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Edwin Ratcliffe of Cheshire, England

Edwin Ratcliffe of Cheshire

*note: I’ve been working with Jennifer Lawson to¬†connect
Edwin to my Ratcliffe line. There seems to be some connection, since there were two different members of my family living with Edwin at different in 1841, one in 1851.

Since I first posted this information I have become more confident that Edwin was the illigitimate son of Sarah Ratcliffe, the sister of one of my ancestors.  I have included this info in my pdf book for this family.

The information below is Jennifer’s research. I am posting it on
my site in hopes that someone may have information to help us make a connection
between the two Ratcliffe families.

Generation One

1. Edwin (Edward) Ratcliffe  , b. c. 1832 in Appleton, Cheshire,
Eng,1 d. pre 1900,2,3 resided in Stretton,
Cheshire, Eng,4 occupation Gardener; laborer.

In 1841, there is an Edwin Ratcliffe, age 9, listed as “servant” in the home
of Thomas Grounds in Appleton. In the same house is a servant, Sarah Ratcliffe,
age 40. and Samuel Ratcliffe age 15 (probably son of Thomas of Antrobus). In
1851 Edwin, age 19, born Stretton and Sarah, age 50, b. Seven Oaks, are both
still listed as “servants” in the household. In 1851 there is also a Thomas
Ratcliffe (probably Thomas Ratcliffe’s other son and brother of Samuel living
here in 1841.) In both 1841 and 1851, Sarah Ratcliffe is listed as

Edwin’s marrige cert lists him as being from Orford, with father’s name John
Ratcliffe, deceased.

In 1860 Parish registers, family is listed as living in Stretton. In 1861
Census they are living at “Stork House” in Stretton. They lived in Appleton in
1863 and Moore in 1865 and 1867. In 1881 the family was living at Bedford View,
Appleton. In 1891 a “grandson, Arthur Ratcliffe, age 6” was living with the
family. This was daughter, Clara’s son. Edward was deceased in Dec. 1900 at the
time of his son, Frank’s, wedding.

He married Eliza Wilkinson  (b. 1831), married 1855 in St. Elphins,
Warrington, Cheshire, Eng, b. c. 1831 in Appleton, Cheshire, Eng,5
(daughter of John Wilkinson  (b. 1807) and Sarah Pimlott  (b. 1807))
baptized 18 Jan 1832 in Stretton, Cheshire, Eng,6 d. post 1901.

Eliza: In 1901, Eliza was widowed, age 70, living with son Henry and his
family in Runcorn.


2. i. Emma2 Ratcliffe  b. c. 1857.

3. ii. Henry Ratcliffe  b. 6 Apr 1860.

iii. Ann Ratcliffe , b. 15 Jul 1863 in Appleton, Cheshire, Eng,7
baptized 3 Aug 1863 in Stretton, Cheshire, Eng,8 d. 6 Sep 1863 in
Stretton, Cheshire, Eng.

4. iv. Clara Ratcliffe  b. 15 Jul 1863.

v. Frederick Ratcliffe , b. 7 Jan 1865 in Moore, Cheshire, Eng,9
baptized 2 Apr 1865 in Stretton, Cheshire, Eng.10

vi. Sarah Alice Ratcliffe , b. 10 Jun 1867 in Moore, Cheshire,
Eng,11 baptized 11 Sep 1867 in Stretton, Cheshire,

vii. Annie Ratcliffe b. c. 1870, baptized 26 Apr 1870 in Stockton Heath,
Cheshire, Eng.

viii. Frank Ratcliffe b. c. 1870 in Appleton, Cheshire, Eng,13
occupation Waterman.14

In 1891, Frank and Rose were living on Bostick St in Stockton Heath. A niece,
Elsie Ratcliffe, age 8, was living with them.

He married Rose Hannah Shaw  (b. 1874), married 24 Dec 1900 in Stockton
Heath, Cheshire, Eng,15 b. c. 1874.16

Rose: Rose was daughter of John Shaw, Waterman, of Stockton Heath.

5. ix. Edwin (Edward) Ratcliffe  (b. 1871) b. c. 1871.

x. Mary Ratcliffe , b. c. 1872 in Appleton, Cheshire, Eng.17

She married Frederick William Rogers RogersFrederick William, married 13 Oct
1901 in Stockton Heath, Cheshire, Eng.18

6. xi. Herbert Ratcliffe  b. c 1873.


Generation Two

2. Emma2 Ratcliffe (Edwin (Edward)1) b. c. 1857 in Appleton, Cheshire,

She married Charles Jones.

She married Charles Jones (b. 1854), married in St. Elphins, Warrington,
Lanc, Eng,21 b. c.1854 in Whittington, Shropshire, Eng,22
occupation Joiner; Barge Waterman.23


i. Margaret3 Jones , b. c. 1884 in Appleton, Cheshire, Eng.24

ii. Nellie Jones , b. c. 1889 in Appleton, Cheshire, Eng.25

iii. Harry Jones iv. Frank Jones

3. Henry2 Ratcliffe , (Edwin (Edward)1) b. 6 Apr 1860 in Appleton,
Cheshire, Eng,26,27 baptized 3 Jun 1860 in Stretton,
Cheshire, Eng,28 resided in Runcorn, Cheshire, Eng,29
occupation Boatman.30

In 1881, Henry was living with sister Clara and her husband.

