Rundle in Baltimore Update: An Interesting Branch

About 30 years prior to my branch of the Rundle family coming to the US and settling in Michigan, New Jersey, then Connecticut, there was another branch that immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland. Jonathan “of Pengelly” Rundle was a sibling to my 4xGreat Grandfather Hugh Brice Rundle. Jonathan stayed in St. Neot, however, four of his children and eventually his wife did leave for the United States, settling at first in Baltimore.

I hadn’t really finished this line until now. I’ve updated the site with a page just for this branch. You can find it here: Rundles of St. Neot & Baltimore.

While researching this family I ran across a few interesting stories. The first involved the fact that some of the cousins in this line fought on the Confederate side in the Civil War and others fought for the Union Army. In one family, brothers fought for opposite sides.

John William Rundle
John William Rundle
Four of the sons of Jonathan Rundle and Elizabeth Butcher fought for the Confederate cause. Jonathan and John both were in the 36th Virginia Infantry. The family lived in Wheeling, which would later become “West Virginia” but at the time was part of Virginia. Two other sons, George and William Marvin, also fought for the Confederate Army.

John William Rundle rose to the level of Captain and local lore says that as a publisher of the local paper prior to his service, as he “was about to return to his old home in the Kanawha Valley. He published a notice to the public reading: ‘ If you (the Union men) will treat us right and not insult us, we will keep quiet; but if you don’t, these hills will be filled with sharpshooters’.”

Jonathan RundleHis brother, Jonathan Theodore Rundle, has another interesting story linked to his service. After being injured in fighting, he was “taken by the Federals he was made prisoner and placed in the Federal hospital at Nashville. From that place he was stolen away one night by three noble Southern women who loved and cared for the soldiers. Mrs. Robert Gardner, Mrs. Fort, and Mrs. M. Taylor, a dead comrades body being placed on his cot. For two years he was unable to go about, but when he did get out it came his way to render a valuable service to Governor Johnson, who never forgot it, and he gave to Mr. Rundle special protection and privileges.” After the war, Jonathan ended up marrying the adopted daughter of Mrs. Taylor.

Towards the end of the war, the family was told that William Marvin Rundle was killed in action. Then when George Rundle was on his way home after the war ended, he ran into his supposedly dead brother also walking home!

Another brother, Charles Wesley Rundle, had been living in Illinois when the war broke out and he enlisted as a Private in Company A, Illinois 116th Infantry Regiment on 06 Sep 1862. He was mustered out on 07 Jun 1865 at Washington, DC.

Charles W. Rundle
Charles W. Rundle
Charles was a Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. He was awarded the CMOH for his bravery in a “forlorn hope” Union Army assault on Vicksburg, Mississippi on May 22, 1863. His citation reads “Gallantry in the charge of the “volunteer storming party.”

I can guess that since Charles never returned to live near his brothers, there wasn’t too much conflict over his fighting for the Union, or perhaps that is why he never returned!

Also serving in the Union Army was the son of Jonathan Sr’s brother, Joseph Rundle and Elizabeth Bookholz, Joseph Rundle Jr.

Marvin Rundle SuicideAnother interesting story involved George and William Marvin Rundle again. “Marvin” as he was called, was a “wandering cowboy” who never married and traveled around the west. He did keep in touch with his brother George who was a traveling salesman and lived in Kansas City, Missouri. Marvin was especially close with George’s daughter, Effie. In December 1900, George’s wife and daughter were told that George had committed suicide while traveling in Oklahoma. They had not heard from him in over 10 weeks and so they feared that it was him. When the body arrived, the women looked at it and realized it was Marvin not George! It seemed that Marvin had an unsealed letter addressed to Effie and one of George’s business cards on his person, leading the authorities to believe that he was George. Interestingly, when their prosperous brother, John, a Printer in Nashville, TN, was asked to help pay burial expenses, he refused. Marvin’s body ended up being donated to the Anatomical Society for research.

Rundle Connection: Mare / Mares Family of Berry Down and Manitoba

Berry  Down
Photo credit: Oliver’s Cornwall Walking Pages


I’m in the process of going over all of my Rundle family info and filling in blank spaces. Many times these “blank spots” are for females, since unless you know for sure who they married, they are more difficult to pin down. In this case, I did have Rebecca Rundle’s husband’s name, but I had never pursued researching their children. Once I started doing this new research, I found this family to be very interesting! I’m sharing these new finds in hopes that I can connect with some of our Canadian “cousins”.

Rebecca married Thomas Mares of St. Neot and the family settled at Berry Down in St. Neot. In the Bronze Age Bodmin Moor was densely populated and the moor had many prehistoric settlements and associated field systems. High up on Berry Down our Iron Age forebears constructed and enclosed a hill-top settlement. Inside the enclosure are the remains of nine hut circles with another just outside the ramparts to the north. There are the remains of a further four circles on the western slope. The main hill fort has an annex and the entrance to the site is clearly visible.

