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A DNA Match Helps Solve A Surname Mystery

Fair Haven Connecticut

My 3X Great Grandmother was Eliza Harrison Connolly. She was the grandmother of Richard Harrison Wardell. She was born in Ireland and lived in New Haven, CT.  Her maiden name was a bit of a mystery.  I originally had Elizabeth’s surname as “McTeague”, but I didn’t know where I got that from. Finally when I found son, Frank Harrison’s, birth record, it listed her surname as “McIntyre”.  On her daughter, Sarah’s, death record in 1864 Eliza’s maiden name looks like “Montague” which at that time I assumed could be phonetic spelling of the first maiden name I had listed,  “McTeague”.

I have since made a DNA match with two descendants of Hugh McTeague born in Donegal, Ireland and who went by Hugh Montague in New Haven, CT. Based on their ages, I believe that Eliza and Hugh are siblings.

Montague is the anglicized form of Teague and McTeague. In Gaelic it is MacTaidhge.

Hugh McTeague/Montague listed Donegal, Ireland as his birthplace on 1850 Scottish census. I began to look for records in Donegal and found the only Hugh McTeagues in one area of Donegal.  It doesn’t prove the connection, however, I am assuming that Hugh Montague in New Haven may have had a father or uncle also named Hugh.

It seems as though it may be impossible to ever figure out who exactly Eliza and Hugh’s parents may have been. There are very few parish registers available for the the time that they would have been born and I can’t find a mention of parents on any of their records in New Haven.

The following are random records I found in Donegal records:

There is a baptism record for a Hugh McTeague on 9 Dec 1792 in Clonleigh, Donegal. He was the son of Daniel McTeague and Elenora Dougherty.

Daniel McTeague was listed in 1850 census for Kilmacrenan, Clonleigh. Kilmacrenan is very close to Carrowtrasna Lower.  There was also a Julia McTeague listed.

1857 Griffiths Valuation for Kilmacrenan:

McTaigue, James Loc: Garrowcarry

McTeague, James Loc: Drumabodan

McTeague, Patrick Loc: Tirargus

McTeague, Susan Loc: Tirargus

McTeague, Thomas Loc: Kilmacrenan

McTeague, Thomas Loc: Tirargus

McTeague, Thomas Vl: Kilmacrenan

Other baptisms:

Sarah 27 Sep 1787 in Clonleigh. Daughter of Peter McTeague and Elizabeth Neales

In 1833 Tithe Applotment Book there are a Michael and a Hugh McTeague listed in Carrowtrasna Lower, Gartan Parish, Donegal.

In 1844 Hugh of Canntrasna is listed on relief register for Letterkenny Union workhouse.

In 1847 Michael McTeague, b. 1787 (age 60), of Carrowtrasna, was in Letterkenny Workhouse.

There is a marriage in All Saints, Raphoe between James McTeague and Margaret White on 25 Feb 1847.

Other marriages at All Saints:

Jane McTeague 3 Jun 1850 to Patrick Gibley.

Possible Relations:

There were two other families in New Haven in the mid to late 1800’s that could also be related to Eliza and Hugh. Both heads of households, John and William, went by McTeague in a few records but mostly used the name Montague in New Haven. Both were born in Ireland. William had a son Hugh.

I haven’t had a DNA match with any descendants of either of John or William. I think it will be a long shot to make a match because neither family had too many descendants. John’s daughter, Julia, married Frederick Thomas Reinecke and they lived in New Haven and had at least one son, Frederick, who married and had son, William. So that might be the only possible match.

I’ve uploaded family group sheets for those two families here: (Click on the links to open pdfs)



 Below is a short 3 generation register style report for the McTeague/Montague family

Generation One

  1. Mr1and Mrs McTeague  of Donegal, Ireland 


  1. i. Elizabeth “Eliza” (Montague)2McTeague b. c. 1828.


  1. ii. Hugh (Montague) McTeagueMcTeague, Hugh (Montague)b. c. 1823.


Generation Two

  1. Elizabeth “Eliza” (Montague)2McTeague, b. c. 1828 in Ireland,,,,,, resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT,1 d. c. 1911 in New Haven, New Haven, CT.  

There is an Elizabeth Montague, born c. 1830, from Ireland,  who arrived in New York from Liverpool on 30 Sep 1850.

I can’t find a marriage record in New Haven for Eliza and Frank Harrison.

