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Emotional Involvement in Genealogy Research

Peter Stanford Headstone
Toppled Headstone for family of Peter and Mary Stanford

When I first started doing genealogy research, it was all names, dates and facts. It was just putting together puzzle pieces, with each individual being a part of the puzzle. As my research continued, I felt as if I got to “know” the families. As I collected more photos, I could actually start putting faces with the names. That is when the research took an emotional turn. Continue reading Emotional Involvement in Genealogy Research

Adding “Color” to Your Reports – More on Old Newspaper Articles

As I’ve mentioned before, I love browsing through old newspaper clippings to both get hidden genealogical information as well as to add some “color” to my research reports. We all know that genealogical research can be pretty dry and boring to read. I try to add anecdotal information about the people and places that they lived in to give some life to my reports.

There are a couple of places that I use often for newspaper research. For old articles in the US I use GenealogyBank.com. They have some reasonable annual memberships that have proven to be worthwhile to my reasearch. For old newspapers in the UK, I’ve been using the new database at FindMyPast.co.uk. On FindMyPast.co.uk I don’t have a subscription. Instead I purchase “Pay as You Go” credits. It is 5 credits each to view an article. Continue reading Adding “Color” to Your Reports – More on Old Newspaper Articles

A Lesson in Alternate Searching: When Ancestors Drop Off the Face of the Earth!

I’m in the process of putting together another “book” for one of my lines. When I do that, I go through and try to tie up any loose ends such as people in my database that seemed to “drop off the face of the earth”. This time the individual was one Charles Kieft b. 1829 in Braunton, Devon. I had found Charles in 1841 and 1851 UK census records. He was single and working on farms in Devon. Up until now I had found no further records for Charles.

I know that just because I’ve done one search for an individual that came up blank, doesn’t meant that another attempt won’t result in a new “find”. Sometimes it’s just a matter of new records being added to databases. Sometimes it seems as if some websites search engine will turn up different results at different times. I’ve had many situations where I did a search for an individual on Ancestry.com and nothing turns up, then the next time, entering the same information..there they are! It has also worked in the opposite way. I’ve found someone in a record, then go back to look at it again and can’t get it to show up in a search result for anything! Continue reading A Lesson in Alternate Searching: When Ancestors Drop Off the Face of the Earth!