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Gerald – Gerould – Jerrould

Gerould/Gerald Family of France,
Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

Generation One

1. Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1 Gerald , b. 1686 in Province of Lauguedoc,
France, d. 25 Oct 1760 in Medfield, Massachusetts,1 buried Vine Lake Cemetary in
Medfield, Massachusetts.

Physician. Huguenot of Lauguedoc. Came to the US about 1718. Settled in
Medfield, Massachusetts He bought the Joseph Adams property on Dedham Road. The
French Geroulds were Silk Manufacturers. Jaques came to Boston after Revocation
of Edict of Nantas. He was age 20 yrs. One of 21 Children.

When Jacques died he left all of his property to Martha and his children. He
made provisions for his Negro slaves. The slave Cesar was not to be sold out of
the family. Cesar went to live with son, Gamaliel, and died 1789.

He married Martha Dupuis , married 26 Dec 1709 in Medfield, Massachusetts,2
b. c. 1688 in Norfolk, Medfield, Massachusetts,2 d. 25 Mar 1763 in Medfield,


2. i. James (Gerould)2 Gerald b. c. 1716.

ii. Martha (Gerould) Gerald , b. c. 1717, d. 23 Sep 1733 in Medfield,

3. iii. Theodore (Gerould) Gerald .

4. iv. Gamaliel (Gerould) Gerald b. 23 Sep 1719.

5. v. Stephen (Gerould) Gerald b. 29 Nov 1720.

vi. Dupree ( Gerould) Gerald , b. 5 Mar 1722/3 in Medfield, Massachusetts,2
d. 13 Jul 1813 in East Greenwich, Rhode Island,2 occupation Physician.

He married Freelove ?? (Gerould) Gerald .

vii. Mary (Gerould) Gerald , b. 8 Jul 1725 in Medfield, Massachusetts,2 d. 12
Oct 1769 in Providence, Rhode Island.2

She married Azariah Spaulding , married 7 Sep 1744 in Plainfield,
Connecticut,2 b. 19 Jan 1723/4 in Plainfield, Connecticut,2 d. 3 Mar 1795 in
Providence, Rhode Island.2

viii. Joanna (Gerould) Gerald , b. 2 Nov 1728 in Medfield, Massachusetts.2

In her hometown she was known as Joanna, however her father’s will lists her
as “Hannah”.

ix. Susanna (Gerould) Gerald , b. 6 Nov 1730 in Medfield, Massachusetts.2

Never Married.

Generation Two

2. James (Gerould)2 Gerald , (Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. c. 1716, d. 11 Aug

He married Ruth Stevens , married c. 1731 in Plainfield, CT.2


i. Dupee (Gerould)3 Gerald , b. 15 Apr 1742 in Plainfield, CT.

ii. James (Gerould) Gerald Jr. , b. 22 Apr 1740 in Plainfield, CT.3

iii. Mathew (Gerould) Gerald , b. 12 Oct 1735 in Plainfield, CT.3

iv. Mollie (Gerould) Gerald , b. 8 Jun 1744 in Plainfield, CT.3

6. v. Rueben (Gerould) Gerald b. 7 Nov 1733.

3. Theodore (Gerould)2 Gerald , (Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) resided in
Wrentham, Massachusetts.

He married Ruth Bowditch , married 19 Feb 1788 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,4
b. c. 1767.


i. Mary (Gerould)3 Gerald , b. 13 Feb 1791 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.4

ii. Rebekah (Gerould) Gerald , b. 18 Jan 1789 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,4 d.
1880 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.

She married John Cheever , b. 1769 in Waltham, MA, d. 1853.

7. iii. Samuel Allen (Gerould) Gerald b. 27 Jul 1793.

iv. James Harvey (Gerould) Gerald , b. 2 Dec 1798 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,
resided in Keene, NH, occupation Silversmith.

He married Elizabeth Deane , married 26 June 1827 in Shrewsbury,

8. v. Joseph Byram (Gerould) Gerald b. 1804.

4. Gamaliel (Gerould)2 Gerald , (Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 23 Sep 1719 in
Medfield, Massachusetts,,2 d. 18 Oct 1795 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.2

The Gamaliel Gerould homestead is now the Wrentham Cooperative Bank.

He married (1) Rebecca Lawrence , married 7 Jan 1741 in Wrentham,
Massachusetts,4 d. 12 Jan 1750/1 in Medfield, Massachusetts.2


i. Gamaliel (Gerould)3 Gerald , b. 25 Dec 1743 in Wrentham, Mass,4 d. pre

ii. Rebecca (Gerould) Gerald , b. 18 Apr 1744 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,4 d.
22 May 1744 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.4

iii. Katee (Gerould) Gerald , b. 30 May 1745 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,4 d.
14 Mar 1748 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.4

iv. Rebecca (Gerould) Gerald , b. 9 Feb 1746 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.4

9. v. Jabez (Gerould) Gerald b. 1 Nov 1748.

vi. Gamaliel (Gerould) Gerald , b. 8 Nov 1750 in Wrentham,

He married (2) Jerusha Mann , married 11 Oct 1781 in Wrentham,
Massachusetts,2 b. 12 Nov 1724, d. 6 Nov 1762 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.2