At the time of daughter, Elizabeth’s birth in 1860, Eliza was listed as being age 32.

The child listed in 1860 and 1870 as “Frank Connolly” is actually “Frank Harrison”. He was Elizabeth’s son by Frank Harrison Sr.   Frank, was born in 1853 in New Haven.

In 1920, Elizabeth’s son, Frank Harrison, born 1853, is living with Elizabeth’s daughter, Catherine, in New Haven. He is listed as being Catherine’s “half – brother”, and Frank’s son, Frank Jr, as being her “half-nephew”.  In 1880 Frank and wife lived on Market Street in New Haven. His father is listed as having been born in England, and his mother in Ireland.  I don’t know if Mary Ann and Frank were Elizabeth’s children by the same man.  In 1860 both children are listed with Connolly surname and 1870 Frank is.

In 1900 and 1910, Eliza and children were living in New Haven next door to daughter Fannie and her husband Daniel Doherty.  James, John and Catherine were living with her. James is listed as Married.

In 1900, Eliza is listed as having given birth to 5 children with 3 living. She is listed as arriving in the US in 1858..but son, Frank, was born in New Haven in 1853.  In 1910 She is listed as having given birth to 10 children with 8 living, which is more accurate than the 1900 information.  Sarah and Michael were definitely deceased by then, so that may mean that Mary Ann was still living.  In 1910, Eliza is listed as arriving in the US in 1870. That is definitely wrong.

In 1900, there are two grandchildren, Frank and Lizzie, who are probably James’ children. They are not with the family in 1910.

She is still listed in City Directories in 1911 as Eliza, widow of Michael at 41 Market Street.

In 1912 , the only ones listed at 41 Market is Frank J. Harrison, who is listed as head of household, his son Frank Jr and  James F. Connolly. They are listed as “boarding” there.  In 1913 Kate is listed as head of household. She was not listed in 1912.

She married (1) Francis “Frank” Harrison Sr.  c. 1851 in New Haven, New Haven, CT, b. c. 1825 in England, d. pre 1855.  Not in New Haven in 1849 through 1851. He’s not listed in 1853, the year son, Frank, was born.

In 1852 there was a Frank Harrison, a machinist, boarding at 20 East Water Street in New Haven. This could be Frank Sr.

No Frank Harrison listed in 1854.

I can’t find a death for Frank in New Haven, CT.


  1. Francis “Frank” J.3 Harrison b. 20 Jun 1853 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut,1,2,4,,6 d. c. 1920, resided in Fair Haven, New Haven, CT, occupation Lather; Grocer.8 . Frank lists his birthplace as New Haven on some records, however, I can’t find it listed in New Haven Vital Records.

In 1852 there was a Frank Harrison, a machinist, boarding at 20 East Water Street in New Haven. This could be Frank Sr.

In 1860 and 1870, Francis lived with his mother and step father in New Haven and is listed with the Connolly surname. In 1860 he was listed as being 7 years old.

In 1874, Frank was a lather, boarding at his mother and step father’s house at 41 Market Street.

In 1875, Frank was a lather with a house on Monroe corner of Lombard. I’m guess this was around the time of his marriage. In 1900 they are listed as having been married for 25 years, so that matches.

In 1876 and 1877 Frank was a grocer with a house at 83 Munroe.

In 1878 to 1884 City Directory, Frank is listed as being a grocer at the corner of Main and Market Street. He lived at the same address.

In 1880, Frank, age 27, and Kate, age 28, lived at 53 Market Street in Fair Haven, New Haven.

In 1884, Frank seems to have been running a saloon in Fair Haven. It is mentioned in articles about his half brother’s friend, William Fitzpatrick, who caused trouble at the saloon. Fitzpatrick seems to have caused trouble for quite a few years at the saloon. In 1886 he cut Frank’s face while in a fight.

In 1885 through 1900 Frank was a lather, living at 59 Market Street.

In 1900, Frank, his wife, Catherine, and son Frank Jr lived at 59 Market Street. This was the same house that his half sister, Frances and her husband, Daniel Doherty lived in. This was next door to their mother, Eliza, and siblings at 41 Market.

In 1907, 1908 and 1909 City Directories, Frank and son are listed as living at 59 Market Street.

In 1910 City Directories Frank and son are listed as living at 41 Market. They were not at that address at the census.

In 1917 and 1920, Frank and son lived with his half sister, Catherine at 41 Market Street.

