*Note I cannot connect this Thomas with other Kift/Kiefts in the area.. If anyone has his parents, please email me.

Thomas Kift of West Down, Cheshire, Eng

Generation One

1. Thomas (Kift)1 Kieft KieftThomas (Kift) (b. 1821), b. c. 1821 in West Down, Devon, England,1,2 d. pre 1891 in Lynton, Devon, Eng,3 resided Lynbridge in Lynton, Devon, Eng, occupation Laborer.

In 1841, besides 10 mos old John, there was a 17 mos old William White living with Thomas and Maria. Not sure who this was.

In 1851, Thomas seems to have been a lodger at home of Nathaniel Hingdon in Exmoor, Somerset. He is listed as age 33, Agr Laborer, b. West Down.

In 1861, Only John out of all children born in 1840's.. was living with family.

In 1881, Agnes, age 23, a Domestic Servant and William age 21, a Farm Servant, lived with Thomas and Maria.

He married Maria Crocombe CrocombeMaria (b. 1822), b. c. 1822 in Lynton, Devon, Eng,4,5 d. post 1891 in Lynton, Devon, Eng.6

Maria: In 1841, Thomas and Maria lived with Richard and Joan Coocombe ages 77 and 70. In 1861, Joan, "mother in law" , age 87, was living with Thomas and Maria.

In 1891, Maria was widowed, age 74, living with daughter Agnes and her family.


        2. i. John (Kift)2 Kieft KieftJohn (Kift) (b. 1840) b. c. 1840.

    3. ii. Richard Crocombe (Kift) Kieft KieftRichard Crocombe (Kift) (b. 1842) b. c. 1842.

    4. iii. George (Kift) Kieft KieftGeorge (Kift) (b. 1844) b. c. 1844.

    iv. Joanna (Kift) Kieft KieftJoanna (Kift) (b. 1846), b. c. 1846 in Lynton, Devon, Eng.7

    In 1861, Joanna was age 14, servant in the home of Geroge Cracombe in Brendon, Devon. He could be a relative of her mother.

    v. Mary Ann (Kift) Kieft KieftMary Ann (Kift) (b. 1850), b. c. 1850 in Lynton, Devon, Eng.8

    In 1861 and 1871, Mary Ann lived with her Aunt and Uncle George and Agnes Knill in Ilfracombe. I'm not sure how they are related. I think Agnes may have been Thomas' Kift's sister.

    vi. Elizabeth (Kift) Kieft KieftElizabeth (Kift) (b. 1851), b. c. 1851 in Lynton, Devon, England.9

    vii. James (Kift) Kieft KieftJames (Kift) (b. 1856), b. c. 1856 in Lynton, Devon, Eng,10,11 resided in Lynton, Devon, Eng,12 occupation Laborer.13

    In 1881, James and "Jane" lived at Barnham in Lynton.

    He married Mary Jane "Jane" ?? (kift) Kieft KieftMary Jane "Jane" ?? (kift) (b. 1861), b. c. 1861 in Martinhoe, Devon, Eng.14

    viii. Agnes (Kift) Kieft KieftAgnes (Kift) (b. 1859), b. c. 1859 in Lynton, Devon, Eng.15

    In 1891, Agnes' mother was living with them.

    She married Henry Hoyd HoydHenry (b. 1859), b. c. 1859 in Luckham, Somerset, Eng.


Generation Two

2. John (Kift)2 Kieft KieftJohn (Kift) (b. 1840), (Thomas (Kift)1) b. c. 1840 in Lynton, Devon, England,17,18 resided in Lynton, Devon, Eng,19 occupation Laborer.20

In 1881 and 1891, the family lived in Lynton.

He married Elizabeth ?? (Kiff ) Kieft KieftElizabeth ?? (Kiff ) (b. 1842), b. c. 1842 in North Moulton, Devon, Eng.21


    i. George ( Kiff )3 Kieft KieftGeorge ( Kiff ) (b. 1877), b. c. 1877 in Lynton, Devon, Eng.