Jerusha: Daughter of Theodore Mann and Abigail Hawes.


vii. Elias (Gerould) Gerald , b. 22 Sep 1753 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,4 d.
15 Oct 1753 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.4

viii. Benoni (Gerould) Gerald , b. 19 Nov 1756 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,4
d. 24 Nov 1756 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.4

ix. Jacob (Gerould) Gerald , b. 21 Dec 1757 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.4

x. Jerusha (Gerould) Gerald , b. 20 Jul 1760 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.4

She married Eleazur Blake , married 29 Nov 1785 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,4
b. 1 Mar 1757 in Wrentham, Massachusetts, d. 27 Sep 1858.

xi. Samuel (Gerould) Gerald , b. 28 Jul 1767 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.4

He married (3) Mary Allen Everett , married 10 Aug 1763 in Wrentham,
Massachusetts,2 b. 10 Jun 1717, d. 4 Jan 1810 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.2

Mary: Widow of Edward Everett. Daughter of Eleazer and Mary (Battle)

5. Stephen (Gerould)2 Gerald , (Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 29 Nov 1720 in
Medfield, Massachusetts,1,2 d. 22 Jan 1784 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts,1,2
resided in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

Private, Capt. (or Lieut.) Benjamin Freeman’s co., Col. Jonathan Holman’s
regt.; from 26 Sep to 18 Oct 1777; marched from Sturbridge 27 Sep 1777.
Additional military information: Private, Capt. Adam Martin’s co., Col. Ebenezer
Learned’s regt.; from 27 Apr 1775 for 3 mos. 12 days.

In 1790, Stephen was appointed to a District School Committee in Sturbridge,

He married Mary Smith , b. 29 Mar 1719/20 in Medfield, Massachusetts,1 d. 10
Nov 1794 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.1


10. i. Joshua3 Gerald b. 1 Feb 1748.

Generation Three

6. Rueben (Gerould)3 Gerald , (James (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b.
7 Nov 1733 in Plainfield, CT.3

He married Johanna Spaulding , married 1 Jan 1757 in Plainfield, CT.3


i. Matthew (Gerould)4 Gerald , b. 22 Aug 1759 in Plainfield, CT.3

ii. Mollie (Gerould) Gerald , b. 22 Sep 1761 in Plainfield, CT.3

iii. Sila (Gerould) Gerald , b. 19 Jan 1758 in Plainfield, CT.3

7. Samuel Allen (Gerould)3 Gerald , (Theodore (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.)
(Gerould)1) b. 27 Jul 1793 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,4 d. 21 Sep 1887 in Keene,
Cheshire, NH, occupation Silversmith.

Advertised in the New Hampshire Sentinel (Keene NH), 1819-1825, listing
various items including gold beads and silver spoons.

Working from 1819 to 1825 as a silversmith in Keene NH 3 . Working in 1825
with James Harvey Gerould in Keene NH as S. A. & J. H. GEROULD.

Working from circa 1867 to 1872 with George Richardson? and ? Skinner in

He married Deborah Deane , b. in Dedham, MA.8


11. i. Samuel A. (Gerould)4 Gerald Jr. b. 1 Feb 1821.

ii. Deborah Deane (Gerould) Gerald , b. 5 Apr 1824 in Keene, NH,8 d. 21 Jul
1896 in Keene, NH.8

She married J. W. (Dr. )Ranney , married 21 May 1849 in Keene, NH.8

J.: “of Bennington, VT”.

8. Joseph Byram (Gerould)3 Gerald , (Theodore (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.)
(Gerould)1) b. 1804.

In 1860, Joseph’s mother, Ruth, age 93, was living with Joseph and his

Notes on photo of home: This house was built about 1860 for the Joseph B.
Gerould family. His three daughters, Susan, Ellen, and Mary taught school in
Wrentham. About the 1950s and 60s it housed an apartment upstairs and a
restaurant, run by Bert Thompson, on the first floor. It has, for years, been
the home of the Wrentham Co-Operative Bank. .

He married Fanny Capron George , married 15 Apr 1828 in Wrentham,


i. Frances Elizabeth (Gerould)4 Gerald , b. 21 Aug 1830 in Wrentham,

She married Isaac Brooks Warren , married 24 Oct 1849 in Wrentham,

ii. Joseph Theodore (Gerould) Gerald , b. Sep 1832, d. Sep 1832.

iii. Susan Maria (Gerould) Gerald , b. 18 May 1834 in Wrentham,
Massachusetts,4 resided in Wrentham, Massachusetts.

iv. Ellen Antionette (Gerould) Gerald , b. 7 Jun 1837 in Wrentham,
Massachusetts,4,9 resided in Wrentham, Massachusetts,9 occupation School

Never Married.

v. Mary Anna (Gerould) Gerald , b. 14 Mar 1841 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,4,9
resided in Wrentham, Massachusetts,9 occupation School Teacher.9

Never Married. In 1910, Mary lived with sisters, Ellen and Susan. In 1920,
her sisters seem to have died and she is living with a “cousin”.

vi. Charlotte Emily (Gerould) Gerald , b. 12 Jun 1844.