In 1921, Frank Sr is not listed in the city directories. His son was living at 41 Market Street.

In 1930 Frank Jr. lived at 41 Market Street, New Haven.

He married Katherine “Kate” Lynch, 23 Jun 1874 in St. Francis Church, New Haven, New Haven, CT,4,6 b. June 1854 in New Haven, Connecticut,4,6 d. pre 1910 in New Haven, New Haven, CT.8  Catherine’s parents were born in Ireland.

In 1900 Catherine is listed as only having given birth to one child, however, there is a record for a female child born in 1875.

Eliza married (2) Michael Connolly c. 1855,1 b. c. 1826 in Ireland,1,2,3,6 (son of James ConnollyConnolly, James and Mary (maiden name unknown) ConnollyConnolly, Mary (maiden name unknown)), resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT,1,2 d. 16 Dec 1897 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,4, occupation Laborer; Lather.1,2  In 1860, Michael was listed as being age 33, which would mean a birth year of c. 1827

Michael, wife, Mary, and daughter, Mary Ann, immigrated to the US sometime between 1848 and 1851.  There is a death record for a James Connolly b. 1850  Taunton, MA  d. 1 Sep 1851 NH age 11 mos 8 days  lived East Street. No parents listed. It’s possible he is the son of Michael and Mary and that the family was in Taunton, Massachusetts for a short time before moving to New Haven, Connecticut.

In 1851 Michael lived at 70 East Street which was in what is now the Wooster Square area of New Haven on the Western side of the Mill River. His wife, Mary, died on 21 Feb 1852. They lived at 70 East Street. It’s possible that this is the same Michael and that he and Mary were born in Ireland where they had daughter, Mary Ann. He then married Elizabeth sometime after 1854 (when her son Frank Harrison was born) and before their daughter, Catherine, was born in 1856.

There is a James Connolly b. 1792 Ireland and who died in 1852 at age 60 and lived 60 East Street. Michael’s father’s name was listed as James on his death record, so it’s possible that this James was Michael’s father.

In 1854 there is a Michael boarded at 40 Union. Martin Connelly was also boarding there. Union Street was on the southwestern edge of the Wooster Square section of the city. It ran parallel to State Street.

In 1855 there is a Michael living on East Street at the foot of St. John Street (where it used to come out on East)

Michael and Elizabeth married in 1855.

In February 1860, at time of daughter, Elizabeth’s birth, Michael and Eliza lived in Fair Haven.

In 1860 and 1870 the family lived in the northern area of what is now Wooster Square, New Haven. In the 1860, 1861and 1862 City Directory, Michael is listed as living at 6 Walnut. That was very near Jocelyn Square.  In 1864 and 1865 the family lived at 132 Water Street which was also in Wooster Square area. Michael isn’t listed in 1866 and 67 City Directory. Only the Michael who was boilermaker was listed. The family may have been in Fair Haven which was not a part of New Haven at that time. In 1868 and 1869 the only Michael besides the “boilermaker” was a Michael who boarded first at 106 East and then Bridge c. Forbes Place. Only the boilermaker Michael lived on Locust St in 1870. No other Michael.

In 1871, Michael is listed as “Peddlar” living on Market Street. In 1873 through 1875 he is listed as “Lather” at 41 Market. In 1877 and 1878 he is listed as Michael “Conley”.

In 1880 the family lived at 41 Market Street in the Fair Haven section of New Haven. Michael was listed as being 50. . It seems that Michael must have built the house or bought it. It was handed down to daughter, Katie, after Michael and Eliza’s deaths. That area of Fair Haven had so many Irish immigrants living there, it was called “Little Dublin”. Market Street is thought be the site of an old Farmer’s market.

Michael was age 72 at the time of his death in 1897. He lived at 41 Market Street. It was listed as a one family home.

Eliza was listed as widow at 41 Market in 1897 City Directories.



  1. Catherine “Katie” Connolly b. 22 Dec 1856 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,6,1,2,3,4,5,7 d. 1941, occupation Shoemaker,4 resided 41 Market St in New Haven, New Haven, CT.4,5,7,10 . Catherine seems to have never married. She lived with her mother and siblings.

In 1880, Catherine was 22 and living with her parents and siblings at 41 Market Street in New Haven, CT.

In 1900 and 1910, Catherine lived with her widowed mother and siblings at 41 Market Street.

