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The “Washington-Erin Guards” in New Haven

Recently I discovered info about a militia , The Washington-Erina Guards, that was founded in New Haven over ten years before the Civil War broke out. As it turns out, one of my ancestors, James Bannon (Banning) was a founding member. Other names listed as founding members, Thomas Preston (married to Margaret Bannon) was James’ …

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Interesting Article on Discovery of Capt Michael Burnham’s Grave in Suriname


I have admittedly not been working on Burnham Genealogy lately, but have recently been reviewing my information. While doing so, I stumbled on this article which I found fascinating! Interestingly, Capt. Michael Burnham’s grandson, Michael Burnham, son of Capt. Ashbel Burnham, died nearby in Cayenne, French Guiana in 1788 at age 22. Graves Of Connecticut …

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