He married Elizabeth Nock (b. 1866), married 1888 in St. Pauls,
Warrington,Cheshire, Eng, b. c. 1866 in Brierly Hill, Staffordshire,
Eng,31 occupation Shopkeeper; Grocer.32


i. Fred3 Ratcliffe , b. c. 1890 in Runcorn, Cheshire,Eng.33


ii. William Ratcliffe RatcliffeWilliam (b. 1892), b. c. 1892 in Runcorn,
Cheshire, Eng.34


iii. Henry Ratcliffe , b. c. 1892 in Runcorn, Cheshire,Eng.35


4. Clara2 Ratcliffe , (Edwin (Edward)1) b. 15 Jul 1863.36

Probably twin of Ann. Couldn’t find Clara’s baptism.

She married (1) Unknown Unknown.


7. i. Arthur3 Ratcliffe b. 3 Jan 1885.

She married (2) John Latham LathamJohn, married 1892 in Chorlton,

5. Edwin (Edward)2 Ratcliffe (Edwin (Edward)1) b. c. 1871 in Stockton
Heath, Cheshire,Eng,38,39 baptized 15 Mar 1871 in Stockton
Heath, Cheshire, Eng,40 d. 1926 in Stretton, Cheshire, Eng,
occupation Waterman.41

Witnesses at his marriage were Henry and Clara Ratcliffe.

In 1901, the family had “nephew, Arthur Ratcliffe, age 16” living with them.
Arthur had lived with his grandparents in 1891.In 1907 the family was living at
72 Victoria Terrace, Stockton Heath.

Headstone reads: To the dear memory of our father/1871 Edward
Ratcliffe-1926/and our mother 1872-Emily Johnson Ratcliffe-1952/ or dear
sisters, Lily Louisa, Olive and Edith Anne also baby grandson Edward.

He married Emily Johnson Churchill , married 19 May 1891 in Stockton Heath,
Cheshire, Eng,42 b. 1872.43

Emily: Note from great granddaughter, Joy Davies, says that Emily was born c. 1872 and was the daughter
of Joseph and Henrietta Churchill


i. Florence3 Ratcliffe b. c. 1892.44

ii. Henrietta Ratcliffe b. c. 1894.45

iii. Lily Louise Ratcliffe b. c. 1897, d. pre 1901.46

Not listed in 1901 Census. We know she died young from headstone

iv. Frank Ratcliffe b. 13 Dec 1899,47 d. 13 May 1970, buried in
St. Thomas, Stockton Heath, Cheshire.48

He married Margaret ?? Ratcliffe b. 1901, d. 23 Jun 1983 in Stockton Heath,
Cheshire, Eng, buried in St. Thomas, Stockton Heath, Cheshire,

v. Olive Ratcliffe b. 27 Oct 1901 in Stockton Heath, Cheshire,Eng, baptized
22 Feb 1902 in Stockton Heath, Cheshire,Eng.

Never Married.

vi. Edith Annie Ratcliffe b. 4 Feb 1905 in Stockton Heath, Cheshire, Eng,
baptized 9 Apr 1905 in Stockton Heath, Cheshire, Eng.

vii. Joseph Edward Ratcliffe RatcliffeJoseph Edward (b. 1907), b. 25 Jun 1907
in Stockton Heath, Cheshire, Eng, baptized 23 Aug 1907 in Stockton Heath,
Cheshire, Eng, d. 6 Apr 1961 in Stretton, Cheshire, Eng, buried in St. Matthews,
Stretton, Cheshire, Eng.50

He married Beatrice Maud ?? Ratcliffe (b. 1901), b. 1901,51 d. 23
Jun 1989.52


6. Herbert2 Ratcliffe (Edwin (Edward)1) b. c 1873 in Appleton,
Cheshire, Eng,53 baptized 30 Sep 1873 in Stockton Heath, Cheshire,
Eng,54 occupation Bricklayer, Laborer, Gardner,55 resided
53 Old London Rd in Stockton Heath, Cheshire, Eng.56


He married Helena “Lena” Gertrude Money , married 13 Aug 1899 in Stockton
Heath, Cheshire, Eng.57

Helena: Lena was the daughter of William James Money of Wilderspool.


i. Herbert3 Ratcliffe II b. 23 Jun 1902,58 baptized 24 Aug 1902 in
Stockton Heath, Cheshire, Eng.59

ii. Eveline Ratcliffe  (b. 1904), b. 26 Aug 1904, baptized 5 Oct 1904 in
Stockton Heath, Cheshire, Eng.60

iii. Arthur Ratcliffe  (b. 1905), b. 5 Nov 1905, baptized 3 Dec 1905 in
Stockton Heath, Cheshire, Eng.61

iv. Dorothy Ratcliffe , (details excluded).



Generation Three


7. Arthur3 Ratcliffe  (b. 1885), (Clara2, Edwin (Edward)1) b. 3
Jan 1885, d. 5 Sep 1953.62

Arthur lived with Clara’s parents as a child. Then in 1901 he was living with
his Uncle Edward at 6 Little Morstow St., Stockton Heath.

He married Rosaline Harriet Wood (b. 1888), married 9 Mar 1913 in St. Anns,
Warrington, Lancashire, Eng,63 b. 8 Feb 1888, d. 18 Dec 1976 in
Sydney, NSW, Austrailia.64


Rosaline: Daughter of Alfred Wood and Mary Ann Baddeley.



8. i. Arthur4 Ratcliffe (details excluded).



Generation Four


8. Arthur4 Ratcliffe , (Arthur3, Clara2, Edwin (Edward)1) (details

He married Frances Perryman b. 27 Oct 1920, d. 16 Jan 1986.



i. Peter Arthur5 Ratcliffe , (details excluded).

ii. Angela Susan Ratcliffe , (details excluded).

iii. Michael Robert Ratcliffe , (details excluded).

iv. Dorothy Rosaline Ratcliffe.

v. Jean Ratcliffe .

vi. Margaret Jane Ratcliffe .

vii. John David Robert Ratcliffe .

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