In 1920, Catherine and brother, James lived at 41 Market Street. Frank Harrison age 68, a widower, lived with them. He is listed as “half – brother”.  His son, Frank Jr, age 38, lived with them and is listed as “half-nephew”.

In 1928, Catherine lived at 41 Market Street.

In 1930, Catherine lived at 41 Market Street. Her nephew, Frank Harrison, age 49, lived with her.

In the mid to late 1930s, the city directories list Katie’s nephew, Richard Wardell, as living with her. He was separated from his wife.


     iii. James F. Connolly b. 16 Sep 1858 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,6,1,2,3,4,5 d. post 1930, occupation Lather,3,4,, resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT.7 . He first shows up in New Haven City Directories in 1878. He was living with his parents at 41 Market and working as a lather.

In 1880, James was 21 and living with his parents and siblings on Market Street, New Haven.  He worked as a lather.

I can’t find a marriage for James and Mary in New Haven . In 1910, Mary is listed as having been married for 26 years.

At the time of son Francis’ birth, the family lived at 234 Wallace Street, New Haven.

In the late 1880’s there was a James Connolly of “284 Wallace Street” who was charged with hurting his wife, Mary. The address is off a bit, but it seems to be this couple. Mary tried to say she got the injuries from a fall, but he was still charged.

In 1900, James and children, Frank and Lizzie, lived with James’ mother and siblings at 41 Market Street. He and his mother were both listed as “married”,  In 1910, James’ mother is listed as Widowed, but James is still listed as “Married” (Md 1) . His wife lived on Walnut street through 1910.

In 1911 and 1919, James was a lather and boarding at 41 Market Street.

He married Mary J. Welch, c. 1886 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut,5,11 b. 1858 in Wales,12,3,4,5, d. post 1920 in New Haven, New Haven, CT, occupation Laundress.5  Mary was married to Benjamin Myers (b. 1837 England) first. The couple seems to have been married in England. They arrived in the US around 1875.  Daughter Catherine was born in Connecticut in February 1876. Daughter Mary was born March 1878.

In 1880 the family lived at “rear 214 Hamilton Street” in New Haven. Besides daughters Catherine and Mary, two nieces Rachel and Lizzie Myers and Benjamin’s sister, Elizabeth, lived with the family. Benjamin was an express driver. In the 1880 City Directory he was listed as a “smith’s helper”.

Son, William was born 15 January 1882 in New Haven.  At the time of William’s birth, the family lived at 234 Wallace. Benjamin was a laborer. Mary had given birth to 7 children with 3 living.

I can’t find a death record in New Haven for Benjamin Myers. In the 1882 through 1886 City Directory, Mary is listed as “Mrs. Benjamin Myers” living at 234 Wallace Street. Benjamin is not listed, but she is not listed as “widow of Benjamin”. In 1886 and 1889 there is a Benjamin “Meyer”, blacksmith, boarding at 12 Barclay. It’s possible that Mary and Benjamin were divorced or just seperated and Mary and James never actually married.

Mary and James were married or together from sometime around 1886.

In 1900 and 1910 James lived with his mother, but was still listed as “married”.

In 1900 Mary and children lived at 452 East Street. Her children from her first marriage also lived with her.

In 1903 through 1913, she is listed as “Mrs. Mary J. Connelly” living at 34 Walnut in New Haven.34 Walnut street faced Joceyln Square.

In 1910 her son, Frank, and daughter, Elizabeth, were living with her. In 1917 and 1918, Mary lived at 872 State Street. Her son, Frank, lived with her in 1917.

In 1920 She lived at 874 State Street. Her daughter, Elizabeth and her husband and son, as well as their son,  lived with her. There were also Loretta , 15, and Frank Myers age 10, who were listed as “boarders”. They are Mary’s grandchildren. Their parents are William Myers and his wife Mary. In 1910 the family lived at 454 East Street. Their children were Marion b. 1903, Loretta born 1905 and Francis E born  11 Oct 1909.

In 1930, James, a widower, lived with sister, Catherine, at 41 Market Street.

  1. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Connolly b. 26 Feb 1860 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,1,2,4,5,7,6 d. c. 1925 in New Haven, New Haven, CT, occupation Homemaker.  At the time of her birth, Elizabeth’s parents lived in Fair Haven.

In 1860, 70 and 80, Elizabeth’s birth is listed as c. 1860. She was 5 months old in the 1860 Census. She was 10 years old in 1870.