9. Jabez (Gerould)3 Gerald , (Gamaliel (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1)
b. 1 Nov 1748 in Wrentham, Massachusetts,7 d. 12 Jun 1802 in East Smithfield,
Bradford, PA,7 buried Union Cemetary in East Smithfield, Bradford, PA.

Jabez served in the American Revolutionary War. First as an enlisted man at
Bunker Hill where he was wounded, and second as a Capitan in ordinance control.
He later worked in Newton, Connecticut as a black smith. He emigrated to
Franklin, New York with his family in 1798. In 1801 he moved his family to East
Smithfield, Pennsylvania where he resided until his death, June 12, 1802.

The journey from Franklin Forks, New York to Queens Esters Flats near Athens
was made on a slab raft. Jabez, and probably the older boys went on by foot to
East Smithfield where they picked out land. They built a log house the next year
in 1801. The trials in the wilderness were very short for Jabez Gerould. He died
the next year after being taken ill very suddenly. His oldest son was but 16
years old. There were eight children for Demaris to raise alone in the outback.
The family resided in the log house until 1812 when they moved into a frame
dwelling. Demaris supported the family by providing meals for travelers and
spinning flax.

The family was quite religious, with public prayer meetings being held in
their home. The Rev. David Brainard, a prominent missionary held services in the
Gerould home.

All the children remained in the East Smithfield area except Ephraim who
moved to Covington, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and Theodore who went to
Hornbrook, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

He married Demaris Bennett , b. 4 Mar 1759 in Newtown, Connecticut,10 d. 20
Mar 1829,7 buried Union Cemetary in East Smithfield, Bradford, PA.10

Demaris: daughter of Ephraim Bennett and Ann Baldwin.


i. Jerusha (Gerould)4 Gerald , b. 16 Mar 1783 in Newtown, Connecticut.10

Died young.

ii. James (Gerould) Gerald , b. 5 May 1784 in Newtown, Connecticut,10 d. 30
Oct 1859 in East Smithfield, PA.10

He last served in the Pennsylvania Militia as a Quarter Master. In 1810,
being of poor health he shipped out for Spain on the “Keziah.” He was gone about
one year observing the French and English spar. In 1825 he became the first Post
Master in East Smithfield.

He married Louisa Wood , married 24 Sep 1812, d. 19 Nov 1863 in East
Smithfield, PA.

iii. Susanna (Gerould) Gerald , b. 1 Jan 1786 in Newtown, Connecticut,10 d.
27 Apr 1870 in East Smithfield, PA.10

This family resided in East Smithfield, then Athens and then finally returned
to East Smithfield, Pennsylvania. Dutee Rice arrived in East Smithfield about
1802. He was a shoemaker by trade.

She married Dutee Rice , married 12 Feb 1804 in East Smithfield, PA,10 b. 22
Sep 1779 in Connecticut,10 d. 11 Oct 1848 in East Smithfield, PA,10 occupation

12. iv. Ephraim B. ( Gerould) Gerald b. 14 Jan 1788.

v. George (Gerould) Gerald , b. 25 Nov 1789 in Newtown, CT,10 d. 6 May 1853
in East Smithfield, PA,10 buried Union Cemetary in East Smithfield, PA.10

He married Bathsheba Beals , married 13 Dec 1813 in East Smithfield, PA,10 b.
14 Mar 1792, d. 16 Sep 1874 in East Smithfield, PA,10 buried Union Cemetary in
East Smithfield, PA.10

vi. Ziba (Gerould) Gerald , b. 11 Jan 1792,10 d. 7 Feb 1871 in East
Smithfield, PA,10 buried Union Cemetary in East Smithfield, PA.10

Ziba and Eliza were both faithful embers of the Disciple Church. They
believed in the proverb, “train up a child in the way they should go, and when
he is old he will not depart from it.” That is the way they raised Thier family!
Their son Clayton kindly cared for his mother after Ziba passed.

When Jabez Lawrence was about 10 and Ziba was about 13 years old, they were
sent to Athens, via Laurel Hill for supplies or to post a letter. They met a
large bear! They were to close to run, so they opted to charge him shaking their
hats. The bear stood his ground until they were ten feet way from him, then he
ran. It doesn’t say who was more scared, the bear or the kids, or who made the
best time for the first mile running in the opposite directions..

She married Eliza Abigail Bird , married 25 Nov 1816 in East Smithfield,
PA,10 b. 17 Sep 1797 in Rutland, VT,10 d. 4 Mar 1886,10 buried Union Cemetary in
East Smithfield, PA.10

vii. Jabez Lawrence (Gerould) Gerald , b. 13 Dec 1795 in Newtown,
Connecticut,10 d. 6 Jun 1852 in East Smithfield, PA.10,

He married Margaret Beebe , married 25 May 1821 in Genoa, NY,10 b. 23 Jan
1799 in Sharon, CT,10 d. 22 Aug 1880 in Waverly, NY.10

viii. Abel Justin (Gerould) Gerald , b. 8 Apr 1799 in Franklin, NY,10 d. 18
Feb 1870 in East Smithfield, PA,10 occupation Carpenter.10

He was a carpenter and farmer in East Smithfield and Burlington,


He married Nancy Foster , married 30 Jan 1822 in Towanda, PA,10 b. 22 Aug
1802,10 d. 27 Mar 1856 in East Smithfield, PA.10

13. ix. Theodore (Gerould) Gerald b. 11 May 1801.

