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Photo Restoration Services

I enjoy doing photo restorations and am happy to give a try to any photos you may have that you’d like restored. I don’t have set prices. If I see the original I can give you a very very reasonable quote to fix it.  I will also tell you if I think it’s too far gone, but as you can see below, I can usually improve the photo to some degree.  I can also do “colorizations”.

The first set of images are one of the first restorations that I worked on and it was a pretty complicated project.  I had an old photo of my Great Great Grandfather’s Civil war unit at a reunion at Gettysburg. The photo was in bad shape as you can see. I scanned it in two parts. Then joined the two parts in photoshop and began restoring as best I could. I was very happy with the final product.

I also “cut” my Great Great Grandfather out of the photo and made a “cameo” type image of just him.

Restoration 6

Restoration 6 a

The image below was another challenging restoration that I did for a friend. The original is a photo (left) of a photo under glass on a headstone. The restoration is on the right.
Restoration 4

The photo below was close to being a “lost cause” but I tried to atleast make a clearer image of the couple and clean up the background.
Restoration 5

The two images below were photos of paintings. The one of the woman had the reflection of the flash. I just adjusted the lighting and color to make it a better quality photo.
Restoration 2

Restoration one

The photo below had been in a frame and was damaged by light.
Restoration 3

Sometimes just changing a sepia photo to black and white improves the quality.
Restoration 7

You may have images that are in a publication and you just want it “cut” from the page.
Restoration 8

I can also improve more recent photos that have been discolored.
Restoration 6

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