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"Kieft the Chemist" Shop
in Manselton opened in 1898
by Edward James Kieft (#41)

Mumbles, Swansea, Wales

Swansea, Wales

Plant tag from Charles Kieft's
Nursery in
Cromwell, CT, US

Article about
Charles and
Ann Morgan Kieft's 50th
wedding anniversary.

Ann Morgan and Charles Kieft
in Cromwell, CT, US

Charles Kieft (#24) and
children William,Sydney and Mary Elizabeth
c. 1890 in Middletown, CT

Anna Morgan and Charles Kieft
in Cornwall, CT, US

Mary Elizabeth Kieft
in school in Wales.

Mary Kieft-Williams
visiting US
Charlene Rundle,MKW,
Marion Ratcliffe Rundle
front:Mary Brooks

Lillian Ratcliffe Brooks, MKW, Marion Ratcliffe Rundle

Obit for Wm.J.Kieft
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