The Mares/Mare family were farmers. The sons helped their father for many years. After his marriage, son, John, worked an enjoining farm in Berry Down. After the death of Thomas Mare Jr in 1888, John took over running the Berry Down Farm on his own.

John’s first wife was Grace Crapp of St. Neot. The couple never had any children, and Grace died in 1880 at the age of 67. In the 1881 Census, John was widowed and living at Berry Down. Three children of Grace’s brother, William, Eliza and Catherine Crapp, lived with John. William Crapp had lived with John and Grace in 1871 as well. In 1883 John married Eliza Crapp. She was 46 years younger than her husband. The couple went on to have four children.

Souris Manitoba 1910

John died at Berry Down in 1902. Eliza and the children remained in Berry Down for about 10 more years. John and Eliza’s oldest child, Rebecca Mare, had married William Hooper and had died giving birth to their son, William John Hooper. “John” as he was sometimes called, lived with his grandmother, Eliza Crapp Mare, in Berry Down. Between the years of 1911 and 1914, the remaining members of the Mare family immigrated to Manitoba, Canada. It seems as if William Mare may have gone to Canada first in 1911. He may have scouted out things and then went back to England to bring the rest of the family over. In 1914, Eliza, William, Rosina and John Hooper all traveled together to Canada, arriving in Quebec. Rosina married shortly after arriving in Canada. By 1916, the entire family was settled in Souris and Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

Rosina and her husband, James Jago, went on to raise a large family in Manitoba. I haven’t been able to find records for marriages or descendants for John or William Mare. I do believe that William married a Hilda Bunt and had at least 4 children. If anyone has any info on these two individuals, I’d love to add the info to my database.

Generation One

1. Rebecca1 Rundle, b. 1786 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG, , , , (daughter of John Rundle [1765 – 1848] and Catherine Lancom [1763 – 1833]), baptized 12 Nov 1786 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG, ,1 d. Jan 1876 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG, resided in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG.1

Rebecca was married to Thomas Mares, on 31 Jan 1804 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG, b. 1781 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,2 baptized 23 Jul 1782 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,5 d. Oct 1853 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,6 resided Berry Down in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,1 occupation Farmer.1,2

Thomas was the son of John and Christian Mares.
Surname spelled “Mare” in some records.

In 1861 Rebecca was widowed and living with sons in St. Neot.
In 1871, Rebecca and oldest son, Thomas, lived in St. Neot.

i. Thomas2 Mares Jr, b. c. 1816 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,1,2,3,4, d. 20 Mar 1888 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG, , buried in St. Neot Cemetery, St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,9 resided Berry Down in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG.3,4 Surname spelled “Mare” in some records.
In 1841 and 1851, Thomas was single and living with parents.

In 1861, he was listed as “head” of family. His widowed mother, brother, and sister in law lived with him in St. Neot.
In 1881 Thomas lived on his own.

Thomas left his estate to his brother, John.
2. ii. John (Mare) Mares b. 1816.

Generation Two

2. John (Mare)2 Mares (Rebecca1), b. 1816 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,1,3,4,8, , , baptized 31 Jan 1816 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,13 d. 1902 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,6 resided Berry Down in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,12 occupation Farmer.12

Surname sometimes spelled “Mare”. It seems like earlier records use the “Mares” spelling and the majority of later records for John and his children drop the “s”.
John’s wife lived with his parents in 1851. John was not with the family.
In 1861, John and Grace lived with his brother, Thomas and widowed mother at Berry Down.
In 1871, John and Grace were living in their own house at Berry Down. Nephew, William Crapp, age 12, living with them.
In 1881, John was widowed and living at Berry Down. He had nieces and nephew, Eliza Crapp, Catherine Crapp and William Crapp, living with him.
In 1883, John married his niece, Eliza Crapp, who was about 46 years younger than he was. They lived at Berry Down.

He was married to (1) Grace Crapp, on 27 Nov 1845 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England, , b. 1813 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,1,2,3,4 baptized 7 Mar 1813 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,5 d. 25 Jul 1880 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England.6 Grace: She was the daughter of Matthew and Mary (Keast) Crapp of St. Neot.
In 1841, Grace, age 25, lived in St. Neot with widowed father, Matthew, age 79, and brothers Jonathan, 20, and Thomas, 15.
In 1851, Grace lived with in laws. John was not with the family.

Newspaper announcement of Grace’s death in 1880 lists her name as “Elizabeth”.

He was married to (2) Eliza Crapp, in 1883 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,14 b. 1860 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,3,8,11,12, baptized 26 Aug 1860 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,5 d. 1943 in Manitoba, Canada, ,9 buried in Sinclair, Manitoba, Canada.9 Eliza: Eliza was 44 years younger than John. She was niece of John’s first wife, Grace Crapp.
She was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Crapp of St. Neot.
In 1861 and 1871, Eliza lived with her parents in St. Neot. In 1871, Eliza’s brother, William, age 12, lived with John Mares.
In 1881, Eliza was living with John and listed as “niece”. Three of Eliza’s siblings, William Crapp, age 22, and Catherine Crapp, age 9, were living there and listed as niece and nephew as well.
In 1911, Eliza’s mother, Elizabeth Crapp, age 76, and Eliza’s son, John, lived with Eliza’s brother, Robert, in St. Neot.
In 1914 Eliza, age 53, son William age 23, daughter Rosina, age 20, and a John Mare age 6, traveled to Quebec, Canada.
In 1916, Eliza, age 60, was living with son William in Souris, Manitoba, Canada.