10. Joshua3 Gerald , (Stephen (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 1 Feb
1748 in Dedham, Massachusetts,1 d. 17 Nov 1776 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts,1
buried in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

Soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was a Private in Capt. Timothy Parker’s
Company of Minutemen. Col. Warner’s Regiment. He marched on the alarm of April
19, 1775. (Vo. 8 Page 729 Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of Rev. War; Vol 2 : 1874;
New York Historical Collections)

Joshua moved into his father’s old home in Sturbridge upon Stephen’s death.
The farm had been divided into thirds.

He married Prudence Scot , married 12 May 1773, b. 1 May 1755 in Sturbridge,
Massachusetts,1 (daughter of Benjamin Scot and Lydia Johnson ) d. 1789 in


14. i. Asahel4 Gerald b. 1 Feb 1775.

ii. Mary Gerald .

Generation Four

11. Samuel A. (Gerould)4 Gerald Jr. , (Samuel Allen (Gerould)3, Theodore
(Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 1 Feb 1821 in Keene, NH.8

He married Susan Fales Fiske , married 14 Nov 1850 in Wrentham,
Massachusetts,8 b. c. 1831 in Wrentham, MA,8 d. 7 Sep 1915 in Keene, NH.8


i. Frances Elizabeth (Gerould)5 Gerald , b. 9 Sep 1851 in Keene, NH.8

ii. Henry Fiske (Gerould) Gerald , b. Jan. 30, 1853 in Keene, NH,8 d. 21 Jul
1913 in Keene, NH.8

iii. Joseph Bowditch (Gerould) Gerald , b. 20 Feb 1856 in Keene, NH.8

12. Ephraim B. ( Gerould)4 Gerald , (Jabez (Gerould)3, Gamaliel (Gerould)2,
Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 14 Jan 1788 in Newtown, Connecticut,7 d. 22 Apr
1845 in Covington, PA,10 occupation Farmer and Merchant.

Ephraim moved to Tioga County, PA shortly after death of his wife in 1824. He
bought a large farm in Covington Township. He was a prominent and successful
man, and was actively engaged in merchandising, lumbering and farming. He was
also a surveyor and agent for the Bingham lands in Tioga County. He was a member
of the Baptist Church and active in politics, being a staunch Democrat. He
filled the office of postmaster for a period of time and was a brigade inspector
in the militia.

He married (1) Elizabeth Foster , married 3 Mar 1819 in Bradford Co., PA,7,10
b. 31 May 1796,10 d. 11 Aug 1824.


i. Theodore Clark (Gerould)5 Gerald , d. 1853 in Covington, PA.

Will dated May 26, 1853, Administrator was his half brother, Henry M.

He married Mary Evans , married 23 Jul 1846 in Southport, PA.

He married (2) Christiana Putnam , married 6 Oct 1825,10 b. 1793 in
Massachusetts, d. 23 Oct 1871, resided in Covington,Tioga Co., PA.13

Christiana: Daughter of Elijah Putnam

She was active in the Baptist Church and worked to get the Baptist Church
ediface erected. In 1850, Christina and sons Henry and Otis lived in Tioga
County. Christiana’s sister, Lucy Putnam, 61, born Massachusetts living with
them also.

Notes on Elijah Putnam:

Elijah Putnam was an early settler of Covington, PA. He came from the Langdon
Cheshire County, New Hampshire, and located within what is now the borough of
Covington in the year 1809 he was more and in Worcester, Massachusetts June 1st
1761. His father was a cause of all the celebrated general Israel Putnam Of
Revolutionary fame. Elijah Putnam went into New Hampshire soon after the close
of the revolutionary war, and remain they are till 1809, when he talked his
family in a sleigh and came to Covington by the way of White Hall, Saratoga,
Utica, Ithaca, Horseheads and Painted Post. His family consisted of a wife and
for children-three daughters and one son, Lucy, Christiana, Sally and Thomas.
Mr. Putnam was a man of great energy, or enterprise and industry, and did much
toward the developing of the new home in the wilderness of Tioga. The guy in
August 11th 1825, aged 64 years, 2 months, 11 days. His wife, Lucy, survived him
nearly nine years. She died May 23rd, 1834 aged 76 years, three months and 12
days. They were pioneers both in New Hampshire and PA, and were distinguished
and notable persons of those early days. Their daughter Christiana married
Ephraim B. Gerould. Sally married Peter Keltz, and has continuously resided in
Abington 74 years. Lucy remained unmarried. Thomas became a distinguished
citizen of the county. He was born in Massachusetts, June 14,1790 and was about
18 years of age when he came with his parents to Covington. For many years he
was inactive businessman, highly respected by his fellow citizens; with county
treasurer in 1824, and subsequently largely engaged in farming. He died July 12,
1870, aged 80 years and 28 days.


ii. Henry M. (Gerould) Gerald , b. c. 1828 in PA.13

He married Sallie B. ?? (Gerould) Gerald , b. c. 1832, d. 16 Feb 1860 in
Covington, PA.14

15. iii. Otis G. (Gerould) Gerald b. 17 Dec 1830.

iv. Maria E. (Gerould) Gerald .

