Rundle Family from St. Pinnock and St. Neot

*note.. I cannot connect this family with my Rundle Family in St Neot, but feel that they may be connected somewhere.

Generation One

1. William1 Rundle  (b. 1820), b. c. 1820 in St. Pinnock, Cornwall, Eng,1 (son of William Rundle RundleWilliam (b. 1796) and Mary Rundle RundleMary (b. 1796)) resided Cooks Cottage in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,2 occupation Farm Laborer.

This could be the William b. 1819 St. Pinnock, that is listed in the Liskeard Workhouse in 1881.

In 1861, William is a widower, living in St. Pinnock with children Emma and William. Daughter Amelia was living with her maternal grandparents in St. Pinnock.

He married Sarah Cook  (b. 1826), b. c. 1826 in St. Agnes, Cornwall, Eng,3 d. pre 1861,4 resided Cooks Cottage in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG.5

Sarah: In 1851, Sarah's parents and grandfather seem to be living next door in another "Cooks Cottage". James Cook, age84,b. Stonehouse, Devon, Retired Mason; son William Cook, age 45, b. St. Neot, Mason and "daughter in law", Amy Cook age 36.b. Kent. If William is Sarah's father, Amy is probably a second wife as she is too young.


i. William James2 Rundle (b. 1846), b. 1846 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,6 baptized 24 Nov 1846 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,7 d. pre 1851 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG.8

ii. Mary Ann Rundle (b. 1848), b. 1848 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,9,10 baptized 11 Jun 1848 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,11 resided Cooks cottage in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG.12

2. iii. Thomas Henry Rundle (b. 1850) b. 1850.

iv. William Rundle  (b. 1853), b. 1853 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,13 baptized 26 Jun 1853 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG.14

could be the William Rundle, b. 1854, St. Neot in the Royal Navy in Cambridge, Devon in 1891. He is listed as married.

v. Amelia Rundle  (b. 1855), b. c. 1855.

She married Abel Cotton CottonAbel, married 24 Oct 1878 in St Keyne, Cornwall, Eng.15

vi. Emma Rundle (b. 1859), b. c. 1859 in St. Pinnock, Cornwall, Eng.16

In 1871, Emma was age 13 and working as a servant in the home of William Udy in St. Pinnock.


Generation Two

2. Thomas Henry2 Rundle (b. 1850), (William1) b. 1850 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,17,18,19 baptized 6 Oct 1850 in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,20 d. post 1901,21 resided Cooks Cottage in St. Neot, Cornwall, ENG,22 occupation Coal miner; Fish Hawker.23,24

In 1871, Thomas is living with his aunt Elizabeth. She is the wife of Rueben Lobb. They lived in Lower Coombe, Linkinhorne. Elizabeth was age 57 b. St. Pinnock.

Probably sister of Thomas' father. In 1881 , they lived in Wingate, Durham. In 1891and 1901, they lived in Castle Eden, Durham. In 1901, only Arthur and Henrietta were living at home.

He married Fanny Doney  (b. 1853), b. c. 1853 in Broadoak, Cornwall, Eng,25,26 occupation Dressmaker.27

Fanny: She was the daughter of John and Betsey Rowe Doney In 1861, Fanny lived with her parents in St. Pinnock. In 1871, She is a widowed, dressmaker, living in St. Pinnock with her two daughters.


i. Arthur3 Rundle  (b. 1874), b. c. 1874 in St. Pinnock, Cornwall,28 occupation Coal Miner.29

ii. William Rundle (b. 1876), b. c. 1876 in Wingate, Durham, Eng,30 occupation Brickyard Laborer; Coal Miner,31,32 resided Hutton Henry in Durham, Eng.33

The couple had no children yet in 1901.

He married Mary E. ?? Rundle (b. 1881), b. c. 1881 in Wingate, Durham, Eng.34

3. iii. Amelia Rundle  (b. 1877) b. c. 1877.

iv. Alice Rundle (b. 1880), b. c. 1880 in Wingate, Durham, Eng.35

v. Henrietta Rundle (b. 1883), b. c. 1883 in Hartbuckson, Durham, Eng.36


Generation Three

3. Amelia3 Rundle  (b. 1877), (Thomas Henry2, William1) b. c. 1877 in Wingate, Durham, Eng.37

She married Archibald Fail Brown BrownArchibald Fail, married 1894 in Durham, Eng.


i. Nellie4 Brown

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