Misc Kieft, Kiff, Kifts from Census:

* The following are individuals that I found in various census data, that I cannot connect to my family. If anyone has definite info (baptism records?) For these individuals.. Please email me.

1841 Fremington

John Kiffe 20 Servant b. Devon (Farm of Sam. Lovering at “Penhill”)

1841 Georgeham

Elizabeth Kieft 15 Servant b. Devon                   ( in home of George Smith)

William Kiff 13 Servant b. Devon ( Farm of Thos. Barnes)

George Kiff 15 Servant b. Devon (Farm of Gabriel Bale in “Buckland”)

1851 Georgeham

Martha Kieft 9 Visitor b. Barnstaple ( Home of Robert & Eliz. Butler)

1851 Ilfracombe

High St. Elizabeth Kiff 23 House Servant b. Georgeham ( in home of Thos. Warner)

1891 Ilfracombe

Martha Kiff 18 Gen Servant b. West Down ( home of George Dodd)

Carolin Kift 25 Gen Servan b. Tapeley ?

1841 Morthoe

-Great Eastcott

 John Kieft 40 Servant b. Devon

1851 Morthoe

- Woollacombe Barton

 William Kieft 41 Farm Servant b. Georgeham ( Farm of John Langdon)

1841 West Down

William Kieft 15 Farm Servant ( Farm of John Coats)

1851 West Down

William Kieft (see above) 26 Farm Servant ( Farm of John Coats)

-Village of West Down

 John Keft 30 Ag Lab b. West Down

Ann “ 28 B. Ilfracombe

1861 West Down

Elizabeth Kieft 70 Recieving Alms b. Georgeham

1871 West Down

Betsey Kieft 16 Gen Servant b. Braunton ( home of John Verney)

1881 West Down

Elizabeth Kieft Widow 36 Char Woman b. Morthoe visiting Wm. & Eliz Tucker

1841 Braunton

- Bratton Fleming

Richard Kieft 20 Ag. Laborer b. Devon

Agnes “ 20 b. Devon

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