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The Case of Two Different Maria Phillips Rundles

I’ve always been aware of the Maria Phillips Rundle who was born in 1812 and was the daughter of Jeremiah Brice Rundle and Elizabeth White.

There is a marriage record for this Maria and Samuel Short in 1854 in Fowey, Cornwall, England. There is a marriage announcement at Fowey in June 1854 for Mr. Samuel Short of Fowey to “Miss Elizabeth Rundle” daughter of the late J. Rundle of Lankelly. Marriage Index lists Maria’s name. I don’t know why the newspaper had Elizabeth instead of Maria. The importance of this notice is that it proves the parentage of Mrs. Samuel Short.

We then know via census and death records that Maria Phillips Rundle Short stayed in England and died in Fowey in 1888.

Recently, exchanging information with a researcher who wondered if this Maria Phillips Rundle was the one that married John Henry Carslake in Devon and settled in South Australia. At that point I had never heard of another Maria Phillips Rundle besides the one who married Samuel Short.

When looking at my data I realized that I didn’t have any info past her baptism for Maria Rundle, the daughter of Hugh Brice Rundle and Eleanor Lobb. The puzzle was that I had never seen any indication that her middle name was Phillips.

Up until then, the only marriage record that had been found for Maria Rundle and John Carslake was the Civil Registration. That didn’t give any identifying information other than that she was listed as “Maria Phillips Rundle”. After a little more research, I was able to find the church record for the marriage and all questions were answered.

Maria Phillips Rundle, who married John Henry Carslake in Devon in 1848, was listed as being the daughter of Hugh Rundle, farmer. The witnesses were Brice and Elizabeth Rundle. This was Maria’s brother Brice and his wife who lived in Devon.

Maria Phillips Rundle marriage
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That allowed me, with the help fo the Carslake researcher to fill out the rest of Maria Rundle’s life and descendants in South Australia.

This did of course, as all genealogy research does, bring up a new question: Why did two brothers, Hugh Brice and Jeremiah Brice Rundle, each name a daughter with the middle name of Phillips? I have most of the ancestors of Hugh and Jeremiah pretty far back and haven’t found a Phillips in the lot!! Any suggestions appreciated!


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