13. Theodore (Gerould)4 Gerald , (Jabez (Gerould)3, Gamaliel (Gerould)2,
Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 11 May 1801 in Athens, PA,10 d. 18 Feb 1874 in
Watkins, NY.10

He married Amanda Ferguson , married 2 Oct 1827,10 d. 22 Apr 1853 in Athens,


i. Teresa5 Gerould .

She married Joseph Towner , married Jul 1863.

14. Asahel4 Gerald , (Joshua3, Stephen (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1)
b. 1 Feb 1775 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts,1 d. 3 Jun 1857, buried in Nyack,

In 1840, Asahel lived in Ward 9, NY. His family is listed as consisting of 1
male 60-70, 1 femail 50-60, and 1 Female 20-30.

He married (1) Betsey Brown , married 20 Jun 1795 in Peacham, VT.1


i. Orrell5 Gerald , b. 22 Mar 1809 in Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada.1

In 1840, Orrel was living in Salina, Onandaga Co, NY. His family was listed
as consisting of 2 males 40 -50. 1 Female 10 – 15 and 1 Female 40 -15.

ii. Asahel Gerald Jr. , b. 22 Mar 1804 in Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada.1

He married (2) Margaret Jacocks , married 22 Mar 1804 in Osnabruck, Ontario,
Canada,1 b. 16 Nov 1785 in Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada,1 d. 28 Aug 1819 in
Ogdensburg, NY.1


iii. Sarah Gerald , b. 30 May 1806 in Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada.1

16. iv. Pearley A. Gerald b. 27 Jan 1808.

v. Almyra Gerald , b. 7 Nov 1809 in Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada.1

vi. Eliza Gerald , b. 27 Dec 1811 in Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada.1

vii. Emeline Gerald , b. 1 Feb 1813 in Massena, NY.1

17. viii. Guy Covington Gerald b. 12 Apr 1816.

He married (3) Susannah (nee Willson) Flock .


ix. William Henry Gerald .

Generation Five

15. Otis G. (Gerould)5 Gerald , (Ephraim B. ( Gerould)4, Jabez (Gerould)3,
Gamaliel (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 17 Dec 1830 in Covington,
Tioga, NY,7 d. 23 Feb 1881.

In 1850 Census he was age 19 and living on his own. In November 1861 he
enlisted in Company 7th Pennsylvania Calvary and was made commissary sergeant.
In 1862 he was promoted to battalion commissary sergeant and served in that
capacity until 9 Sep 1863. At that time he rejoined his company with rank of
first sergeant and participated in all of its battles up to October 13, 1864,
when he was wounded near Rome, Georgia. He was confined in the hospital until
March 1865 when he rejoined his company with the rank of first lieutenant and
was honorably discharged at Macon, Georgia in August 1865. He returned to his
home and resumed farming up until 1880. In 1889 he was elected county treasurer,
and filled that office for three years. He has also been a justice of the peace
for ten years. Mr. and Mrs. Gerould were members of the First Baptist Church and
in politics he was a Republican.

He married Mary Seamon , married 13 Jan 1855.

Mary: Daughter of John Seamon of Ithaca, NY.


i. Putnam (Gerould)6 Gerald , occupation Glass Worker,7 resided in Covington,
Tioga, NY.7

ii. Asah (Gerould) Gerald .

Died at age 6.

iii. Effie (Gerould) Gerald , occupation Kindergarten Teacher,7 resided in
Cleveland, OH.7

iv. Belle (Gerould) Gerald .

She married Herbert L. Bloom .

v. Christiana (Gerould) Gerald .

She married Edgar E. VanCampen .

vi. James N. (Gerould) Gerald , occupation Glass worker,7 resided in Kane,

vii. Otis (Gerould) Gerald , occupation Bookkeeper and Farmer,7 resided in

16. Pearley A.5 Gerald , (Asahel4, Joshua3, Stephen (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.)
(Gerould)1) b. 27 Jan 1808 in Doug Saulte Island, NY,1 d. pre 1870 in
Montgomery, AL, buried Oakwood Cemetary in Montgomery, AL, occupation Indian
Agent;Planter; Stable Keeper.,5

Birthplace was very near Massena, NY.

In 1850, There seems to be three Thompson children living with this family.
Isabella, 8, Victoria 4, and Mary S. 1.

Daughter,Camilla is living with family of Joseph and Harriet Moore in
Montgomery in 1850.

1850 Slave Census show that both Pearley and wife, Camilla, owned quite a few
slaves, some records say 50.

Before moving to Alabama, Pearley was an Indian Agent in Tallahassee,
Florida. He supposedly went to California during Gold Rush of 1849. He returned
with a fortune and build a residence on corner of Lawrence and Adams streets.
The house contained a marble ballroom and a circular courtyard. The building is
now used as a Catholic Convent. He moved to New York for short time in 1859, but
did not like the north and moved back to Alabama the next year. Great niece,
Frances Gerald, remembers him visiting them when they lived at Washington Square
in New York City at that time.

