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The Sad Circumstances of Morgan Bevan’s Family

Swansea Wales Union Workhouse
credit: Jaggery on geograph/ wikipedia

I recently was working on a DNA match match for my Morgan family. Elizabeth Morgan born 1815, the daughter of David Morgan of Moor Corner, married John Bevan in Penrice. As I was filling in the info on their family, I came across some sad, but interesting facts concerning their son, Morgan’s, family.

I had noticed that in 1911 Morgan was a widower living with his brother John and his family in Landore. The Census taker has mistakenly written down information normally recorded for the wife in a family. It was crossed out but readable and led me to believe that Morgan’s daughter, Esther, was still living in 1911. She would have been about 22 at the time so I decided to see if I could find out where she was and if she was married.

At this point I found out that not only did Morgan’s wife, Sarah Ann Evans, die in 1907 in the Women’s Infirmary at the Swansea Union Workhouse, but a month later, Esther was admitted and was listed in later records as “feeble minded”.

The Swansea Union Workhouse  (image above) was opened in 1862 and a large female infirmary was added in 1903. It is now The Mount Pleasant Hospital.

Below is the full story of what I discovered. While a lot of questions have been answered, I still wonder what was Sarah’s cause of death, as she was only about 38 years old, and why was Esther not admitted to a facility until she was age 18. My guess is that Morgan and Sarah together could handle their daughter’s disablility, but that Morgan couldn’t handle it alone after Sarah’s death.

Here is the sad circumstances of the family of Morgan Bevan..

Descendants of Morgan Bevan

1. MORGAN BEVAN was born in 1850 in Oystermouth, Glamorgan, Wales.

In 1881, Morgan was age 31, single, and still living with his parents in St. John, Swansea.

Morgan married Sarah Ann Evans on 24 Jan 1886 in St. John, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales. She was born in 1869 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales. She died on 24 Sep 1907 in Swansea union poor house, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales. On marriage record Sarah’s father is listed as J. David Evans, Tailor.

In 1891, Morgan, Sarah and daughter, Esther lived in St. John, Swansea.

In 1901, Morgan, Sarah and daughter, Esther, lived in Llangafelach, Swansea. Morgan was a mason’s laborer.

Sarah died in the Union Poor House in September 1907. Her husband was listed as Morgan in Landore. That same year, 1907, her daughter, Esther was in the Poor House listed as feeble minded.
In 1911 Morgan, age 61, was a widower, living with brother Richard and his family in Landore, Glamorgan. He’s listed as having been married for 26 years with his wife giving birth to 2 children with one living.

Morgan died in 1919 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales.

Morgan Bevan and Sarah Ann Evans had the following child:
i. ESTHER ELIZABETH BEVAN was born in 1889 in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales. She died in Apr 1956 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales.

In 1901 Esther lived with her parents.

By 1907 she was admitted to the Union Workhouse. Her father is listed as Morgan Bevan with address in Landore. Her mother died in the workhouse that same year.

In 1911 Esther was in Union Workhouse listed as “Feeble Minded”. Her father was widowed and living with his brother and his family.

In 1939 she was listed as Mentally Deficient
Esther was age 68 at the time of her death.

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