hole Story – The History of a Cornish Farm by Richard Crow (Download)