He married (1) Melissa P. Russell , married c. 1836 in Montgomery, AL, b. 18
Apr 1818 in Springfield, MA, d. 26 Jun 1837 in Montgomery, AL.

Melissa: Melissa died after being thrown from a horse about a year after her
marriage to Pearly.

He married (2) Camilla Dorinda Sanford , married 19 Nov 1837 in Montgomery,
AL, b. c. 1812 in Georgia,17 d. 1869 in Montgomery, AL.

Camilla: In 1850, Camilla’s age is39, in 1860 it is 46.


18. i. Clara6 Gerald b. c. 1842.

19. ii. Adolphus Sanford Gerald b. c. 1849.

20. iii. Camilla S. Gerald b. c. 1847.

iv. Jane McGimsey Gerald , b. 1856 in Montgomery, AL, d. 1898 in Montgomery,
AL, buried Oackwood Cemetary in Montgomery, AL.

17. Guy Covington5 Gerald , (Asahel4, Joshua3, Stephen (Gerould)2, Jacques
(Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 12 Apr 1816 in Potsdam, New York,1 d. 29 Aug 1888 in New
Hartford, Litchfield, CT,1 buried in New Hartford, Litchfield, CT,1 resided in
Pine Meadow, Litchfield, CT, occupation Carpenter; Machinist.5

In 1850, the family was living in New York City (Ward 9). For whatever
reason, Guy’s name is listed as “David”. The last name is spelled “Jerrold”.

Guy is listed as a “Scale Man”. Guy’s half brother, Asa, age 47, was living
with the family. His occupation listed as “Agent”. There was also a “Jbo ?
Jerrold” living with them. Age 17 and also listed as “Agent”. Possibly son of

In 1860, the family lived in Pine Meadow, Litchfield, CT. The last name is
spelled “Gerrald”. Guy is listed as a “Machinist”.

Guy was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted 22 Apr 1861 and was a member
of 101 CT Co. K 2nd Infantry. He was sited for “Distinguished Service”.

He mustered out 7 Aug 1861 in New Haven, CT.

His middle name may be for a family of Covingtons at Fort Covington ( East of
Massena, NY). He has said that he was named after Fort Covington. He may have
been a fireman in New York City.

Supposedly, Guy and Asabel (half brother) were in business on the Erie Canal.
Asabel is said to have been on Fulton’s first Steamboat on the Hudson.

He married Catherine Ford , b. Feb 1821 in New York.9

Catherine: In 1900 Catherine was widowed and living with daughter Harriet and
her family in Orange, NY.


21. i. Margaret6 Gerald b. 2 Nov 1839.

22. ii. Frances Gerald b. 4 Apr 1842.

iii. Martha Gerald , b. c. 1849 in New York,,5 occupation Worked in Cotton

23. iv. Harriet Gerald b. c. 1851.

v. Nellie “Ella” Gerald , b. c. 1856 in New York,,18,5 occupation Worked in
Rule Shop.

vi. Kate Gerald , b. c. 1860 in Connecticut,19,18,5 occupation worked in Rule

She was 7 months old at the time of the 1860 Census.

vii. William Gerald , b. c. 1847 in New York,5 occupation Factory Hand.5

viii. Carrie Gerald , b. c. 1865 in New Hartford, Connecticut.18

ix. Male Gerald .


Generation Six

18. Clara6 Gerald , (Pearley A.5, Asahel4, Joshua3, Stephen (Gerould)2,
Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. c. 1842 in Montgomery, AL.17

She married Samuel G. Reid , married 3 Jan 1861 in Montgomery, AL, b. 1835 in


i. Harriet7 Reid , b. 1863.

ii. Camilla Reid , b. 1867.

iii. Emily Reid , b. 1869.

iv. Samuel Reid , b. 1865.

19. Adolphus Sanford6 Gerald , (Pearley A.5, Asahel4, Joshua3, Stephen
(Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. c. 1849 in Montogomery, AL,17 d. 17 Feb
1906 in Montgomery, AL, buried Oakwood Cemetary in Montgomery, AL, occupation
Police Chief, resided 833 Washington St. in Montgomery, AL.

Adolphus was a Lieut. in Co. B, 13 ALabama Infantry; Conferderate States

In 1880, all of their children were living with Fred and Mary Cobb in
Montgomery. Mary could possibly be Sallie’s sister as they are listed as nieces
and nephew.

He was Police Chief in Montgomery for 27 yrs.

He married Sallie Mitchell , married 9 Dec 1867 in Montgomery, AL, b. c.1848
in Alabama,16 d. 1878, buried Oakwood Cemetary in Montgomery, AL.


24. i. Clara7 Gerald b. c. 1868.

ii. Rebecca Gerald , b. c. 1869 in Montgomery, Alabama.16

iii. Eugenia Gerald , b. c. 1871 in Montgomery, Alabama.

iv. Camilla Gerald , b. c. 1871 in Montgomery, Alabama.21

v. Adolphus Gerald , b. Oct 1873 in Montgomery, Alabama,21,9 d. 21 Aug 1914
in Montgomery, Alabama, occupation Railroad Brakeman.9

Adolphus never married. In1893 and 1895, he is listed as living with his
father at 833 Washington St. In 1900 he was a prisoner in the Mongomery County
Jail. In 1910 he was living with sister, Clara and her husband.