In 1870, the Connolly family lived in Fair Haven.

In 1880, Elizabeth was 19 and lived with her parents and siblings on Market Street in New Haven.  She worked as a corset embroiderer.

Lizzie is listed as age 24 at time of her marriage in 1891, meaning a 1867-8 birth year. She was actually 31 years old. In 1900, her birth year is listed as Feb 1869.

Grandaughter, Doris Wardell, says that after her husband’s death, Lizzie was given a small stipend from Morse Elevator Works.

Supposedly Doris’ mother, Josephine Carroll Wardell, would go with Lizzie to pick up the money.  Lizzie’s brother in law, Charles Wardell would bring out the money.

One week when they went he said that the money was gone and that she shouldn’t come any more. That’s when her son Arthur started to take care of her.

In 1923, Elizabeth lived with her son Arthur.

1924 is the last year that Elizabeth shows up in the City Directories. She is listed as “Widow of Richard”. She was living with son, Arthur at 23 Chatham in New Haven.

She married Richard Harrison Wardell 11 Oct 1891 in St. Francis Church, New Haven, CT,6 b. 23 Jul 1860 in New Haven, New Haven,Connecticut,6,2,3,,5,7 (son of Richard Harrison  WardellWardell, Richard Harrison and Dorothy “Dora” Long KeenKeen, Dorothy “Dora” Long), d. 29 May 1920 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,7, buried in Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven, New Haven, CT,15 resided 7 Edwards St. in New Haven,CT, occupation Worker-Lock Shop, Machinist/Mechanic,Elev. Agt..3,14,5,6  Birth record does not list first name.

In 1880, Richard, age 19, lived with parents and brother at 992 State St. He worked in the Lock Shop.

In 1881 Richard was a member of the Davenport Social Club and was the Grand Conductor at thier annual ball.

At the time of his marriage, Richard was age 31. Lizzie said she was 24, however she also was 31.

Richard worked for awhile with his family at the Morse Elevator Works and Otis Elevator Company which was out of Philadelphia. They had a branch in New Haven.

In 1893-4 the family lived at 59 Market St.

In 1896 through atleast 1900 the family lived at 7 Edwards St.

In 1906, at the time of his mother’s death, he was listed as living in Baltmore, MD.

In 1910, the family lived at 85 Chambers St.

In 1917 they lived at 389 Grand Ave, New Haven.

In 1920 Richard, Elizabeth and son, Arthur, lived on Grand Ave.

  1. Sarah Maria Connolly b. 7 Sep 1862 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,6 d. 4 Feb 1864 in Fair Haven, New Haven, CT.6 . Sarah died of Scarlet Fever at age 1 year , five months.


2. Michael Connolly b. c. 1864 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,2 d. 13 Jan 1899 in Mill River, New Haven, New Haven, CT,,9 resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT.  No birth record in New Haven in 1864 and 1865

When Michael was 12 years old, some cows he was tending destroyed a “Kale field”, owned by a John J. Bartholomew, in an area of Fair Haven called “Dublin”. Bartholomew beat him with a stick. He said that Michael’s father told him to hit the boy if he did something wrong, but it was decided that the beating was too extreme and the man was charged with brutality.

In 1880, Michael was 15 and lived with his parents and siblings at 41 Market Street in New Haven, CT. He was a “cow herder”.

In June 1882, Michael and another man named, William Fitzpatrick were accused of raping a woman near East Rock. During the course of the trial, Michael’s brother, James, testified that the woman (who was married) had a very loose reputation. Michael’s sister, Katie, testified that she was home the evening of the rape and that she saw her brother come in at 4:45. His mother and father also testified to him being home. His family members also all testified that his clothes did not match the description of what the victim described.

In November 1882, Michael and the same man, William Fitzgerald were arrested for “insulting Mrs. J. Augur” of Fair Haven. She had asked for money for a team of horses they had hired and they “called her the most shameful names”.  Michael was sent to jail for 10 days.  As soon as he was sentenced, he was then arrested for stealing the watch of James Say of Fair Haven.  Michael had grabbed the watch as Mr. Say had walked by him on the street.

Michael had many charges of drunkeness, breach of peace, theft, engaging in sport on Sunday, indecent exposure, and even “bathing in the Mill River” over the years. He was also arrested for having a boxing match against James Dailey in Gillete’s Saloon. They were called the “Terrors of Fair Haven”. In 1890, Michael along with Joseph and William Fitzpatrick assaulted a Chinese man at his laundry on State Street.

