Rundles of Antony and St.Neot Family Trees

I have divided the trees up into 3 generations each. I have only followed the main lines in my family.

Descendents of Richard Rundle of St. Antony. Son James is first of this family to move to Hole Farm at St. Neot

The descendents of John "of Tredinnick"
The children of this John's son, John, are the point of the split between those Rundles who stayed at Hole and those who moved to Tredinnick. The children of his first wife, Lovedey Libby, stayed at Tredinnick, having been guaranteed that the land would go to the son of that family, John Jr. The children of John's second wife, Ephiphany Wills, settled at Hole. The next tree shows descendents of Jonathan from that family.

Descendents of Jonathan Rundle of Hole, St. Neot. All 3 of these generations stayed at Hole and surrounding areas. The next tree is for Hugh Brice, son of John and Eleanor.

Descendents of Hugh Brice Rundle of St. Neot.

Descendents of Nicholas C. Rundle. Nicholas and his family emigrated to the US.

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