20. Camilla S.6 Gerald , (Pearley A.5, Asahel4, Joshua3, Stephen (Gerould)2,
Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. c. 1847 in Montgomery, AL.17,5

She married Edward M. Reading , married 3 Apr 1866 in Montgomery, AL, b.
1845, d. pre 1870.


i. Gerrold7 Reading , b. 1867.

21. Margaret6 Gerald , (Guy Covington5, Asahel4, Joshua3, Stephen (Gerould)2,
Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 2 Nov 1839 in New York City, NY,,5 resided in Pine
Meadow, Litchfield, CT.22

She married Sherman Case , married 30 Oct 1859 in Pine Meadow, Litchfield,
CT,22 b. 29 Jan 1832 in Barkhamsted, Hartford, CT,22 d. 15 Dec 1913 in New
Britain, Hartford, CT.22

Sherman: Son of Chester Case and Rhoda Pike.


i. William Sherman7 Case , b. 4 Dec 1860 in Pine Meadow, Litchfield, CT,22 d.
5 Sep 1884.

ii. Imogene Case , b. 7 May 1862 in Pine Meadow, Litchfield, CT.22

She married James Adams McConkey , married 8 Jun 1881 in New Britain,
Hartford, CT.22

22. Frances6 Gerald , (Guy Covington5, Asahel4, Joshua3, Stephen (Gerould)2,
Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 4 Apr 1842 in Washington Sq, New York,New York,1,5
resided Pine Meadow in New Hartford,Litchfield Co.,CT, occupation Housekeeper,
d. 13 Aug 1930 in New Britain, CT,1 buried Maple Cemetary in Berlin, CT.1

Parents may have been Guy and Catherine Gerald (Jerold). In 1870 Census,
there was a Jerold family living on same street, all born in NY. Could have been
Frances’ parents and sisters. Guy was a carpenter. Daughters were Martha,
Harriet, Nellie, Catie and Carrie. On 1870 Census, brother, Roman Hodge, lived
next door and worked in the Plane factory. There is a burial record for a Henry
Hodge, married “pedlar” who lived in Danbury, CT and was buried in Bethel, CT.
He died 11 Aug 1899 and was “66 years, 1 m, 0days” which fits with c.1834-5
birth. Parents listed as “H–ll??” and Mary. Father was Hatsell.

She married Henry Hodge , b. c.1834 in Connecticut, (son of Hatsel Hodge and
Lucy Harris ) resided Pine Meadow in New Hartford,Litchfield Co.,CT, occupation
Plane Factory.

Henry: In 1860, Henry, age 26, was living in a boarding house and working as
a laborer in Glastonbury, CT.

On 1870 Census, brother, Roman Hodge, lived next door and worked in the Plane

In 1880, the family was living in Portland, CT. Henry is listed as a farmer
and Francis is listed as “running the Alms House.


25. i. Mary Frances7 Hodge b. 23 Oct 1862.

ii. Ella Hodge , b. c.1867 in Connecticut, d. post 1938.

Ella is listed as living at time of her sister’s death.

She married Nelson Henry Miner , married 3 Dec 1885 in Berlin, Hartford,

26. iii. Charles Hodge b. c. 1870.

27. iv. Harris Hodge b. c. 1882.

v. Katie Hodge , b. c. 1872 in Connecticut.

vi. Agnes Hodge , b. c. 1875 in Connecticut.24

23. Harriet6 Gerald , (Guy Covington5, Asahel4, Joshua3, Stephen (Gerould)2,
Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. c. 1851 in New York,18,5 occupation Worked in
Cotton Mill.18

She married Fred Brown , b. May 1845 in Rhode Island.9

Fred: In 1900, the family lived in Orange, Warwick, NY.


i. Amy7 Brown , b. Mar 1875 in Connecticut.9,19

ii. Annie Brown , b. c. 1878 in New Hartford, Litchfield, CT.19

iii. Margaret Brown , b. Nov 1882 in Connecticut.9

iv. Gerald H. Brown , b. Aug 1887 in New York.9

v. Fred Brown Jr. , b. Aug 1889 in New York.9

vi. May Brown , b. Sep 1893 in New York.9


Generation Seven

24. Clara7 Gerald , (Adolphus Sanford6, Pearley A.5, Asahel4, Joshua3,
Stephen (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. c. 1868 in Montgomery,
Alabama,16 d. post 1930.

In 1900, Clara and Henry and Irma and Gladys had stepdaughter, Leaner Irwin
(19) and Sister in Law, Jane Hester (52) living with them.

In 1910, Clara’s brother, Adolphus, was living with the family.

She married Henry Irwin , b. c. 1861, d. post 1930.


i. Irma8 Irwin , b. Nov 1894.25

In 1930, Irma was unmarried, age 34 and living with her parents.

ii. Gladys Irwin , b. Feb 1899.25

Gladys was not living with her parents and sister in 1930. She was probably

25. Mary Frances7 Hodge , (Frances6 Gerald, Guy Covington5, Asahel4, Joshua3,
Stephen (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. 23 Oct 1862 in Pine Meadow,New
Hartford,CT, d. 10 Jan 1938, buried in Maple Cemetary,Berlin,CT.