3. Richard Crocombe (Kift)2 Kieft KieftRichard Crocombe (Kift) (b. 1842), (Thomas (Kift)1) b. c. 1842 in Lynton, Devon,Eng,23,24 resided in North Molton, Devon, Eng,25 occupation Agricultural Laborer.26

In1861, Richard was a farm servant on the farm of Richard Thorne in Lynton.

In 1871 and 1881, the family lived in North Moulton, Devon.

He married Sarah Ann Gibbs GibbsSarah Ann (b. 1845), b. c. 1845 in North Moulton, Devon, Eng,27,28 occupation Running Small School.29


    i. Louisa (Kift)3 Kieft KieftLouisa (Kift) (b. 1863), b. c. 1863 in Lynton, Devon, Eng.30

    In 1881, Louisa is listed as "neice" with Henry Macher (sp?) age 45 and his wife, Elizabeth, age 35. Elizabeth was born in North Moulton, so is probably Sarah's sister.

    5. ii. Catherine Gibbs (Kift) Kieft KieftCatherine Gibbs (Kift) (b. 1865) b. c. 1865.

    iii. William (Kift) Kieft KieftWilliam (Kift) (b. 1874), b. c. 1874 in North Moulton, Devon, Eng.

4. George (Kift)2 Kieft KieftGeorge (Kift) (b. 1844), (Thomas (Kift)1) b. c. 1844 in Lynton, Devon, Eng,32,33 resided in Whitwick, Leicestershire, Eng,34 occupation Publican and Gardner.35

In 1871, George and Elizabeth lived in Fulham, London. In 1881, 1891 and 1901, they lived in Whitwick, Leicestershire.

He married Elizabeth ?? (Kiff) Kieft KieftElizabeth ?? (Kiff) (b. 1838), b. c. 1838 in Christenbury, Devon, Eng.36


    i. Emily (Kiff)3 Kieft KieftEmily (Kiff) (b. 1869), b. c. 1869 in Newport, Monmouthshire.37

    ii. William G. (Kiff) Kieft KieftWilliam G. (Kiff) (b. 1872), b. c. 1872 in Middlesex, Eng.38

    iii. Amelia E. (Kiff) Kieft KieftAmelia E. (Kiff) (b. 1878), b. c. 1878 in Whitwick, Leicestershire, Eng.39

    iv. John H. ( Kiff) Kieft KieftJohn H. ( Kiff) (b. 1883), b. c. 1883 in Whitwick, Leicestershire, Eng.40

    In 1901, John was age 18 and the only child still living with his parents.


Generation Three

5. Catherine Gibbs (Kift)3 Kieft KieftCatherine Gibbs (Kift) (b. 1865), (Richard Crocombe (Kift)2, Thomas (Kift)1) b. c. 1865 in North Molton, Devon, Eng,41 d. 1898 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales.

In 1881, Catherine was a servant in the home of John Cooke in Barnstaple.

She married William Loosemore LoosemoreWilliam (b. 1863), married 6 Jun 1885 in Rose Ash, Devon, Eng, b. c. 1863 in South Moulton, Devon, Eng, baptized 13 Dec 1863 in Rose Ash, Devon, Eng, d. 10 Jun 1946 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales.


    i. Richard4 Loosemore LoosemoreRichard (b. 1885), b. 13 Sep 1885 in Rose Ash, Devon, Eng, baptized 22 Sep 1885 in Rose Ash, Devon, Eng, d. 1888 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales.

    ii. Lily Ann Loosemore LoosemoreLily Ann (b. 1890), b. 1890 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales.

    She married Edgar Palmer PalmerEdgar, married 1916 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales.

    iii. Kathleen Loosemore LoosemoreKathleen (b. 1893), b. 29 Aug 1893 in Swansea, Glamorgan,Wales.

    She married James Glyde GlydeJames, married 1914 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales.

    iv. Ellen Loosemore LoosemoreEllen (b. 1895), b. 12 Jan 1895 in Swansea, Glamorgan,Wales.

    She married Dan Precious PreciousDan, married 1919 in St. Giles.

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