Also in 1890, Michael Sr had his son arrested for assaulting him.

In 1893, Michael Connolly of 31 Market Street was found guilty of breaking in to a saloon on Grand Ave in Fair Haven. No age is mentioned, so I’m not sure it was him, however, the location and the fact that they mention him as being a known alcoholic (as Michael was at his death) , makes me believe it is this Michael. He was sentence to 18 months in the State Prison in Wallingford.

Michael drowned in the Mill River at age 30. The body was found in January by his brother in law, Daniel Doherty. He was intoxicated when last seen, and it was assumed that he had tried to cross the river on a flat. His death record lists the date the body was found, however, he probably died in November 1898.

 3.  John Connolly  b. 18 Nov 1866 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,6,2 d. post 1911, resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT,4 occupation Lather.4,5,11 . John does not seem to have ever married.

In 1880 John was 13 and living with his parents and siblings in New Haven. He was a “cow herder”.

In 1890 John lived at 41 Market with his parents. He worked as “rubber bootmaker”, probably at Candee Rubber Factory.

In 1910, John was age 38, single and living with his mother and siblings.

In 1911, John was a lather and boarding at 41 Market Street, New Haven. In 1919, John was not living at 41 Market.

 4.  Frances “Fannie” Connolly,b. Aug 1871 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,3,4,5,7, d. post 1935, resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT.17 . I can’t find a birth record for Frances in August 1870 through 1872.

In 1880, Frances is listed as age 9, meaning an 1871 birthyear.

In 1900, they lived next door to Fannie’s mother, Eliza Connelly, and her siblings.

She married Daniel R. Doherty., 27 Sep 1896 in St. Mary’s Church, New Haven, New Haven, CT,17,6 b. 7 Sep 1873 in Maine,4,7,17,6, d. 1 Nov 1949 in New Haven, New Haven, CT, resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT,4 occupation Repairman, Inspector; Telephone Company.17,6  Daniel’s parents were both born in Nova Scotia.

Marriage record lists his birth place as New London, CT.  Birth records for his children list birth place as Bangor, Maine.

In 1898-1910, the family lived at 59 Market St.

In 1917 they lived at 321 Lexington Ave, New Haven.

In 1920 they lived in New Haven, however, it does not seem to have been Market Street. It looks like Russell Street.

In 1930 The family all lived in Hamden, CT. The girls were all teachers and Briggs was unemployed.

In 1934 and 1935, Daniel and Fannie and their daughters lived at 15 Everit. He worked as a “Right of Way Agent” for the Telephone Company. Everit Street was in the East Rock area of New Haven, near the Mill River. The house was a multi family house that was b uilt in 1908. It is listed in National Register of Historic Places for being in the Whitney Avenue Historic District. It is called the “William Buell House” and described as 3 stories, Colonial Revival with gable roof, clapboards, shingles and garage.

1942 City Directory says that “Daniel R removed to Florida”.  His three daughters lived at 15 Everit Street that year.

The death record for Daniel Doherty, widowed, born c. 1873, died 1 Nov 1949 in New Haven, CT age 76.


2.Hugh (Montague)2McTeague , b. c. 1823 in Donegal, Ireland,,3 d. 1 Jan 1889 in Almshouse, New Haven, New Haven, CT,9 resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT, occupation Gardener: Brickmaker.9 .

The family seems to have gone by the name McTeague in Ireland and Scotland and Montague in New Haven, CT.

He married Ellen (Helen) Mulchahy or McGeechieMcGeechie, Ellen (Helen) Mulchahy or, 1848 in Lanarkshire, Scotland, b. 1834 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland,9,20, d. 14 Mar 1886 in New Haven, New Haven, CT.9

Son Hugh’s birth record lists her name as Helen McGeechie, however, her death record lists it as “Mulchahy”. Her father’s name is listed as “Hugh”.

In 1851, listed as McTeague,  they lived in Calton, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Hugh was a general laborer.

In 1861 the family, listed as Montague, lived in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Hugh was a brick maker. Children Elizabeth, Janet, Helen and Charles lived with them.

Hugh arrived in the US in July 1869 in New York. He traveled on his own as was listed as “brick maker”.

In 1870 he was working in the Brickyards in North Haven, CT.  Ellen and the children seem to have still been in Scotland.