Lived at 15 Winthrop St., New Britain, CT at the time of her death. She
remarried. William and Mary most certainly met while both families were living
in Portland, CT c. 1880. Mary’s family was running the Alms House.

She married (1) William S. Pitkin , married 23 Oct 1884, b. 22 May 1861 in
Connecticut,,24 (son of Leonard Pitkin and Eliza Fox ) d. 14 May 1892,27
occupation Superintendent- Children’s Home.

William: According to grandaughter, Katherine Pitkin, William worked at the
Children’s Home on Gardner St. in Warehouse Point, CT.

In 1880, “Willie” was listed as a farmer, living with his parents. His
brother, Thomas, worked at the Alms House, which was run by William’s future
wife’s family.

“The Children’s Home”, where William worked, began as an orphanage in the
1880’s. It is now known as “The Connecticut Children’s Place”, which is the only
facility of its kind in Connecticut. Established as a “country home” for the
treatment of dependent and neglected children in 1883. The former name was “The
Temporary Home for Neglected and Dependent Children”. Today it is the State
Recieving Home. It has been at it’s present site, 36 Gardner St., East Windsor,
since 1889.


i. Milly E.8 Pitkin , b. 20 Jun 1889, d. 6 Feb 1929.

She must have had second marriage to a Pomeroy. re: family notes.

She married Albert Clark , married 23 Jan 1911.

ii. Edward Gardner Pitkin , b. 5 Dec 1890 in Warehouse Point, CT, d. 19 Jul
1954 in Hartford,CT, buried in Rose Hill, Rocky Hill,CT, occupation
“Statistician” – Typerwriter Factory.

There does not seem to be any connection with the surname Gardner in the
family. The theory is that Edward’s parents took his middle name from the street
that they lived on at the time of his birth: Gardner St.

He married Catherine (Kit) Hannon , married 28 Feb 1911 in Hartford,CT, b. 11
Feb 1888 in Hartford,CT, (daughter of Francis “Frank” J. Hannon and Katherine
(Kate) Scanlon ) d. 15 Apr 1967 in Hartford,CT, resided 1137 Broad St. in
Hartford, Hartford, CT.30,

Catherine: In 1920, family lived next door to Kit’s brother, Patrick, and his
family. In 1930, family lived next door to Catherine’s mother and sister.

She married (2) Charles E. Johnson , resided 15 Winthrop St. in New

26. Charles7 Hodge , (Frances6 Gerald, Guy Covington5, Asahel4, Joshua3,
Stephen (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. c. 1870 in New Hartford,
Litchfield, Connecticut,, d. 1938 in New Britain, Hartford, CT,33, resided in
New Britain, Hartford, CT., occupation Steamfitter.

Charles is listed as living in New Britain at time of his sister’s death. In
1920, Charles is listed as Steamfitter. According to grandson’s wife, he was a
lock maker.

He married Emily M. A. Bath , b. c. 1872 in Germany,33,35 d. 26 Feb 1959 in
New Britain, Hartford, CT,33,35 emigrated 1875 from Germany.33

Emily: Age at death listed as 87 yrs.


i. Orrel G.8 Hodge , b. 1895, d. 1968 in New Britain, Hartford, CT.

ii. Beatrice Hodge , b. 25 Dec 1897 in Connecticut,33,34 occupation Clerk –
Insurance Co.

iii. Ethel Amelia Hodge , b. 10 Sep 1898 in Connecticut,33,34 occupation
Clerk – Lock Factory.

She married Edward Johnson .

iv. Howard C. Hodge , b. c. 1902 in Connecticut,33 occupation Salesman – Lock

v. Ralph Henry Hodge , b. 26 Dec 1905 in Berlin, Hartford, Connecticut,33,34
d. 15 Oct 1999 in Canoga Park, CA, buried at Sea.34

Ralph moved to California in 1953 and worked for Bendix Corporation as an
Equipment Shipping Supervisor for 30 years.

He married (1) Edythe Bottomly , b. 13 Apr 1906, d. 28 Jan 1992 in New
Britain, Hartford, CT.34

He married (2) Hedwig Mary Frankowski , married 29 May 1948 in South Church,
Connecticut,34 b. 23 Apr 1910 in New Britain, Hartford, CT,34 d. 3 Nov 1988 in
Woodland Hills, CA,34 buried Nov 1988 at Sea.34

27. Harris7 Hodge , (Frances6 Gerald, Guy Covington5, Asahel4, Joshua3,
Stephen (Gerould)2, Jacques (Dr.) (Gerould)1) b. c. 1882 in Connecticut,33 d.
post 1938, resided Pine St. in New Britain, Hartford, CT, occupation President
of Gas Company.

Harris is listed as living in New Britain at the time of his sister’s

He married Harriet (??) Hodge .


i. Marjorie8 Hodge , b. c. 1911 in Connecticut.33

ii. Robert Hodge , b. c. 1915 in Connecticut.33

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