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The Complicated Burnham Clan

The signature of Thomas Burnham from a deed of land to his son John dated 1688. Found in the "Genealogical Records of Thomas Burnham, the Emigrant ..." by Rodrick H. Burnham, 1884

I had not worked on the Burnham Family of Connecticut line in quite a few years. Recently I was contacted by a Burnham descendant with some questions..and that led me to delve in again to this complicated family. In doing so, I found some errors in my previous research.. as well as some new additions.

When originally working on this family I relied on both “History of East Hartford Families”, “The History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut”, “Families of Ancient Wethersfield, Connecticut” and Roderick Burnham’s “Genealogical Records of Thomas Burnham the Emigrant”. I knew right off that all of these works had some minor errors, such as saying that in the family of my husband’s ancestor, Esther Burnham, daughter of Richard and Sarah, “all but Esther of Richard’s children died young”, when in fact at least 5 of the 10 children in this family went on to marry and have children themselves. So, I did check as much of the info garnered from those publications as I could. With new info available, I’ve been able to fix a few newly found errors.

In beginning this new search, I stumbled on a few posts referring to the following article:
January 2012 NEHGS Register Vol. 166, page 5. The article is written by Cathy Stoughton
Titled “Thomas Burnham of Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, and Hartford, Connecticut”.

Ms Stoughton has supposedly found Thomas, his brother, sisters, parents, and two receding generations. I am very interesting in reading this article, however I am not a member of NEHGS. If anyone can share a transcription of this article, I’d be very pleased! Email me at mpitkin (at) live.com.

I’m in the process of updating my database and when I’ve got most of the new data entered, I’ll update the info that is posted on this site!

Descenedents of Rev. Caleb Pitkin – Updated Info

I was recently contacted by Elizabeth St. John asking about how her family connects to the Pitkin family. Her grandmother was Marion Pitkin.. and it turns out that I was able to easily find out how Marion connected. Her marriage certificate stated that she was the daughter of Stephen Henderson Pitkin and Ada Maltby.

I had Stephen and Ada in my data because they were included in A.P. Pitkin’s “Pitkins in America”. I did not have their children. When I started doing this research for Elizabeth, I decided to go over all of my info for the branch of the Pitkins from Rev. Caleb Pitkin b. 1812 forward.

If you are from this line, feel free to contact me at mary(at)live.com for the new report. I have it saved as a PDF and can easily email it to you!