Brandon Manitoba

3. i. Rebecca3 Mare b. c. 1883.

ii. John Thomas Mare b. 1888 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,11,12,17, , ,9 d. 1965 in Manitoba, Canada,9 buried in Sinclair, Manitoba, Canada.9 In 1911, John lived with his mother’s brother, Robert Crapp, in St. Neot.
He eventually joined his mother and siblings in Manitoba, Canada
In 1916 John was living in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. His married sister, Rosina Jago, and two of her children were listed with John.

Brandon, Manitoba 1908
Souris Manitoba 1908

iii. William George Mare b. 1890 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,11,12,16,5 baptized 1 Jan 1891 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,5 d. 1971 in Manitoba, Canada,9 buried in Sinclair, Manitoba, Canada,9 resided in Souris, Manitoba, Canada,16 occupation Farmer.16
William was born 3rd quarter 1890.
In 1914, William, sister, Rosina and mother, Eliza, traveled to Quebec, Canada
In 1916, William was listed as head of household in Souris, Manitoba, Canada. He is listed as originally coming to Canada in 1911. He may have come over, and then gone back to get the rest of the family.
Albert George Hooper, age 26, listed as “partner” is living with the family in 1816. Also William John Hooper, age 8, listed as “nephew”. Albert was actually William John’s uncle, the brother of his father, William Hooper.

William married Hilda Bunt (1896-21 mar 1966).
Based on partial obituary records, I believe that William and Hilda had children: Edna, Bill, John and Alice Marie.

4. iv. Rosina Grace Mare b. 26 Jun 1894.

Generation Three

3. Rebecca3 Mare (John2, Rebecca1), b. c. 1883 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,11,12 d. 1908 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England.6

She was married to William John Hooper, b. c. 1887 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England. William: In 1901 and then 1911, William was living with his parents. In 1911 he is listed as single, but was in fact, widowed.

i. William John4 Hooper Jr. b. c. 1908 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England.17
In 1911, William was living in St. Neot with his grandmother, Eliza Mare.
In 1914, he was listed as “John Mare”, instead of John Hooper, as he traveled to Canada with his grandmother, aunt and uncle.
In 1916, he was living in Manitoba with his grandmother, Eliza Rundle, Uncle William Mare and uncle, Albert George Hooper. Albert was the brother of John’s father.

Sinclair Manitoba 1910

4. Rosina Grace3 Mare (John2, Rebecca1), b. 26 Jun 1894 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,12, ,18, ,5,9 baptized 1 Jan 1895 in St. Neot, Cornwall, England,5 d. 27 Jun 1970 in Virden, Manitoba, Canada.9 Rosina was born 3rd quarter in 1894
In 1911, Rosina, age 16, was working as domestic servant in home of Thomas George in Bodmin, Cornwall.
In 1914, Rosina traveled to Quebec, Canada with mother, and siblings.
Rosina married James Jago shortly after arriving in Canada.
In 1916, Rosina and two of her children were listed with her brother, John, in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.
In 1921 she was living with her husband and children in Souris, Manitoba, Canada.

Rosina was married to James Jago, on 6 Jun 1914 in Sinclair, Manitoba, Canada,9 b. 7 Nov 1894 in Cornwall, England,9,21 d. 17 Jun 1996 in Restin, Manitoba, Canada,9 occupation Farmer.21
James was probably the James, age 6, living in Cardinham in 1901. Parents were Earnest and Kate.
He had a brother Sidney as well, which matches son’s name.
In 1911 he was working as servant in Warleggon. Birthplace listed as “St. Cleer”.
James arrived in Canada in 1914.

i. Earnest John4 Jago b. 1914 in Manitoba, Canada,18,21 d. 1990.
ii. Lillian Ethel Jago b. 1916 in Manitoba, Canada,18 d. 2005 in Manitoba, Canada.
iii. William Henry Jago b. 11 Oct 1918 in Manitoba, Canada,21, d. 9 Jul 2009 in Virden, Manitoba, Canada.21,22

He was married to Ruth Francis, d. 21 Nov 2014.

iv. Edith Jago b. 1920 in Manitoba, Canada,21 d. 2003 in Manitoba, Canada.21
v. James Jago Jr b. 1921,9 d. 1999.9
vi. Lawrence Albert Jago b. 1924 in Manitoba, Canada,9 d. 2007 in Manitoba, Canada.9
vii. Kenneth Jago b. 1925,9 d. 2008.9
viii. Cecil Jago b. 1927 in Manitoba, Canada,21 d. 5 Jan 2015 in Manitoba, Canada.
ix. George Wilbert Jago.
x. Sidney Jago.


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