In 1871, Ellen (Helen) and children Helen, Charles and Hugh lived in Falkirk, Sterling. Daughter, Janet Bryceland, age 17, and her husband, James Bryceland , age 23, was living with them.

Hugh is first listed in the New Haven City Directories in 1875. He was a laborer living at 262 Hamilton.

In August 1879 Hugh was accused of assault. There was a newspaper item saying that his wife, Ellen, refused “downright” to come and testify against him. She said she would come if a “capias” were given to him. The case was continued and a “capias” was issued.

In November 1879, Hugh was again accused of assaulting his wife. Ellen stated that he was always drunk. One of his young sons testified to his father’s “maltreatment of his mother”.  Hugh was given 30 days in Jail.

In December 1879 Hugh was charged with “breach of peace” against Ellen. She was described as having a “rich Scottish accent” testified. The state decided that he was drunk, but didn’t assault her, although the newspaper article said “such a consummation does not appear improbable”. He was fined $10 fro drunkeness.

In 1880 Hugh, wife (listed as Ann, age 54 born in New Jersey?)  and sons John (Charles) and Hugh lived at 135 Ashmun Street. Based on reports of assault above, I wonder if Hugh and Ellen were split up at that time and Ann was a housekeeper.

In 1884 Hugh was charged with assalt on Michael Montague.

At the time of his wife’s death in 1886, the family lived at 17 Summer Street, New Haven, CT. That was the same address that Hugh was listed as living at in the City Directories, so if they were split at one point, they seem to have been back together.

In July 1886 Hugh Montague was arrested for being drunk.

His death record lists his age as 60 which would have been an 1829 birth year. He was living at the Almshouse and died of dysentery.


  1. Elizabeth “Bessie” (Montague)3 b. 1850 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland,20,3,5,4 d. 1 Nov 1910 in New Haven, New Haven, CT, resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT.

Elizabeth was Hans’ second wife. His first wife, Mary, died in 1874.  His first daughter, Roseanna born 1867, was the daughter of his first wife.

In 1880 and 1900 the family lived on View Street, New Haven, CT.

In 1910 Bessie, 61, was a widow. Sons John, Charles and William lived with her.

She married Hans SorensenSorensen, Hans, c. 1875 in New Haven, New Haven,  CT, b. 1840 in Denmark,4 d. 1909.

2. Janet (Montague) McTeagueMcTeague, Janet (Montague) b. 1854 in Scotland, resided 

In 1881 there is a J Braslin, age 28, listed as wife, with children, Mary age 8 and James age 6, arriving in New York City from Glasgow.  It’s possible that this is Janet. Although the birthyears for children are off a bit.

She married James (Bryceland) BreslinBreslin, James (Bryceland), b. 1848 in Ireland.

     iii. Helen (Montague) McTeagueMcTeague, Helen (Montague) b. 13 Apr 1856 in Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland.22 .

     I don’t know if she was ever in New Haven.

3. Charles (Montague) McTeague b. 31 Aug 1859 in Falkirk, Sterling, Scotland,9,22,24 d. 24 Apr 1888 in Almshouse, New Haven, New Haven, CT,9 resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT.9 .

In 1871, Charles, age 11, lived with his mother and siblings in Maryhill, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Charles seems to have run with a group of troublemakers. He was a witness in a courtcase against one of his friends for beating a policeman. In 1879 he was one of three boys who stole chickens from a neighborhood woman. They were sentenced to 30 days in jail.

In 1880, lised as John, he lived with his parents and brother, Hugh, in New Haven, CT.

In 1884 Charles and another man, Edward Kelly, met and “abused each other”.  They were both charged with assault. They were both fined.

Charles was age 27, single and living at the Almshouse at the time of his death of tuberculosis.

4. Hugh (Montague) McTeague Jr  b. 11 Feb 1862 in Falkirk, Sterling, Scotland,9,22 d. 24 Jan 1888 in New Haven, New Haven, CT,9, resided in New Haven, New Haven, CT,9 occupation Brass Melter.9 .

There is a birth record for Hugh Montague on 7 Oct 1864, parents Hugh and Helen Gechie in Falkirk, Sterling, Scotland.

I’m not sure if this is the same Hugh and there was a younger one who was born in 1862. This Hugh’s age at death matches a birth year of 1862. His age, 16, in 1880, matches the 1864 birth year.

At the time of his death, “after a long illness”,  at age 26, he was single and living at 312 East Street, New Haven, CT.


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